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    Default Will mobile users ever get a functional version?

    Personally if I could simply re-create my profile and post images I'd be fine with the forum but mobile users kind of got screwed over on this one.

    Are there any plans to allow mobile users to access all functions of the forum?

    I'm kind of getting tired of have a grey defult icon....

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    I've been wondering that as well. I'm using a mobile about 80% of the time on this site and have found it to be not as functional on the new forum as it was on the old one. I can't update my profile should I want to be able to, I get the barest minimum information on the main page so while I know how many current posts are in specific parts of the forum (as an example: I can see that there are 85 posts in the Community Q&A ) I can no longer see what the last topic posted in that part of the forum is on my mobile. I'm also getting kicked off constantly on my mobile even though I click the remember me button on logging in.
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    Yeah see the other post referenced above.

    We're hoping to get something like Tapatalk integration as well.

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    It is something that is being looked it. Never fear.
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