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    Default Patriot's List: Part 1 of 4

    That's right, Part 1 of FOUR. This is the biggest list, yet. Happy Patriot's Day, everyone! Grab a crock of beans or chowdah, a nice Sam Adam's and grab a comfy chair for this 'wicked-awesome' list of those patriotic-looking heroes that Gaz could, and some say "should", add to our little game. There's 54 of them, one for each state, commonwealth, and territory-so buckle in:

    1. Isaiah Bradley: Often called the "black Captain America", Isaiah is the result of a Tuskegee-style program called 'Project:Rebirth'. Rebirth's goal was to recreate the success of the creation of Capt. America. The other 299 men from the experiment died. Only 5 made it outside of the experiment. Isaiah is the genetic father of Josiah X and genetic grandfather of Elijah Bradley (Patriot). Isaiah has all of Cap's powers but is bigger and stronger.
    2. Bucky: DC has Robin. Marvel has Bucky. The images given could either be James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky-Winter Soldier-Captain America), Fred Davis (V-Batallion), Jack Monroe (2nd Nomad-Scourge of the Underworld), or Rick Jones (A-bomb, Hulk). Other Bucky's: Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar), Rikki Barnes (3rd Nomad), and Julia Winters (Jack Monroe's ward). No reason for him not to be in the game.
    3. U.S. Agent: John Walker/Jack Daniels (bourbon much, Marvel?). The last 5 pictures on the first row are the 5 main versions of the US Agent (from left to right): Classic black/red/white shield, eagle shield, 'Maximum Security' (looks like Judge Dredd), 'Force Works'. Before John became the US Agent he was Super-Patriot and even Capt. America. John got his Cap-esque poers from Power Broker, Inc.
    4. Jack Flag: Jack Harrison got his Cap-esque powers during a fight with Mr. Hyde when chemicals spilled on him. He's currently on the Guardians of the Galaxy.
    5. Patriot: The middle two pictures on the 2nd row are versions of Patriot. The nephew of Josiah X and grandson of the Black Captain America- Isaiah Bradley, Elijah had no powers of his own. He got juiced by using MGH (mutant growth hormone) and lied about it saying he got his powers from a blood-transfusion from his grandpa. Ironically, he later did get a transfusion from Isaiah making his super-soldier powers permament. I love the triangular shield and his throwing stars.
    6. Citizen V: There have been 6 Citizen V's. The first two unis looked like a mix of the boy scouts and UPS. The third is when the V-Batallion started using the look we see today. The version I'd want is Helmut Zemo, the 13th Baron. That way we could get a mission and a playable Citizen V- with SWORDS!
    7. Josiah X: This super soldier was born from a surrogate using an embryo formed from Isaiah Bradley and his wife. He became a Muslim in Africa and changed his surname. He uses the triangular shield also.
    8. Justice: The middle two pics of the bottom row are versions of Justice. The left is Earth-616's Vance Astrovik who took the name Justice while in prison for killing his father. Before that, he was 5th Marvel Boy. The right is Earth-691's Vance Astro. This Guardian of the Galaxy member also goes by Major Victory. These two parallel heroes have met, in fact in one of marvel's most interesting paradoxes, Astro convinced 616 Astrovik to not become an astronaut, thus altering 616's Justice's life. Justice is a telekinetic and on again/off again boyfriend of Firestar. Astro is a psychokinetic.
    9. Ms. America: America Chavez comes from a separate Earth-paradise dimension. That dimension was created by Demiurge, the biosphere counterpart to Gaia (Earth goddess). America has super-strength and durability and can fly.

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    Default Patriot's List: Part 2 of 4

    10. Blue Eagle/American Eagle: James Dore Jr. (left)/James Dore Sr. (right). This father son duo of Earth-712 were equipped with flight suits. Junior, who also went by Cap'n Hawk, Condor, and American Eagle was also known for using ancient melee weapons. Both were equipped with a triangular shield.
    11. Battlestar: Lemar Hoskins (three versions shown). Lemar was also the fifth 'Bucky', this led to some protest by Marvel readers and civil rights activists since "Buck" is a slave term/racial slur. Marvel dealt with that in the comic having an elderly African-American explain it to Lemar. The writer claimed ignorance. Then the writer had Battlestar lynched by Red Skrull- I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP! Battlestar survived because he was a super-soldier made by Karl Malus/Power Broker, Inc. Battlestar also carries a triangular shield and is part of the Bold Urban Commandoes (BUC-kies).
    12. Captain America-Age of X: I just like Steve Rogers glowing shield. Although the story of the Avengers as mutant hunters is worth a read.
    13. American Eagle: Jason Strongbow is a Navajo who was mutated by exposure to radiation. Earlier versions had him headdress and buckskin boots and running everywhere he went (he does have superspeed @65mph). Now he rides a motorcycle, were's a leather coat, and an eaglehead-shaped helmet. Both versions have him using a crossbow with special bolts.
    14. Major Victory: This is Vance Astro out of his adamantium suit. He still has the psychokinetic powers and Capt. Americ'a shield AND a cheesey headband!
    15. Miss America: Madeline Joyce has been around since the 40s. She's married to The Whizzer. Madeline got her powers of flight and strength from a lightning strike. She also temporarily had X-Ray vision, but her eyesight has gotten worse and she wore glasses in later books.
    16. Patriot: Jeffrey "Jeff" Solomon Mace was a reporter who was inspired by Captain America, so he trained hard and joined the Liberty Legion. He was also the 3rd Captain America after the 2nd Captain, William Naslund died.
    17. The Captain: Steve Rogers. While John Walker took over as Capt. America, Steve hung up his Nomad uniform and donned this new one and called himself "The Captain". What differs from the US Agent outfit is the shield.
    18. Spirit of '76: William Naslund had no superpowers and a steel shield. He was the 2nd Capt. America and was killed by a robot. I still like the outfit.
    19. American Son: Gabriel Stacy (he was also the Grey Goblin), son of Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborn, donned this Iron-Man copied suit from the "Dark Reign" book.
    20. Yeoman America: Steve Rogers in his Earth-398 outfit (Morgan Le Fay's medieval Earth formed through her reality distortion wave). It's pretty sweet!

