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    Been a while since I've done one of these, and if I'm being honest, I've not read all that much.
    Anyway, here's my updated list;

    112. Ultimate Black Panther #1- I love the set-up of this issue. There's a lot of things going on with this new line that I really enjoy. I'm hoping the momentum can carry on into the next few issues.

    113. Ultimate Spider-Man #2- Again, loved this issue. Some really cool Character moments and I like how each issue seems to represent a month. Shocker being the first Spider-Man villain is just a funny idea to me.

    114. Fantastic Four #23- This was one of those weird 60's issues where Doom has a silly plan that nearly works, but then gets transported into Space. Kind of a confusing issue to be honest. I enjoy it for the cheesy charm and I do know it gets better, but if I were to go into this run only hearing it's one of the best comic runs, I would probably think you're mad.

    115-116- Young Avengers & Runaway: Secret Invasion #2-3- This mini was fine. It's nowhere near as good as the YA stuff that has come before it. The fights were a little confusing and I'm not a huge fan of the art, but there were some nice fun character moments and it foreshadows ideas that will come out in the future. A fine mini, if a bit skippable.

    117-118. Batman #15-16- Honestly, I'm liking King's run so far. These issues feel like a very Bendis way of storytelling, with it being a lot of smaller Character moments instead of anything grand and epic. There's actually detective work in this two-parter and it feels like a bit of breather after the "I am Suicide" arc.
    Overall, a completely fine two parter.

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    January: 140
    February: 180

    Annihilation Conquest omnibus: 33
    Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning omnibus: 41
    Guardians of the Galaxy by Bendis omnibus 1: 48
    Original Sin hc: 15
    Black Vortex hc: 13
    Sammy integraal 7: 9

    Total: 477
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    Afterlife With Archie 1-10
    Ghost Machine 1
    Alien: The Original Screenplay 1-5
    Alien: The Original Years Omnibus
    Ultimate X-Men 1
    Weapon X-Men 1
    Cobra Commander 2
    Duke 3
    Void Rivals 7
    Ultimate Spider-Man 2
    Transformers 6
    Scalped 1-18

    Month: 81
    Year: 290

    My reading fell off this month as I fell into a Civ 6 hole.

    - Afterlife With Archie was great, especially for someone that has read a good bit of Archie comics. Shame it was never finished.

    - I'm on board for all the Ghost Machine titles after Geiger. Really hoping they can stay on schedule.

    - It was cool to see the original vision for the first Alien film. And the first 3/4 of the Omni was awesome, even if it was ultimately invalidated by Alien 3. It hit a wall at the end, including an almost word-for-word adaptation of Alien 3.

    - Weapon X-Men is continuity deep cuts in the multiverse. I always like Christos Gage and liked this.

    - Energon Universe comics are my favorite.

    - Rereading Scalped and enjoying it a ton.

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    Finished March with 120 comics book read. I'm enjoying Southern Bastards. The latest run on Blade has been entertaining as well.

    Total comic books read for the year is at 465.

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    Reading Quest...

    YTD Jan-Feb 233 comics

    March Reads
    Pathfinder Wake the Dead #5
    Fire & Ice Teegra One-Shot
    Boris Karloff: Gold Key Mysteries #2
    Somna #2
    Gone #2
    Bat-Man: The First Knight #1
    Birds of Prey (2023) #7
    The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (2024) #3
    Shazam! (2023) #9
    Helen of Wyndhorn #1
    Ultimate X-Men (2024)#1
    Doctor Strange (2023) #13
    Batman (2016) #144-145
    Savage Sword of Conan #49-50
    Savage Red Sonja #5
    Looney Tunes #277
    Detective Comics #411 (Facsimile), 1083
    Blue Book 1947 #2
    The Agent #4
    Action Comics #1063
    Dungeons & Dragons: Fortune Finder #5
    Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #2
    Batman: Brave & the Bold #10-11
    Apre-Ril Special #1
    Titans #9
    Batman/Superman World’s Finest #25
    Wonder Woman #7
    Conan the Barbarian #9
    Red Sonja #9
    Newburn #16
    Catwoman (2018) #63
    Superman (2023) #12
    Nightwing (2016) #112
    X-Men ‘97 #1
    Zorro: Man of the Dead #3
    Hawkgirl #6
    Superman: The Space Age #2-3
    Batman '89 Echoes #2
    Batman: The Dark Age #1
    -Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target (collects #1-7)
    -Superman: The Warworld Saga (collects Action Comics #1030-1046, 2021 Annual, 2022 Annual#1, Batman/Superman:The Authority Special 1, Superman Warworld Apocalypse #1,
    Future State Superman Worlds of War #1-2, Future State Superman: House of El #1)
    -Detective Comics: Nocturne Vol. 1 Overture (collects 1062-1065)
    -Green Arrow: Vol. 1 Reunion (collects 2023 series #1-6)
    -Batman Beyond 25th Anniversary Compendium (collects Vol. 1 #1-6; Vol. 2 #1-5)
    -Superman: Kal-El Returns (collects Action Comics #1047-1050, Superman: Son of Kal-El #16-18, Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1)
    -Justice Society of America Vol. 1: The New Golden Age (collects The New Golden Age #1; Justice Society of America #1-5)

    for the equivalent of 110 comics for the month

    new YTD total = 233 + 110= 343

    On to April...

