Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Carlos Pacheco and Paul Renaud

Colorist: Dean White and Sonia Oback

Publication Date: Sept. 3, 2014


Zola continues his assault on the Avengers, only it's all a ruse to get them in one spot to make them all go boom. Meanwhile Zola and Jet have a tense "family meeting," Ian goes after Sharon, and Falcon proves he's more than just a sidekick.

What I Liked

✔Great action sequences and fight scenes
✔Good character development with Falcon and Jet
✔Red Skull is back
✔Pacing was pretty good
✔Art was clean and well detailed

What I Didnít Like

✘Not enough Steve Rogers time-minor gripe
✘Still not much plot movement


Family is important and the bonds one makes with family can't be broken or forsaken. Family can be anyone, not just blood relatives.
It's nobel, good, and desirable to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others who have given their time, talent, or even their lives to serve society.



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