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    Default Patriot's List: 3 of 4

    21. Earth X Captain America: Steve Rogers (first two pics of the first row). The first shows Steve with flag-draped uniform and the "A" carved into his forehead. The second is the Avenging Host uniform complete with wings. Both of these from Earth-9997 are beautiful.
    22. Free Spirit: Cathy Webster was trained by Captain America after she got her super-soldier powers from mutagenic radiation.
    23. Super-Patriot: Before he became Captain America and US Agent, John Walker was Super-Patriot. He also got his super-soldier powers from the Power Broker.
    24. Colonel America: Steve Rogers. First pic on the second row. Earth-26111 or Age of Ultron version. Older, but not a zombie (stay tuned) and with an eye patch over left eye.
    25. Colonel America: Trenton Craft. What happens when the super-soldier program focuses on the mind and not the body? You get a telekinetic hero who has problems controlling his power. Awesome uni, though.
    26. Miss Patriot: Mary Morgan used the super-soldier serum, too. She's been around since the 40s and she works at the Daily Bugle.
    27. "Union Man" Captain America: Earth-717's Steve Rogers. He fights Bucky (White Skull) who is the leader of the KKK.
    28. Yankee Clipper: Patrick Carney got his super-strength powers from a belt made by Cassandra Locke. She used it for time-traveling and went back in time to tell Patrick about a future Skrull invasion. Patrick took this info and formed a superhero team called "First Line" that also included Kid/Mister Justice and Liberty Girl. I wonder if those two made my list...
    29. American Panther: This is not any Wakandan. It's an American cop (NYC) who actually a xenophobe/racist. I hope Marvel does something else with this character because he looks amazing.
    30. Captain America 2099: A Steve Rogers clone wearing a short-sleeved, American Flag trench coat. He became President and was killed by Doom's nanotech robots.
    31. Charlie-27: A 555 lb 6 foot engineered human from Jupiter, Charlie-27 is a current member of GOTG.
    32. Blue Eagle: This gun-toting, flying Liberteen is the third hero to use this moniker.
    33. Killraven: This version of Jonathan Raven would be Earth-9930. He has Cap's shield and is a member of The Avengers. He also uses a sword and throwing stars as well as riding a mutant-serpent horse.
    34. Revolutionary: The leader of the Liberteens (Pennsylvania's Iniative team) is a swordman. He was captured and mostly a Skrull throughout the event.
    35. Miss America: That's right, Marvel currently has two Miss Americas.

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    Default Patriot's List: Part 4 of 4

    36. Phantom Eagle: Karl Kaufman was a WWI fighter pilot and a member of the Freedom's Five. I wonder since Lola is coming if we start to see more vehicles in SHSO. How great would a vehicle mission be?
    37. Nuke: Frank Simpson got his enhanced powers from the Weapons Plus program like Capt. America, Isaiah Bradley, and Wolverine. Frank was psychologically manipulated by Wolverine while his body was recieving underskin armor and addictive drugs. The result of Weapon VII (Project: Homegrown) was a crazed super-soldier addicted to pills (Jason Bourne, anyone?). The American flag tattoo on Nuke's face followed the lines that Logan carved into him during conditioning.
    38. Captain America-X: An un-named mutant who got the super-soldier serum in Earth-1298. This Cap-X could generate psionic blasts and shields. Very cool.
    39. Nomad: Dimension Z's (Arnim Zola's world) version of Nomad. He started as Leopold Zola, and when his father tried to have him killed, Steve Rogers rescued him and renamed him Ian Rogers. His shield has jagged spikes around the circumference.
    40. Liberty Girl: Beverly is a member of First Line. That's about it.
    41. Colonial Captain America: Steven (not Steve) Rogers is Earth-616's Revolutionary War's Captain. Marvel story lines have both suggested that he is and is not an ancestor of the most famous Capt. Steve Rogers. He uses an iron shield.
    42. All-American: Giovanni "Jack" Magniconte was a football star (Mr. Magnificent) who was one of the people effected by Marvel's "White Event". Jack then formed a superhero-for-hire team called Kickers, Inc and later joined the military . He's now found in Marvel's Starblast series.
    43. Holly-Ann Ember: Not much is known about this teleporting, Wyoming mutant.
    44. Mister Justice: Tim Carney is the Yankee Clipper's brother. He was also a member of First Line.
    45. Rojhaz: Earth-311's Steve Rogers who was transported back in time to 1602 by the Purple Man. He goes native and often sports American Flag war paint.
    46. Captain Americat: Steve Mouser. He's Marvel's Tails version of Cap.Spider-Ham needs some friends.
    47. Liegeman: John Walker (Super-Patriot, Capt. America, US Agent) on Earth-398's/Morgan La Fey world. Not as cool as Yeoman America, but still cool.
    48. Captain Terror: Dan Kane. Friends with the original Cap, Dan is now known for being Smasher's (Isabelle "Izzy" Kane) grandpa.
    49. Right-Winger: Jerome Johnson. Jerome started as a member of the B.U.C.s ("Buckies") and was dejected when his friend John Walker & Lemar Hoskins left the group to become the new Cap & Bucky. Right-Winger carries a flaming sabre and got his super-soldier powers from the Power Broker.
    50. Left-Winger: Hector Lennox. Same blurb as Right-Winger.
    51. Captain America: Steve Rogers of the Monkeyverse. Earth-8101.
    52. Colonel America: Earth-2149's Steven Rogers. He's a zombie and currently missing the top of his head.
    53. US Archer: Ulysses Solomon Archer is a tough truck driver. There was a huge truck-driver phenomena brought on by the song/movie "Convoy". Archer was Marvel's response.
    54. Bucky: Earth-2149's Bucky. Apes are great!

    Maybe I should have suggested a couple of beers and a bathroom break, it WAS REALLY LONG. Hope you enjoyed it!

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    Default Top 10 or so Earth Day Characters

    Happy Earth Day! Here's a Top 10 +6 list of earth manipulators, seismic characters, and rock-types. Enjoy!

