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  • Love him! One of my favorite villains ever!

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  • I like him in a select few appearances (ie Jimenez's run), but he could be better.

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  • I don't like Angle Man, he's a rubbish supervillain.

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  • Who's Angle Man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Poison View Post
    That was, in a word, HORRIBLE. It made absolutely no sense at all and to have such a major change done to the character only to kill him off at the end of the story was just silly. I hope Tomasi never goes near another Wonder Woman story again.
    Agreed ... Tomasi was wretched and this Angle man Savage bit was pretty much the cherry on top of the craptastic sundae

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwangung View Post
    Maybe straight up villainy isn't right for him as a Wonder Woman foe. Maybe he can straddle the line between good and evil...or that he's a straight up Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and corrupt to give to the poor (while taking a percentage for himself). Maybe the object for Diana is to defeat him without necessarily allowing his victims to benefit.
    I like it!

    Making him into Diana's "Catwoman" could be cool. He doesn't want to kill Diana. He just wants to commit crimes that she must stop.

    Diana may even sympathize with him. In my opinion, Diana's best rogues are always the ones who play on her compassion. Diana has to stop him, but she doesn't necessarily feel good about it.
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