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

    "Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding." -Plato

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    I'm at 440 comics read so far. My primary goal has been to read one omni a month, which I have been doing (and is helping me with my total)

    Invincible Iron Man (2022) #10-13
    Ultimate Invasion # 4
    Ms Marvel the New Mutant #2-4
    Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Volume 25
    Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Tragedy and Triumph
    X-Men (2021) #27-26
    Doctor Strange (1974) 47-50
    Immortal X-Men (2022) 16-18
    Guardians of the Galaxy (2023) 1-7
    Guardians of the Galaxy by Bendis Omnibus
    Uncanny X-Men 462-474
    Uncanny Spider-Man 1-4
    Immortal Thor 1-5
    Sensational She Hulk (2023) 1-3
    All-Out Avengers 1-5
    X-Men Red 16-17
    Scarlet Witch 6-10
    Emperor Doom
    Amazing Spider-Man 35-41
    Wonder Woman Blood and Guts Deluxe Edition
    Ultimate Universe 1
    New Mutants Volume 1 Omnibus
    Fantastic Four 12-14
    Wolverine (Percy) 1-5, 8-18
    Miles Morales Spider-Man 13-14
    Amazing Spider-Man Gang War: First Strike 1
    Daredevil (2022) 1-4
    Daredevil: Gang War 1
    Ultimate X-Men 46-100
    Thor by JMS and Gillen Omnibus
    Strange Adademy 1-9
    New Avengers: Illuminati 0-4
    Jean Grey 1-2
    X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame 1-5
    Phoenix Endsong 1-5
    Dark X-Men 2-5
    Hulk (1999) 34-82
    Star Wars: Dark Droids 1-5
    Uncanny X-Men 141-142
    Spider-Gwen: Smash 1
    Catwoman of East End Omnibus

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    January: 140
    February: 180
    March: 157

    Thunderbolts Red omnibus: 33
    Thor by Straczynski & Gillen omnibus:40

    Total: 550
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    119- Ultimate Spider-Man (2024) #3- Another great issue, it seems my fears on this book are starting to go. Kudos Hickman

    120-125- Ultimate Spider-Man (2009) 1-6- I read volume 1 a while back, and so I thought I may try and get through volume 2 so I can get to the Miles stuff. This arc was pretty good, it feels like a nice change of pace compared to the other books I'm reading at the moment. Yeah, still my favourite comic.

    126-127- Batman vs Aliens 1-2- Honestly, I just like that this is a silly little Aliens story with Batman in it. I liked this issue even through I admit it wasn't all that great.

    128- Spider-Man: House of M #1- I really liked this era of Marvel, and this HoM mini I remember enjoying a lot. It doesn't exactly add up with the main event, but I liked this issue as a "What could have been" instead.

    129- JLA Avengers #1- I just felt like reading the first issue rather randomly, I enjoyed this one a lot. Perez is great on art. Honestly, may be my favourite crossover.

    130-131- Marvel Team-Up #60-61
    131- Marvel Team-Up #50
    I loved this issues, Bryne is a really good Thing artist.

    132- Fantastic Four 204- Was going to read the Search of Galactus, but decided to skip it instead going into Bryne's work on FF.

    133- Fantastic Four 219- I consider this the unofficial start to Bryne's run. I liked this issue a lot too, it seems like a nice prologue for when going into his run proper.

    134- X-Men #1- The original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby issue, yeah, this was fine. Seems like the comic has all the major themes lined out, even if they aren't really explored.

    135-138- Avengers (1998) 7, Captain America 8, Iron Man 7, Quicksiler 10- This was a fun crossover where we see Carol Danvers go on full blast. I actually like the Character moments between her and Iron-Man a lot. The overall event was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot more than I though.

    139- Avengers 8- Now we are past the Kree crossover, this was back on for being one of those truly great Avengers gems. Liked this issue a lot, even if the panel layout was a little confusing at times.

    140- Avengers/ Squadron Supreme annual '98- This annual wraps up plot points from a prior Avengers arc. I liked this issue a lot, was a very quick read considering Busiek is usually rather dense with his storytelling. Overall, a fun one-off annual.

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