    1. Sandman: William Baker/Flint Marko. You all know who he is. I'd like to see a desert mission or an island mission (Muir, Madripoor, or Genosha) filled with sand piles and fighting Sandman a few times (like Malekith in the Malekith missions). Having Sandman change his arm/hands into mallets, maces, giant hands, and sandtorms would be obvious attacks.
    2. Gorgon: An often recurring character in my lists, this Inhuman should have the a continued ground stomp (like Giant Man), a giant double stomp (like Sasquatch), and a bull rush as part of his PUs/HU.
    3. Crystal: Being able to control earth, wind, fire, and water (4 abilities = 4 PUs/HU), this Inhuman should be a no-brainer.
    4. Rictor: SHSO could use a true seismic hero, but I wonder if his sexuality will keep him out of a kids' game. It would be interesting if Gaz does include him and Shatterstar what kind of Voice Interactions they would give him or if they would use one of the emote thought bubbles with those two.
    5. Korg: I would LOVE if SHSO gave us "Planet Hulk"-anything (besides Glad Hulk). This Kronan is my favorite silica-based character. I'd love to see what Gaz would come up with in Voice Interactions with Thor.
    6. Dust: She has the same powers as Sandman, but she wears an abaya/niqab. Will this outfit keep Dust out of the game?
    7. Avalanche: Outside the books, most of us know Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis from the the two main X-Men cartoons. Avalanche is a seismic villain and member of The Botherhood and Freedom Force.
    8. Grey Gargoyle: I want Paul Pierre Duval's mission to have many statues coming alive throughout the missions. This also gives Gaz the opportunity to have a new "stone" potion.
    9. Quake: Daisy is a SHIELD member, daughter of Mr. Hyde, and a seismic hero. She'd be perfect for SHSO.
    10. Petra: This short******d, earth manipulator was killed by a volcano monster. Marvel & Gaz should bring her back to life.
    11. Rockslide: Santo Vacarro has his standard granite form but recently has been able to go into a limbo-molten form that also allows him to explode (and come back together, of course). How fun would that HU be?!
    12. Quicksand: Quicksand has the powers of Sandman, and is another super-villain gets imprisoned and then turns good character.
    13. Charcoal: Charlie Burlingame was villain/hero created in a reader contest. He could change his body into any carbon form (including diamond) including controlling fire. He was killed off because Marvel failed to garner correct licenses from the winner of the contest, proving once again that Marvel's lawyers before the Disney acquisition were HORRIBLE. We'll probably never see Charcoal in any media again. Too bad.
    14. Magma: Who doesn't want to shoot lava at baddies? How easy would it be for Gaz to create this fire/earth manipulator?
    15. Piedra Dura: A member of 'The Children of the Vault', her name literally means 'Rock Hard'. Interesting storyline based on genetic drift, meaning that the members of CotV are not human nor mutant, BUT are earthlings.
    16. Rockman: Daniel Rose has been around since the 40s. I want him to have Moleman like digging powers and attacks. Wouldn't that be great for your hero to be able to dig underground (and take no damage) and dig out with an attack?

    Earth Day, something dirt-y today!

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    Default St. George's Day- England Part I

    Happy St. George's Day! It's also close to the Queen's B-Day, so this one's for you Queen Victoria! Say "Hi!" to Kate for me...better yet say "Hi!" to her sister, Pippa. This is Part I of a compendium of Marvel Characters from England.

    1. Sir James Braddock: Along with Merlyn & Roma (Merlyn's daughter), Sir James founded the Capt. Britain Corps. He was the first Captain Britain of note and is father to Brian, James Jr. AKA 'Jamie', and Betsy.

    The next seven pics are versions of Brian Braddock (most Corps. men are just different versions- from different dimensions- of Brian.

    2. Captain Britain: Brian's most famous uniform with the "X" on the torso. Brian use to have to have the Amulet of Right around his neck and carry the Star Sceptre, Merlyn combined those two items into this suit so he no longer needs them. Later he wouldn't even need the suit due to his body being able to absorb all the dimensional waves. Brian has super-soldier powers, the ability to fly, ans ESP.
    3. Captain Britain: Brian's "Five-Point" uniform. He often goes without his mask while in this version.
    4. Captain Britain: My favorite version. This red-suit with golden lion, the Amulet of Right, and the Star Sceptre is often called (some say miscalled) the Britannic-version. When Brian was called Britannic he wore the uni in the smaller, bottom-left pic.
    5. Captain Britain: My least favorite Brian-version. Meggan destroyed The Otherworld's energy matrix (were Capt. Britain gets his powers in the multiverse), he had to go back to better-looking unis because they were able to amplify (by acting as an antennae).
    6. King of the Otherworld: Brian wearing his father's old uniform style. The blazing English flag on his face was marked when Brian wields Excalibur.
    7. Crusader X: Mace-wielding version of Brian called Bran Bardic.
    8. Crusader X: Another popular uniform of Bran Bardic.
    9. Captain Britain: I adore the multi-colored hair version of Betsy. Betsy (Psylocke) is the twin of Brian.
    10. Captain Britain: James Jr. "Jamie" Braddock is the oldest son of Sir James. In this version he has the powers of Capt. Britain. In almost every other dimension he is a schizophrenic villain who is usually wearing a white banana hammock. It's creepy.
    11. Kid Briton: Brian Bardic of Earth-13022. Would love an Arcade mission.
    12. Albion: Brian Braddock usually choses the Amulet of Right from Merlyn in in most of the dimensions. This version of Brian choses the second choice, the Sword of Might. Earth-70518.
    13. Albion: Peter Hunter has the Pendragon (spirit) of Herne the Hunter. He can fly and shoot fire from his hands.
    14. Captain Albion: Katherine Huggin is the Capt. 'Britain' (Albion is old English for England) of Earth-523.
    15. Lionheart: My all-time favorite costume design from Marvel. Kelsey Leigh Kirkland was given the Capt. Britain title for a while after she defended Capt. America as a normal human. Captain America was down from an attack from Thunderball (of the Wrecking Crew) and Kelsey took Cap's shield to protect him from another of Thunderball's attacks. Kelsey died in the attack and was resurrected by Brian (King of the Otherworld) & his wife, Meggan. Kelsey chose the Sword of Might.
    16. Union Jack: This is the Lord James Montegomery Falsworth model. He started with the Team Freedom's Five. He always has a long knife and his Webley revolver.
    17. Union Jack: This version could be either of the next two Union Jack's. Brian Falsworth (II- before he became union Jack, Brian was the 2nd "Destroyer"- which is what most people believe to be Stan Lee's FIRST character) was enhanced with the super-soldier serum while Joseph "Joey" Chapman (III) got his powers from the Pendragon. It use to be if Union Jack had this uniform and a Webley revolver it was Brian and any other gun would make him Joey. Joey now also uses a Webley.
    18. Captain England: Captain Britain of Earth-522. Don't we need more chest hair in SHSO?
    19. Justicer 'Cassndra' Bull: Captain Britain of Earth-23238, Cassadra (and the rest of the Justicers) look and story were inspired by Judge Dredd. Her job was to track down mutants and other superpowered beings.
    20-23. Captain U.K.: The four pics are versions of Linda McQuillan, AKA Captain U.K., from Earth-238, Earth-839, Earth-616, and Earth-794. She's actually stronger than Brian.
    24. Captain Britain: Modred the Mystic put down the Darkhold (book of evil magic) took over Brian's outfit for a while.
    25. Caledonia: Alysande "Sandy" Stuart is a Scottish Capt. Britain who chose the Sword of Might and often works with the FF.
    26. William Destine: A member of the ClanDestine superpowered family, William is also an actor who played Captain Oz (Cap'N Oz). His uniform is based loosely on the Australian flag and influenced the Captain Australia character in the best SHS episode "O Captain, My Captain!" Isn't it AMAZING how it all intertwines?!

