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    Default Welcome to Rumbles (Rules and FAQs)

    Welcome back to previous users, and welcome to those that are new.

    Those of you returning will notice that this is brand new section, and that previous posts have vanished. Jonah has explained the reason here.

    I know that those of you returning probably glanced at it and shrugged, but it is important that both new and returning users read the rules regarding the general use of these forums.

    Please do not post before you have fully read them.
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    This post is for returning users from the previous Rumbles, if you are a new user and wish to familiarize yourself with the rules, please read the post below this one.

    What this means for Rumbles

    Rumbles is, for the most part, not truly affected by this change. Rules of conduct will be more strictly enforced like everywhere on the forum, but Rumbles rules will remain generally unchanged. Our old friends PIS, CIS and Bloodlust are the same as before and treated as such.

    However, there are some differences.

    For the moment there will be no chat thread on Rumbles, no Downtown Khazan. I realize that some of you will be upset, but this is what administration has decided.

    Additionally, this is a new day for Rumbles just as it is for the rest of the forum, while looking over the old rules Sharp and I realized that there were some...presentation issue. Not problems with the rules themselves, but with the way they were presented. (The fact that the rulings on prep time weren't part of the rules, for example, was a big mistake on our part. Same for the various confusion over the arena having sand, having a dome, etc.)

    As such we'll be rewriting them so that they'll hopefully a bit easier for new users to understand. The new rule thread will be up shortly and we'll be updating it over the next few days, please be patient. You can of course debate in the meantime according to the old rules; the new ones will be almost exactly the same.

    For now, threads are limited to rumbles and feat threads only. If you had a non-chat thread in the previous forum and you wish to know if it can be restarted, please send me a PM and I'll discuss it with administration.

    Finally, regarding mod rulings: Many mod rulings were lost over the various purges of the previous forum and no doubt many more will be lost in this shift. As such, mod rulings will not carry over from the old forum.
    Do not use this as an excuse to start silly arguments like Luke Cage being able to ignore Superman or Wally West legitimately being hit by bullets. This is a chance to debate subjects that were closed on the previous forum and that might now have new evidence. Don't waste it.

    Thank you all for returning, and I hope we can continue to debate as before.
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    Default Board Fight Rules

    Before we start delineating the details of how things go on this board, please check out this simple public service message about general online etiquette in message forums.


    In most cases, the poster who originally set up the versus fight determines the conditions of the fight itself. However, in the cases where the original poster did not set down any contraints or conditions for the fight, then the match would default to the standard rules below.

    01. Prep time: Neither side receives any notable prep time before the starting bell. Neither side may take any offensive or defensive actions before the starting bell. Planning is allowed and powers that are automatic or 'always on' can be up, but actions such as setting up forcefields, taking flight, or consciously activating powers is not. For example, Batman cannot shove together an 'anti-Avengers ray' before the fight.
    01b. In the case of extended prep time: If you grant generic "preparation time" to a character, then that character is assumed to have access to his own resources and things he can create by himself in the allotted time. Powerstealing or other theft of the property of other characters is not allowed in standard prep time. Likewise, borrowing from teammates is not allowed as this does not reflect the character's own power. If you wish to allow this in your fight (for example: "Batman preps with the help of Superman, but then enters the arena alone".) then simply state this in your opening post.

    02. Standard Equipment: Each side starts out with the equipment that they normally and have been shown to consistently carry on them. For example, Daredevil would have his billy-club, but Reed Richards would not have the Ultimate Nullifier.
    In a scenario fight, the contestants in whose city/reality the fight takes place are allowed access to any material resources they usually have there or of any team they're active members of, as long as they can reasonably get to them. For example, in a scenario set in the DCU, Green Lantern would have access to equipment in the JLA Watchtower, but not the Titans headquarters.

    03. Basic knowledge: Each side receives basic knowledge of the other. A good measure of this would be what the general population of the character's homeworld knows. For example, that Superman has a weakness to Kryptonite is general knowledge, but that he's Clark Kent is not.

    04. Bloodlust: It is assumed that each contestant in the arena will fight to his/her best ability. That means they will use any powers at their disposal. For example, even though The Flash doesn't clock each of his own opponents in the first picosecond in his own comic, it is assumed that is a viable tactic on this board since it is an established fact that he possesses that level of speed.
    It is also assumed that the characters fight at their optimum levels of ability - not explicitly weakened or unusually powered up for those who have variable power levels.
    04b. Bloodlust and moral codes: Bloodlust disables a character's morality regarding personal beliefs that would hinder their ability to win. Batman will use deadly force the arena if necessary.
    04c. Bloodlust is not literal: While it is named bloodlust for the sake of being dramatic, Rumbles's bloodlust is simply an overwhelming desire to win, it does not turn characters into raging berserkers and render impotent those who require a sound mind.

