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    Quote Originally Posted by walk View Post

    Calling your parents by their first name to show how angry you are with them, I felt that.

    Fun first issue though it's mostly set-up and recapping for those who didn't read the Green Lantern back-ups or the first issue of Kneel before Zod, Sinson and Lor don't even meet till the end so still unclear what their dynamic will be exactly going forward though you still get a sense of who both boys are, Sinson definitely going to be "Good Guy" of the pair as he's shown treating his mini Sinsetro corps friends well and while similarly ambitious lacks Lor's entitlement or anger issues or delusions of grandeur likely due to one of them growing up as a street urchin leaving them a lot more level-headed while Lor essentially been living the life of a spoiled prince.

    Also how they relate to their parents will be a point of contrast, Sinson is in awe of the father he never knew and desperate to follow in his footsteps and finally meet the man while Lor wants to cut all ties with his parents and forge his own legacy outside of his father's shadow mostly just to spite him.
    Sounds like Tomasi just reversed Jon and Damian's dynamic with their dads.

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    What I want to know is when is Sinson is going to look like he does on the covers and what prompts such a radical change in appearance because it's night and day with his long hair in the book and his short hair on the cover.

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