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    Default Looking for an Ultimate DC Trade Paperback List

    I used to be a member of the old forums but got busy with work and all and quit collecting for awhile.

    I'm looking at resuming my collecting.

    I have almost all the Superman and Batman Chronicles Purchased.
    I almost have all the Showcase Presents books of the ones I like.

    Now I want to start back and fill in the holes of trade paperbacks that I started about 15 years ago.

    Is there a master list or a website that I can go look and see all the Justice League that has been reprinted in TPB's?
    Or Teen Titans? The Flash, Green Lantern, Etc. on and on and on.

    I've tried to figure some out by making a handwritten list thru searching on Amazon and Wikipedia.

    But surely there is somewhere that is easier to look up and see what all is out there.

    Could anyone here share advice?

    Thank you,


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    You can find a list of every DC TPB/HC ever published and the contents here:

    You can also consult my Reprint Guide to find look up an individual series and find out which issues were reprinted and where:

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    That's a lot of books...

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