    Stay tuned for more, True Believers!

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "K" Characters: Part 1

    Here is my Top 10 +11 "K" list. That's like a buy one, get one top 10 list free. But you ain't paying anything, so it's like a read one, read one doubley free, you cheap literate! But with less anger. Here you go:

    1. Ka-Zar: I'm going to get real greedy with this one...I want Ka-Zar (with knife, spear, & bow attacks), his tiger Zabu, a Savage Land zone, and several Savage Land missions (battling dinosaurs & one with Sauron). What we have: furniture- some on sale for gold! Friggin' furniture!!! Did I mention he was in SHS?
    2. Kang the Conquerer: I would like a time traveling mission fighting Kang on his ship. Imagine a first level Ancient Greece/Rome battle (which they could reuse for some Hercules/Eternals missions), a second level Old West theme (then I could get some cowboy heroes), and a boss level on Kang's ship. Feel free to use any of my SHSO suggestions, Gaz.
    3. Korg: He was on SHS. Gaz couldn't go wrong giving us a Planet Hulk theme. I know Skaar has been spotted in the code.
    4. Kraven the Hunter: SHSO needs some Jungle love, and I'm not talking about the Steve Miller Band's song. Sergei should have knife, spear, and net attacks.
    5. Kid Cassidy: I want the Gunhawk version were Cassidy was NOT the leader of the KKK's Nightriders. I really want to see Old West missions and guys riding horses around the quicksilver hotspots.
    6. Kid Colt: I'm sure there are many of us 30-40 year old, comic fans that got their starts reading their father's old-West comics from Atlas & Marvel. The biggest star was Kid Colt. He was one of Marvel's biggest names for almost 4 decades (they've brought him back in several comics in the last decade). I'd love to ride Steel (his horse) in missions or on the hotspots. Now, there is a Kid Colt who is a Kymellian (reverse-Centaur).
    7. Kaine: I posted his three main costumes. I'm not much of a Spidey fan but I do enjoy all of the cloning arcs from that character. I'd love to leave the "mark of Kaine" with a PU or HU.
    8. Komodo: Marvel's second Komodo, Melati Kusuma, lost her legs in a driving accident and modified Dr. Connors serum for herself. She'd fight like Reptil, but I'd love to see an emote were she loses a leg, arm, or tail and grows it back.
    9. Karnak: I've been getting more Inhuman comics because my nephew was introduced to Black Bolt via the Lego Marvel game (he walks around screaming like the hero in the game to scare people- he use to walk around doing the Malfoy jeer from Lego Harry Potter). Karnak is interesting because he has superhuman techniques and equipment although he was never exposed to the terragin mists. I would love to see his angular martial arts in SHSO.
    10. Killraven: Almost retconned as Franklin Richard's son, Jonathan Raven was created for a "What If?"- style of comic with the background of HG Wells "War of the Worlds" aliens. The aliens came back in 2001. Killraven is a master of shurikens and swords.
    11. Kangaroo: Brian Hibbs (large picture) and Frank Oliver (small pic) both used that moniker. I think I'd prefer the newer version (which is VERY un-like me to the point were I HAD to put in Frank's picture) because the suit has Iron Man-like weaponry. Who doesn't want an Australian accent in the game.
    12. Kick-Ass: I don't know would preclude Dave Lizeski first, his name or that he is part of Icon publishing (Icon is part- an imprint- of the Marvel family). I'm looking forward to the day were the imprints and Marvel characters play nice with each other.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "K" Characters: Part 2

    13. Kurse: I think I may just want all the Power Pack kids to fight him in a mission. But I'd also want to use him to fight Malekith...darn this lava induced amnesia.
    14. Killer Shrike: Simon Maddicks is another of Marvel's 'whipping boys' who gets beat up by many heroes and villains alike to keep the continuity flowing between storylines. He shouldn't even warrant a full-size mission...but, I'd love to see Gaz have cameo bank robber/mayhem mission.
    15. Kylun: Kylun wields the Blades of Zz'ria. I'm looking forward to the day when we get some Excalibur love in SHSO.
    16. Kimura: The best part of Kimura is that if we ever get her it means that we have X-23. She is to X-23 what Sabretooth is to Wolverine.
    17. Korvac: The Korvac saga is an amazing series of books. It would be interesting to have this OP cosmic hero in the game.
    18. Korvus: This Starjammer gets most of his power throught the Blade of the Phoenix. He became a Starjammer after Corsair (Cyclop & Havok's dad) was killed by his third son, Vulcan.
    19. Krystalin: Ruth Kristen Porter Ogada is a Marvel 2099 X-Man who can contruct whatever she wants by pulling crystals out of the air. She usually makes a bo staff and different shields/armor.
    20. Kismet: AKA Paragon, Kismet is the "Her" to Adam Warlock's "Him". She was created by the Enclave at The Beehive. She was born a man changing into female after her first cocoon rest. She has the same cosmic powers of Adam Warlock.
    21. Kamikaze: New Mutants Vol 1 #100 is often known for being the first X-Force book. In actuality the first reference of X-Force is in New Mutants Vol 1 #93, this is an important book because it also is the first-time meeting of Wolverine and Cable. A sidenote to #93 is a character named Kamikaze who can fly and blow himself up. *Yes, I'm THAT big of an X-Force nerd.

