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    Post Masters of the Universe 2012

    "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume 1" (DC Comics - July 4, 2012) is an ambitious six-issue fantasy-adventure miniseries (rather graphic) which presents the cataclysmic story of the diabolical Skeletor succeeding in capturing Castle Grayskull but ultimately failing at unlocking the secret of its power. Skeletor does, however, manage to murder the benevolent Sorceress before being brutally defeated by He-Man and transported to the side of an unseen villain who reveals he has been manipulating Skeletor all along (source: Wikipedia).

    "Masters of the Universe" (sometimes referred to as He-Man, after the lead hero) is a media franchise created by Mattel (the American toy company connected to Fisher-Price and Barbie dolls). The franchise includes a Filmation animated TV series and a full-length Hollywood (USA) film starring Dolph Lundgren.

    The death of Sorceress in Volume 1 perhaps foreshadows the sinister rise of Hordak and the Evil Horde as He-Man eventually allies himself to the defiant She-Ra against the likes of Scorpia (a spiritually poisonous half-woman, half-insect stalker).

    This franchise is a great marriage of muscle and magic, and this six-issue Volume offers surveyors a colorful window into the overall luscious Masters of the Universe story.

    He-Man Volume 1 (2012)


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    Lightbulb Catra: Earthy Marketing

    He-Man's storyboards are really about the adventure surrounding land exploration and terrain variegation.

    When He-Man's newfound female ally She-Ra left the evil Horde, the sinister anti-heroine Catra was named Force Captain in her place.

    Catra wears a magical mask and can transform into a potent purple panther that can challenge the might of He-Man's combat-beast Battlecat.

    Catra has a "Freezefire" beam that encases people in ice, and she uses various designed gadgets and tools to create mayhem on the land.

    We can liken the symbolism of Catra to Marvel's Storm from the Uncanny X-Men and use Catra to market the social value of the general "Masters of the Universe" (DC Comics) franchise as it pertains to the presentation of special 'expedition editions' such as the 2012 6-volume set.



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