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    Default Marvel Super Hero Squad Online -- Ground Zero

    It looks like we are getting a fresh start. Welcome all, this forum is dedicated to everyone who loves their SHSO. This is the place for help in SHSO. I'll start by posting some helpful links:

    Gazillion's SHSO FB Page:!/SuperHer...Online?fref=nf
    - This page has contests and news updates from Gazillion.

    Player's FB Page:!/groups/SHSOgameplayers/
    - This page is for the younger set.

    CBR Team FB Page:!/groups/shsocbrteam/
    - The Team's official FB Page.

    SHSO Youtube Channel:
    - Squad Time, Feedback Fridays, News, Hero Gameplay

    Our Wiki:
    -Lots of good stuff here.

    I'm sad to see all the info gone. We had over 1 million views in our last threads. Let's do it again!

    CBR Player Directory:

    Adventuring Tranquil Fang :: Fang_212
    Astral Tornado Mariner :: Astral Von Nader
    Baron Musician Griffin :: Spectacular Spider-Fan
    Bewildering Cosmos General :: Megatron
    Brave Bear Bunny :: FrostyFlakes
    Catching Spirit Fang :: starshapedgummy
    Champion Urban Guard :: spidavenger
    Commander Dark Guard :: CaptainMarvell
    Commander Warrior Sparrow :: SeanGeezarMan
    Dare Alloy Trancer :: Dare Alloy Trancer
    Dream Guard :: Virgo
    Emperor Mist Breaker :: Emperor Mist Breaker
    Emperor Wobbly Guardian :: Emperor Wobbly Guardian
    Enraged Enforcer Arrow :: Enraged Arrow Enforcer
    Enraged Gerbil :: Wollomby
    Famous Storm Arrow :: Famous Storm Arrow
    Fanastic Seeker Robin :: Ravin' Ray
    Fighting Raven :: Raven
    Fractured Poet Bugler :: Justin
    Gallant Centurion Spy :: CenturianSpy
    General Miner Baron :: general miner baron
    General Sorceress Protector :: sorceressprotector1
    Gliding world Guardian :: Guardian2002
    Glittering Sparrow Mentor :: roneers
    Grand Magical Shield :: Grand Magical
    Icy Roamer Archer :: Catliker
    Indescribable Count Watcher :: Nemesis Enforcer
    Indescribable Frost Baron :: smolten
    Invincible Brilliant Dart :: VikDaBomb
    Iridescent Gardener :: Iridescent Gardener
    Irritating Hurricane Ferret :: Irritating Hurricane Ferret
    King Blade Wolf :: King Blade Wolf
    King Whistling Butler :: VictorVonModok
    Kingdom Sloth Crusader :: derwipok
    Lancing Sparrow Sergeant :: Myst Sparrow
    Loud Raker Guardian :: sylvestro1299
    Magenta Hydra :: Magenta
    Mars Interplanetary Prophet :: marsinterplanetaryprophet
    Masked Frost Builder :: Masked Frost Builer
    Masked Traveler Seamstress :: MaskedTraveler
    Neutronium Hunter Ferret :: Neutronium Hunter Ferret
    Nova Spy Bard :: Nova Spy Bard
    Pepper Clown Lemur :: Skorpey
    Phantasmal Cowboy Musician :: Phantasmal Cowboy Musician
    Phantom Forest Witch :: Arnier
    Plastic Fantastic Fungus :: Miss Fantastic
    Polite Earthen Despair :: Pyrebomb
    Roaming Colossus Lion :: Roaming Colossus Lion
    Rusty Fractured Kraken :: Litter
    Sailing Breaker Admiral :: SailingBreakerAdmiral
    Saturn Obsessive Skunk :: Freezebacon170
    Serene Work Major :: spideyman
    Shocking Techno Girl :: makinaz
    Silver Hawk :: Rod92905
    Smashing Colossus :: Smashing Colossus Ninja
    Smashing Subterranean Pudding :: S.S. Pudding
    Squire Bird Mage :: the_key_24
    Squire Musician Linebacker :: Squire Musician Linebacker
    Squire Valiant Snail :: Charles LePage
    Storm Builder :: Stormhawk
    Surefooted Sentry :: Xapto
    Teal Irrelevant Scarf :: Teal Irrelevant Scarf
    The Chrome Dragon :: Ace
    The Sir Poet :: The Sir Poet Bionic Glider
    The Smasher Robot :: beanroaster
    The Tyrannical Mason :: The Tyrannical Mason
    Tunneling Rover Acrobat :: Rango
    Uncanny Soldier Bugler :: ScarXL
    Valiant Magical Titan :: ValiantMagicalTitan
    Venusian Iguana Hat :: Carmaicol
    War Builder Lieutenant :: spideyman
    Whistling Screaming Butler :: Spider-Man Noir
    Wisdom Brave Rhino :: eagle1604
    Wombat Janitor :: Wombat Janitor
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