    That's 21 K's...1 more than Roger Clemens and Kerry Woods. Enjoy!

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "L"-list

    I wasn't going to post this, today...but, with the overhaul of the system, I decided that we need to 'over-post' until we get the continuity back into our SHSO threads. So here is my list of "L" characters:

    1. Lightspeed: I'm continually shocked that the Power Pack never had a cartoon about them. A group of kids who got their powers from a Kymellian (reverse-Centaur) that travel around on a ship called Friday and can access a mythical land called "Elsewhere" that has dinosaurs and crazy buildings SCREAMS syndication and a few movies. I want Julie Powers to have a rainbow trail, health regeneration and I want some Elsewhere missions. I also want the Power Pack to be 'kid-sized'. I think they'd be HUGELY popular.
    2. Lionheart: If you read my previous lists you know that this is my all-time favorite Marvel uniform. Having Kelsey with that Sword of Might producing blasts and shields would be amazing. I hope we get an Excalibur theme someday.
    3. Longshot: Longshot should have a jetpack, cleavers, spike-net, and energy gun combo attacks or PUs/HU. He should also have a mullet. If you wanted to get greedy, you could ask for some Mojo missions.
    4. Lockjaw: I'd want him playable, but I would gladly accept him as a pet. If we get him that means an Inhuman theme or a fun Pet Avenger theme (with Throg?!). If Lockjaw is playable, I want him to swallow baddies for a PU. He should be as tall as the standard hero and have special interactions with the fire hydrants.
    5. Leader: He's been spotted in the code. I hope we get some new giant robots in a Leader mission(s) to go along with telekinetic attacks.
    6. Lady Deathstrike: Yuriko would make an excellent female villain mission, we only have Enchantress and Mystique. Along with her 'claws' she should have sword attacks. Gaz could give us the human or cyborg form. We need more X-Men stuff!
    7. Living Laser: I love all three of Arthur Parks main uniforms. A laser-shooting and hologram-producing villain would be fun to fight against and as.
    8. Lifeguard: Heather Cameron has similar powers to Darwin, being able to change her body to what is needed. Lately (before her death) she has been trapped in her Shi'ar gold skin 'bird' form. I want her to be able to change into different animals and have a team defense boost.
    9. Living Lightning: SHSO needs a pure electrical hero or villain (I'm talking about Elektro, Gaz!). I love Storm's and Thor's attacks. Will Miguel's sexuality keep him from SHSO?
    10. Living Mummy: I think we'll probably get Man-Thing this Halloween, it would be nice to see a Halloween theme with Man-Thing, Living Mummy, either Liliths (neither made my "L"-list), or Jack-O'lantern. I really want a spooky, foggy town with a cemetery & abandoned church or abandoned theme park mission. Think Scooby-Doo, Gaz!
    11. Legion: Omega-level mutant's vast powers makes it difficult to choose attacks. Legion's high-top hair and reality warping would make for fun missions and as a playable. Would love to hear the Voice Interactions (VIs or voice-relationships) with him and Dr. Nemesis (where is our X-Force, Gaz?!!!). I also want to see some Muir Island content.
    12. Lyja: Who doesn't want a playable female, shape-shifting Skrull in SHSO? How great would a Fantastic Five Lyja (as Ms. Fantastic) be?

    I hope you enjoyed it!
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    Default Top # Character I want in SHSO (NOT IN ORDER)

    My first list! YAY!

    #1 - Scorpion: This was one of my favorite Spider-Man villains since I was a kid. I could honestly see some good combos with his tail. His P1 could be shooting acid out of his tail. His HU could even be him donning the Venom symbiote for a while, boosting Armor, Damage, and Speed.

    #2 - Spyke: The only X-Man that NEVER was in the comics, Spyke can generate, well, spikes and fire them at enemies. His P1 could be the flaming spike shown in the picture and his HU could be him drinking a soda can and gaining the armor also in the picture (The same way his mutation accelerated in one of the episodes)

    #3 - HERBIE: Honestly, who DOESN't want HERBIE in the game? He was even in the show, for Pete's sake! I could see him being both a sidekick AND hero. Maybe firing lasers or doing combos with his arms or whatever! Plus he's so cute for a possibly deadly robot!

    #4 - Tinkerer: OK, this is one of the few obscure one's on this list. The Tinkerer was first in The Amazing Spider-Man #2 and was actually a really good villain. Even if he did at first seem to be an alien. He could use his technology, like Scorpion's tail (he made it) and Mysterio's suit (made that too) as well as his many guns (like the one in the picture) to battle enemies.

    #5 - Agent Jay: You might be saying now, "But Key, MIB isn't Marvel, it's a movie and TV series." Well actually, it was first made by Marvel Comics. Think about it, Will Smith as Agent Jay beating up Super-Skrull. All the guns and even the gravity defying car that could maybe use Ghost Riders hotspots and the flying ones too. Heck, Gaz maybe could even do a MIB Month with Agent Jay and Agent Kay!

    #6 - Anti-Venom: He's in the code, he is amazing, he was in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, there is NO reason he shouldn't be in the game. I'd buy him EVEN if he was a costume swap of Venom.

    #7 - Arcade: As a villain, his stage could be filled with evil clowns and robotic seals! As a hero, well, he could use...his stuff from Murderworld? The only reason he wouldn't be in is maybe because of Murderworld though.

