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    Paradox. Seeing that pretty much meant it was Sunday in my house.
    I know there was something else here before, but I forgot what it was. Must not have been important.

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    It's been fun. Toodles. Paradox's Avatar
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    Donald M., for invoking the Duck.
    'Dox out.

    "Itís cold and itís mean-spirited and I donít like it here anymore." - Alan Moore

    "Can it, you nit!" - Violet Beauregard

    "And Paradox is never correct. About anything."- Kid Omega

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    At two votes, Clarkie is our winner this week.
    "I rhyme with tyre - And cause pollution - I think you'll find - It's the best solution: What Am I?"

    "And that's the essential problem with 'Planetary' right there. When Elijah Snow says, 'The world is a strange place'... he gets Dracula, Doc Savage and Godzilla... When we say it, we get The Captain Fire-Cock Rock 'n' Roll Spectacular."
    ~ Půl Rua

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    Cool! I'll get on the next.
    'Authorities say the phony Pope can be recognized by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth.'

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