Hello Spider-board. A while back there was a topic devoted to discussing the Spider-Man comics you've been reading recently, because you're not always going to be reading the stuff that is most current and has an active topic devoted to it. And then it was lost in weird code shenanigans. And then a new topic was made! And lost in the Forum reboot. So here we go again, a new topic.

So, the point of this topic is simple, discuss the Spider-Man comics you've been reading recently and what you thought of them. Did you finally get around to reading "The Death of Jean DeWolff?" Do you want to defend the honor of the Denny O'Neil run? Have you re-read the clone saga and feel the need to vent about how bad it still is? Then this is the topic for you. Any Spider-Man comic from any era from any timeline by any writer or artist. Talk about it here.

And because I HAVE been reading some Spider-Man comics lately, I'll lay it all on you first.