    #8 - X-23: OK, she is amazing. I mean, even though she's a clone of Wolverine (literally), she could have a P1 using her foot claws and her two-clawed hands. Her P2 could be her Trigger Scent, and her P3 could be a frenzy attack. She might have to have a different set of clothes for SHSO, oh, and maybe not bring up a certain part of her past...

    #9 - Skarr: He's in the code already but I am still putting him on this list, same as A-Bomb below.

    #10 - Bullseye/Dark Hawkeye: Well, he could use his cards or anything that he can throw like his darts or bombs. Dark Hawkeye could be an alt costume for him.

    #11 - Carnage: "But he's on the Do Not Use list!" I don't care, he is awesome and really should be in this game! He could be like a mix of Venom and Wolverine with his attacks! Next...

    #12 - Vulture: Another great Spider-Man villain. He could use magnetic attacks (from his first set of wings) or attacks like Falcon.

    #13 - Leader: Gamma weaponry, anybody?

    #14 - Gargoyle: The first Gargoyle was Hulk's first enemy, and he was actually not too bad. His imagining as the Leader's assistant made me think of hoping he was in SHSO. He could use guns that slow down enemies, even mind control them for his P3 maybe.

    #15 - A-Bomb: Same as Skarr, nuff said

    #16 - J Jonah Jameson: At least have him as an NPC! Heck, maybe it could be if you do a mission for him, he gives you the mission and/or gives you a full crafting part of the player's choice!

    #17 - Hobgoblin: A recolor of Green Goblin that I would LOVE to buy.

    #18 - Phil Coulson: Agents of SHIELD and Ultimate Spider-Man really popularized him. He would be amazing AND he's in the code!

    #19 - Stan FREAKING Lee: Oh what? He can't be used in the game? Why not? He would be amazing! He could change into different characters, he could web swing, double jump or super jump, use all hotspots, etc. etc. He would be the ONLY single character worth buying for more than 900 Gold.

    #20 - YOU! (sorry, I forgot the mirror): Think about it! Customized character styles, attacks, and abilities!

    Well, next, I and CenturianSpy will hopefully be doing a duel Top 10 Most wanted. Stick around for my next solo list of Top 10 Symbiotes!
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    Next DUEL Most Wanted List: Warriors of the New Age
    Next SOLO Most Wanted List: thwip, thwip, thwip

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_key_24 View Post
    My first list! YAY!
    #5 - Agent Jay: You might be saying now, "But Key, MIB isn't Marvel, it's a movie and TV series." Well actually, it was first made by Marvel Comics. Think about it, Will Smith as Agent Jay beating up Super-Skrull. All the guns and even the gravity defying car that could maybe use Ghost Riders hotspots and the flying ones too. Heck, Gaz maybe could even do a MIB Month with Agent Jay and Agent Kay!
    Genius, now I want MIB!

    Quote Originally Posted by the_key_24 View Post
    #19 - Stan FREAKING Lee: Oh what? He can't be used in the game? Why not? He would be amazing! He could change into different characters, he could web swing, double jump or super jump, use all hotspots, etc. etc. He would be the ONLY single character worth buying for more than 900 Gold.
    Gaz needs to get on this. At LEAST get his voice stuff done ASAP.

    Quote Originally Posted by the_key_24 View Post
    Well, next, I and CenturianSpy will hopefully be doing a duel Top 10 Most wanted.
    You want to pick the topic?

    Nice job!
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    Default Bird Compendium Part 1

    Most of us know May 4th to be Star Wars day, but since 1894 it has been known as Bird Day. To celebrate my nephew and I have gathered 105 of Marvel's top bird characters, bird-named characters or objects, and feathered friends. It is in four parts. *NOTE that only Part 1 is in a order of one of my "Top 10 or so" lists. Here we go:

    1. Thunderbird II: OK, you caught me. My love of Warpath (James Proudstar) knows NO bounds BUT he was the 2nd 'Thunderbird'! I want him to have his two vibranium knives. I'd also prefer him in his X-Force black & gray uniform...but I also want this one.
    2. Mockingbird: Agent 19 AKA Barbara "Bobbi" Morse. Who doesn't want her and her battle-staves in SHSO? She'd could also be the first female with a staff.
    3. Blackbird: A shocker, right?! Also known as the X-Jet, I want this in SHSO as part of an X-Men zone AND I want a vehicle mission AND a Blackbird arcade game.
    4. Songbird: Melissa Joan Gold. Will she be the first sonic character Gaz gives us? I know we have Mohawk Storm and Impossible Man's specials to go along with a few roaring specials of Wolvie and Sabretooth, but we need a sonic hero.
    5. Howard the Duck:I think he'd be one of the most popular in the game. So would his fire hydrant-looking 'Iron Duck' alt. Maybe next April Fool's Day?
    6. Nighthawk: I have no idea which of the 5 main versions appeared in SHS. All I do know is that I want him, his claws, his lasers, and his bolt guns in SHSO. I'd take either his 'hero' outfit on the left or his 'villain' outfit on the right.
    7. Darkhawk: Chris Powell. Darkhawk can fly, has regenerative healing, can produce energy shields, can shoot heat beams out of his visor, has a grappling claw on his right hand that he can shoot out with a chain, and he has an amulet on his chest that can shoot out concussive blasts. That, and he looks bad-ass.
    8. Hawkeye II: Kate Bishop. SHSO could use a female archer. Especially one that also uses a staff/battle staves and a sword.
    9. El Aguila: 'The Eagle' is a swordsman that shoots electricity out of the sword! He was in the first comicbook I read and I've loved him ever since, even if he is a Zorro rip-off. I want a classic fencing swashbuckler in SHSO.
    10. Thunderbird: John Proudstar. Warpath's older, wimpier, and dead brother. But, he was a member of the Exhiles as well as War (one of Apocalypse's four horsemen).