    05. Setting: The default battle area is the Arena of Khazan, a colossal arena that looks somewhat like a Roman Amphitheatre. It is typically a 250 feet by 200 feet ellipse, though the size is adjustable in accordance to the size of the contestants; the opposing sides start out about 100 feet from one another. The walls of the arena are completely indestructible, but there is no dome - space tosses are a legitimate winning strategy. Likewise the ground is simple earth and is not protected, making burying the opponent a viable strategy in some cases.

    06. No outside help: Unless specified otherwise, no contestant may call for outside assistance, even in scenario matches. For example, Captain America cannot call in the Avengers during a fight with Batman. The only case in which outside help is allowed is in the case of a passive effect. For example, a cleric that draws power from his god will still have that power in the arena.
    06b. In the case of a scenario taking place in a specific location, it is still assumed by default that outside help is not allowed. A fight in Marvel New York will never be interrupted by other heroes or villains, unless the opening post specifies that this is the case.

    07. Leaving the field: Combatants who leave the field of combat on purpose forfeit the match. If they are removed from the arena against their will (being punched, thrown, teleported, etc.) and can make it back under their own power, then they are still in the fight. Obviously, if a combatant leaves the field and cannot return under their own power, then they have lost.

    08. Temporary incapacitation: Some characters are very difficult to permanently kill. As a general rule: If a character is present in the arena but rendered unable to fight for ten seconds (if he requires that long to regenerate for example), he is considered the loser by knock-out.


    These terms and acronyms are frequently used on Rumbles, and it would be handy for you to learn what they mean before attempting to debate.

    Plot Induced Stupidity, or PIS, is when characters don't use their abilities or skills to the fullest extent as shown before, even within their personality ranges, for the sake of the story plotline. It makes lesser powered characters an actual challenge against higher powered characters in the comics. Examples of PIS include Flash stories lasting longer than three panels, or Toy Man as a threat to Superman. PIS is always off on the Rumbles board, this is not modifiable by the opening poster.

    Character Induced Stupidity, or CIS, refers to any natural mental limitations that characters impose upon themselves and reduce their ability to use their own skills and powers effectively. Unlike PIS, CIS does not occur because the plot requires it, but because the character is genuinely that dumb. Examples of the CIS-afflicted include characters such as Rhino or Jar Jar Binks. Standard CBR fights do not exempt the contestants from CIS, unless the opening poster wishes it so.

    Spiderman vs. Firelord
    Alternatively SvFL or SMvsFL, is a shorthand that refers to any time when a character performs a feat that their powers and skills should be blatantly insufficient for, and is not repeated or is rarely repeated again relative to the character's overall established career, as well as the character's opponents' established showings. In statistical terms, it is an outlier, something that is radically beyond the character's established capabilities. For example, Spiderman defeating a herald of Galactus is a case of the SvFL exemption; Val Armorr redirecting a blitzing Daximite (accurately) into another solar system is not, given his established capabilities and presentation.
    For standard CBR fights, feats considered to fall under the SvFL exemption are not valid. Likewise, examples of writing which go against firmly set canon are also ignored. For example, in Larry Hama's run of Batman, Grell's run of Iron Man, and Beechen's run of Batgirl, all three characters were out of character and did things very much against established canon; therefore those runs are disregarded.
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    Default Board FAQ


    Board Related Questions

    Why was my post deleted?
    According to Jonah himself, content-less posts are not wanted on these boards. So don't do things like post "bump" threads or post meaningless statements.
    Posts that contain inappropriate content are also fair game for the moderators to delete. So please refrain from starting flamewars on the board.

    Why was my poll closed?
    Generally, it is perferred that polls not be used for fights because they tend to lower the quality and quantity of participation on a thread, and generally turn the fight into a popularity contest instead of a proper versus debate.

    Are there any topics I can't or shouldn't post?
    While there aren't any topics that are considered verboten here, there are some topics that have been argued to death many times over which people have become sick of. These topics should be avoided since they no longer generate much meaningful responses anymore. Examples of such topics include Batman vs. Spiderman, Superman vs. Thor, and generally most fights involving Dragonball Z.
    Also, any topic that can potentially turn into a flamewar, or includes content that is inflammatory or baiting another poster, is also fair game for being closed or deleted.
    The only topics that are strictly forbidden are those regarding active religious figures. Jesus, Buddha, etc, are considered out of line in Rumbles.
    Addendum: This applies regarding the religious figures themselves, not their representation in popular media.

    What's the language rating for this board?
    See the general rules of content for Comic Book Resources forum. Some swearing is allowed, but the board must remain PG-13. Profanity in thread titles is not allowed, period.
    This only applies to general profanity. Profanity directed toward other members is not allowed at all and will result in an immediate ban, as per CBR's zero tolerance policy on the matter.

