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    Default Is there a buy/sell/trade section on the CBR boards?

    I have a bunch of doubles or books I just donít want. Would love to trade or sell to fellow fans. Is that ok here ?
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    Trading, yes. Buying/selling, no.

    CBR Community Standards & Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Conn Seanery View Post

    We do not allow users to sell anything on the forums. Selling items, linking to online stores or auctions (including but not exclusive to eBay) with the intent of profit are not permitted. There is a trading thread on the Collected Editions & Classic Comics forum if you wish to swap items but monetary exchanges are not permitted. Spammers are banned immediately.
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    There's a comic book trading post thread in the Collected Edition and Classic Comics section, but it is not very active (I don't think it's been posted in this calendar year.)

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