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Thread: Latest orders!

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    Bought the new Infinite Crisis edition as my copy is breaking down. Today, I bought Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 5, Absolute Fourth World Vol 1, and Chew Smorgasbord Edition Volume 3. I sold my Fourth World omni. It was a very easy decision buying the absolute as it will be a much better reading experience. The omni was way too big.

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    My latest

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    Just a small one. Amazon emailed "Something you might be interested in" and it was Batman by Loeb & Sale Omnibus, new from a 3rd party seller for $64. I have passed on that book so long now that the lowest I have found it is CGN at $85 so I grabbed it. In my experience the 3rd party bookstores ship pretty well by Amazon standards but we will see. Since I was on Amazon I grabbed another book from my long Wish List and picked up X-Men:Age of Apocalypse - Termination TPB. It may not be the best but I love the Age of Apocalypse world and always wanted to see what happened on that world after Uncanny X-Force.

    Now just to wait weeks for shipping!

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