VANCOUVER - It looks like a suspected robber underestimated the power of the force. A woman wearing a Star Wars Darth Vader mask has been arrested following an early morning robbery in Vancouver, said VPD spokesman Randy Fincham.

Fincham said at around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, a 23 year-old woman was walking down Wolf Avenue near Oak Street when she was robbed by a woman wearing a Darth Vader mask and carrying what looked like a handgun.

The masked robber pointed the gun at the woman and demanded her cash. After receiving a small amount of money, the suspect ran off. The victim was not injured.

After the victim called 911, police then found the woman a short distance away, still wearing the Darth Vader mask, and she was arrested.

Fincham said the suspect was searched and found to be carrying a replica firearm. In a statement Wednesday, he said the robber “underestimated the power of the force.”

A 20-year-old Vancouver woman is facing charges of robbery with a firearm and weapons offences in relation to the incident.