    11. Red Raven: Marvel's first winged-hero (Timely Comics 1940). He needs a ray-gun and an anti-gravity gun.
    12. Vulture: Most of us would want the original Sinister 6 member, Adrian Toomes, over Blackie Drago or Clifton Shallot. I also think we'd want the classic green outfit over the black, Ultimate one. I also want him bald. Like Iceman, Vulture with hair is stupid.
    13. The Angel: Marvel's first 'Angel', Thomas Halloway was a gun-toting detective with no superpowers. 1939 people! What a year!
    14. Snowbird: We need more Alpha Flight members. How great would transforming into white versions of an owl, wolf, wolverine, and Tanaraq (yeti) for your PUs/HU. Gaz messed up with Reptil, the game needs a true shapeshifter.
    15. Killraven: This hero set in the future, one based on the return of HG Wells' aliens from "War of the World", is an expert swordsman and the shuriken. He often sports a Captain America shield as well. I also want his serpent-horse running on the Quicksilver hotspots.
    16. Starhawk I & II: A GotG member. From wiki:
    Starhawk can manipulate light to create concussive force blasts of photonic energy, heat, and solid-light constructs
    . There are male and female versions, with the male the most prevalent.
    17. Warbird: OK, I understand that "Warbird" is the name of the group of Shi'ar bodyguards/assassins...BUT...Ava'Dara Naganandini (the group's leader) also goes by that name. She is an expert with her energy sword.
    18. Killer Shrike: Simon Maddicks is a classic Marvel whipping-boy. He gets beat up by heroes and villains alike. He has some nice wrist shooters and some sharp talons. I think there should be more minor boss mini-missions as well as 'guest' bank robber/zone villainry to battle.
    19. American Eagle: Although I'd prefer the Native American garb, sensitivities would dictate the newer version of the crossbow-toting Jason Strongbow. So, we should get his motorcycle and eaglehead helmet.
    20. Firebird: Another Marvel pyrokinetic. Bonita Juarez got her powers from a meteorite that was laced with alien energy.
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    Default Bird Compendium Part 2

    21. Griffin: Most of Johnny Horton story-lines involve him breaking out of a prison and be caught again. He got his superpowers from bionics and a mutant serum. I'd like to see some prison break missions.
    22. Phantom Eagle: Karl Kaufman. This guy flew a biplane! I'd love to see time-traveling missions (who wouldn't want a WW2 mission?) and some vehicle missions. The crafting function screams 'build a vehicle' to me.
    23. Lady Lark: A sonic hero created in the mid-70's, Linda Lewis AKA Skylark, got her wings from Blue Eagle.
    24. Owl: Leland Owlsley is a mice-eating villain who can glide using his cape and use his steel talons to fight. I'd love to see Gaz do some owl-type head turns and googly eyes.
    25. Blue Eagle: James Dore Jr. AKA American Eagle AKA Cap'n Hawk is the son of the original American Eagle. He gets the ability to fly from the anti-gravity wings developed by his parents. He uses a triangle shield and various 'ancient' melee weapons. I'd like either of his costumes.
    26. Black Crow: Paralyzed from falling off a skyscraper construction site and given powers from the "Earth Mother", Jesse fights with a spear, bow & arrow, and knife. He can also shape-shift into a puma, bolt of lighting, or a giant crow. He also has the ability to make mist.
    27. American Eagle: James Dore Sr. and his wife created the wings that he, his son, and Lady Lark used to fight villains. I'm a sucker for the old Squadron Supreme.
    28. Warbird: When are we going to get a Carol Danvers alt? I like this boozy version.
    29. Deathbird: This Shi'ar warrior is Cyclops and Havok's sister-in-law. She fights with javelins- which would be cool to see. She should also have a winged attack, talon strikes, and her huge energy cannon.
    30. Birdy: SHSO needs more sub-bosses. Fighting her and Sabretooth at the same time would be great. Avoiding huge guns would be great.
    31. Bloodhawk: Lemuel is a 2099 X-Men who should have regenerative health to go along with the standard wing and talon attacks.
    32. Raptor: Marvel's 2nd (of 3) "Raptor"s. This is Brenda Drago, daughter of the 2nd Vulture. She started bad, then became a New Defender and now works with Spider-Girl and is the wife of Norman Osborn. She can fly (of course) and her wingtips are razor sharp.
    33. Lifeguard: A shape-shifting, gold-skinned hero has been stuck in this bird form for quite a while. She is the sister of Slipstream.

    34. Thunderbird III: Neal Shaara is a flying pyrokinetic that shoots plasma instead of fire from his hands.
    35. Warhawk: Mitchell Tanner gets his bluish skin from the omnium cellular regeneration experiments by the US Govt. He was a career soldier recruited by the CIA and went crazy after seeing his family destroyed by the US Govt. He uses many US military weapons including dart guns.
    36. Black Talon II: I want this version of Black Talon (there are three), Desmond Drew, to have a zombie/voodoo mission...and I want the Sorcerer Supreme, brother Voodoo to combat him with. MORE ZOMBIES!
    37. Hawk God: Ever wonder who killed most of the Watchers? Look no further. He later was condemned by the Living Tribunal into a statue. His powers were then awoken by the creatures that became Starhawk.
    38. The Pigeon: Another Spider-Ham ally. Will we get more of this universe?
    39. Black Swan II: Yabbat Ummon Tarru is a princess from another dimension taken in by the Black Swans and she is bent on destroying Earth-616 to save her own world.
    40. Black Talon III: Samuel Barone pictured in his original outfit moves to that of his predecessor Desmond Drew. He also has the razor tipped gloves and boots as well as a Athame (voodoo knife).
    41. Cardinal/Harrier: Donald Joshua Clendenon's suit allows him to fly, shoot grenades, and shoots tar. He leads the Air Force, a mercenary group who is often at odds with the New Warriors.
    42. Squackeye: Earth-8311's (Spider-Ham's universe) version of Hawkeye.
    43. Talon: Shir Ydrn Talonis AKA Blue Talon, is a member of the Fraternity of Raptors (Shi'a). His suit is a blue version of Darkhawk's with similar powers.
    44. Icarus: Jay Guthrie is brother to Cannonball and Husk. That would be a nice three character theme.
    45. Angry Eagle: Part of Jubilee's MC2 (Earth-982) X-People, Angry Eagle uses stun-daggers.
    46. Falcon II: Samantha Wilson-Bradley. Daughter of the original Falcon, she married Elijah Bradley (black Captain America).
    47. Eagle-Eye: Francis Barton, son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. SHSO could use some kid-size/teen-size heroes.
    48. Bloodhawk III: Heather Lemuel of Earth-96099. She has healing powers.
    49. Black Swan: A German assassin/mercenery swordsman, Swan can absorb other mutants powers. And if we get him, it probably means we already have Agent-X.
    50. Phantom Eagle II: AKA Count Nefarius AKA Moonstone. We once possessed a Kree lifegem that gave him his powers, then he went under the same ionic power experiment that Count Nefaria used to gain super-abilities.
    51. Kestrel: Annie Jones got her powers of flight (on crystalline-feathered wings) and firing crystal darts from the Gene Match Device, just like the other Gene Dogs.
    52. Order of the Black Swans: #49 was part of this group of priestesses that are at odds with the Black Priests. This story-device will be used to expand-connect the Multiverse. How great would a Multiverse-jumping mission be?
    53. Oriole: Air Force member who can shoot blade off his wrist guards.
    54. Sparrow: Air Force member kidnapped/brainwashed by the Soldiers of Misfortune now goes by the code name "Fast". She uses her razor wings and advanced weaponry.
    55. Tanager: Air Force member that has a suit that can induce sonic attacks.[/QUOTE]
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    Default Bird Compendium Part 3