    I was banned but I have changed my ways. How do I get myself unbanned?
    A banning is a serious step to be taken for any individual. A banned poster who tries to sneak back onto the board with a new handle has committed an automatically-bannable offense, and can be banned again once caught by the moderators.
    If you wish to return through official channels, you must appeal to the administrator of CBR, Jonah and Matt (Parallax). You can contact them through email and make your case to them, and they will decide if you can be allowed another chance.

    What's the policy regarding other boards?
    Board-wars are strictly against Rumbles policy here, whether it's with another board here at CBR or another messageboard altogether. We don't want to see Rumbles posters planning or launching attacks on other boards; nor do we tolerate invasions onto Rumbles.
    Sometimes posters here who also post on other boards come across posts regarding Rumbles or planning something against Rumbles. If this happens, please do NOT post about it here. We do not need to see a ruckus being raised regarding another board. It is enough, and much prefered, that these be PM'ed to the mods.
    Simply put, post as if other boards did not exist. Do not discuss other boards, do not complain about how things go for other boards, and so on. Additionally, decisions and interpretations on these boards have no bearing on Rumbles, and vice versa - standards of evidence and rules differ between boards.
    Finally; this goes both way. Posting on Rumbles while inciting people on another board (CBR or otherwise) to come and cause trouble, or posting on Rumbles while simply badmouthing the Rumbles board on another board (CBR or otherwise) is considered to be a violation of the Rumbles Board rules.
    Obviously badmouthing the Rumbles Board on another board (CBR or otherwise) while not posting on Rumbles cannot be considered a violation of Rumbles rules. However, it may result in a Board-ban from the Rumbles board to spare the poster the agony of having to read and/or post on a board they dislike so much.

    Fight Related Questions

    How shouldn't I debate?
    "Batman can beat Thor because he's cooler!" That's an example of how not to debate. We would like to see the rationale behind any claims that one character can beat the other rather than a claim based on popularity and subjective bias.
    Also, we insist that all claims be backed up by evidence from canon sources. If you claim that Spiderman is stronger than Superman, then you have to prove it.

    What can't be taken for evidence in debate?
    Non-canon sources are invalid for evidence. With rare exceptions, comics not in continuity such as Elseworlds, What Ifs, or alternate universes are not used for evidence in debates of a particular mainstream character.
    Narrative hyperbole or speech hyperbole are also not considered valid evidence for a character's feats. As well, instances of PIS (plot induce stupidity - see below) and SvFL (Spiderman vs. Firelord - see below) are generally removed from consideration in standard versus debates.

    What's a canon source?
    A canon source is one that is regarded as being 'in continuity'. In the example of Star Trek; instances from the series and movies can be used, but books are definitely out. Comic book crossovers are generally unusable as they ignore common sense most of the time (DC vs. Marvel is certainly unusable in our debates!).

    What is narrative hyperbole?
    Narrative hyperbole is when the narrator of a comic book says one thing while the action drawn on the pages clearly show something else. Sometimes, in the case of speech hyperbole, it is a character who says one thing, while the pages show differently. This does not mean the narrator or the character is always wrong. It only means that in the case of such conflict, the actual scenes overrule the narrator or character text. An example of this would be the Ten-Eyed Man, who Batman and the narrator called "the most dangerous man alive", and who was actually a very lame and low-powered character.

    Why is PIS always off for Rumbles? That's not how comics operate.
    Because if we wrote Rumbles "as comics are written", the result of a fight would always be "whatever the thread starter wants it to be", because stories are always written with the capacities of character in mind.
    In order to avoid this and to maintain a set of rules which do not apply in the comics themselves, PIS is always off on Rumbles.

    Regarding Superspeed
    By convention, we say that the speed of thought is about 30 m/s. Note that is meters per second, not miles.

    What is a bullet-timer and how is it different from aim-dodging?
    A bullet-timer is a character who is faster than a bullet in reaction time, and is thus able to move after a bullet is fired to avoid or intercept it from reasonably close range.
    An aim-dodger, like Batman, is someone who can move faster than the person pointing the gun at him and thus avoids being in the way of the bullet before it is fired.

    What does "Class X" mean?
    "Class X" is a designation indicating the strength of a character. It's less an accurate definition and more of a guideline.
    A Class 1 can lift one ton or so, a Class 50 would be someone like Rogue when she had the Marvel powerset, a Class 80 would be someone like Ben Grimm who can lift skyscrapers and use them as weapon, a Class 100 is someone who can lift thousands or millions of tons like Hulk or the Juggernaut at his classic levels.
    Note that classes are not feats, nor do they correspond to the stats from guidebooks. They are simply an easy way to distinguish characters who have vastly different levels of strength.
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    Due To Recent Controversy, The 'Ends In Sex' Joke will be retired. Please avoid using it in threads from now on.
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