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    Default Big In Attilan - the Gillen penned Dazzler mini that never was!

    Kieron Gillen cut his Marvel teeth on a Dazzler short for the Manifest Destiny anthology series...but, apparently, it could've been SO much more!

    Before resigning my namesake to continued Cameo Queen™ status as part of his Uncanny X-Men street team, Mr. Gillen pitched a fantastic Dazzler/Inhumans mini at a time when Ali was a pink-haired trance singer shagging for motorcycles across the pond that would've been an amazing throw back to the sort of situations she would often find herself in over the course of her solo series, as well as set her up for actual greatness upon rejoining the X-Men...

    ladies and gentlmen, I give you Dazzler: Big In Attilan

    I weep for what might have been.....

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