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    Default My framed print of Captain America #100 has Iron Man missing

    Bought an awesome framed reprint of Captain America #100 for my son's room. I later saw a copy of the actual issue in my LCS and I noticed that our framed print has Iron Man removed.

    Any guesses as to why they would remove Iron Man from it??


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    At first I assumed it was a printing error, but Iron man is indeed missing from the poster as he's on the actual cover.

    This led me to other forums which claimed that for the Canadian issues the cover had a distinct printing error. However this seems to have only been the title and Iron man is totally missing.

    So some further digging and the company who did this specific poster, I just can't find. However there are indeed other sellers whom have Iron man present on the poster, and that might explain things.

    Whomever did the poster likely had to license it from Marvel, and considering it was likely in a set there was potentially some stipulations. It's possible whomever did this one bought the license to use a certain set of characters and Iron man wasn't among them. As such to do this cover, Iron man had to be removed.
    What's also possible is that Marvel withheld the license for an unknown reason being they didn't want to license it, or they had something else going on with it. In either event, Iron man had to be removed.

    If a copyright year is present on your poster it might explain itself better considering that Marvel uses certain characters for things they want to push in that period.

    Edit-poster is same way, cover art for reprints is also like this. Misreading post but also a peculiar thing to note. Point still stands is that its potentially just licensing.
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