    56. Griffin: Eliot Franklin AKA Clown (NOT the Thunderball-Wrecking Crew character of the same name), is a gamma Corps. member who can fly, has sharp talons and can spit acid.
    57. Krait: Three words- Shi'ar Death Commandos. I want them all.
    58. Kukulkan: This Mayan wind god is in the public domain, but the game needs some jungle missions.
    59. Gamecock: Carlos Cabrera is a small-time gang leader who would make an excellent Mayhem mission.
    60. Blue Eagle III: My favorite group of the Initiative was the Liberteens. I love the homage they had toward heroes from the 40s.
    61. Harpy: Before Bett Ross was the Red She-Hulk, MODOK transformed her into the Harpy.
    62. Kiwi Black: Marcus Skaar is Nightcrawler's brother. He has focused energy attacks through touch.
    63. Hummingbird: AKA Aracely, Hummingbird is a powerful telepath that is said to be the host to Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of War.
    64. Rapture: Rapture is an artificial copy of the winged, blue-skinned mutant nun known as Sister Joy which was created by Cerebro. Cerebro gained sentience and used the nanite-DNA to create his own X-Men. Rapture is a skilled swordsman.
    65. Red Raven: Dania is thought of as the daughter of the original Red Raven. She has similar powers.
    66. Raptor II: Gary Wilton, Jr. has the normal bird-superpowers- flight & sharp talons.
    67. Quacksilver: Earth-8311's version of Pietro.

    68. Aragorn: The winged steed of Black Knight, and later Valkyrie. Along with running on hotspots, I would love a vehicle/rideable animal mission.
    69. Giraud of Haven: He was the 9th Phoenix. A male Phoenix would be easy to do.
    70. Strider: The Black Knight's first flying horse. The black horse with the bat wings is Valinor.
    71. Psi-Hawk: The first Psi-Hawk was created by a group called Psi Force, but the second was the cousin of the leader (Emmitt Proudhawk) of Psi Force, Michael Proudhawk. Psi-Hawk is a pyrotechnic via psionic energy.
    72. Blackbird: AKA Jackdaw, this Femizon often uses a grappling claw to bind her enemies.
    73. Skyhawk: Winston Manchester got his superpowers from the Eygyptian god, Seth.
    74. Peregrine: Alain Racine is a master of savate and Silver Sable International supplied Peregrine with special weaponry including ammonium bromide gas grenades (to induce unconsciousness), napalm bolas, taser darts, thermite grenades, and an electromagnetic scrambler.
    75. Warhawk: A Kree robot.
    76. Windeagle: Hector Santiago Ruiz is an enemy of Black Panther.
    77. Captain Wings: A member of the British superteam, The Crusaders. Captain Wings got his powers from a mystical cab driver named Alfie.
    78. Falcona: An Inhuman who can control birds of prey with her mind.
    79. Osprey: Oscar Kincaid Jr has no abilities. The Wizard made an example of him putting an anti-gravity disk on him. He hasn't been seen since.
    80. Zadkiel: The Angel of Vengeance is an expert swordsman.
    81. Falcon: Carl Burgess was Marvel's first Falcon. He could fly and fight.
    82. Tito Bohusk, Jr.: A future X-Men and grandson of Beak (Barnell Bohusk). He can fly and fight with his talons.
    83. Red Vulture: The newest version of the Vulture, Jimmy Natale was unwittingly transformed by Prof. Charles Goss. He has real wings and spits acid.
    84. Red Gull: Earth-8311 has bad guys, too.
    85. Redbird: The daughter of Alpha Flight's Shaman and Snowbird she is a member of the elite Epsilon Flight.
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    Default Bird Compendium Part 4

    86. Evilhawk: Dargin Bokk is actually more reptilian than bird-like. He hails from the planet Luq and is an android, now. He is a foe of Darkhawk, and like his enemy, he gets his powers from the amulet on his chest.
    87. Redford Raven: This is an Old West bankrobber that was in comics in the early 60's. So, I want him.
    88. Bird-Man: There have been 2 (some say 3) Bird-Mans in Marvel. All have been villains that either teamed with the Ani-Men or the Unholy Three.
    89. Hex: Dominic Destine of CLANdestine is an illusionist. He just likes to occasionally wear a cape made of bird feathers.
    90. Blackbird: This is Sam Wilson in Morgan Le Fay's Earth-398.
    91. Cuckoo: AKA Kay Cera AKA Jasmine Destine. Cuckoo is a telepath on the CLANDestine.
    92. Bird-Brain: An Ani-Mate created by the Ani-Mater, Marvel's very own Dr. Monreau.
    93. Beak: Barnell Bohusk looked like this before he lost his powers. He now goes by Blackwing which looks like an all black version of Darkhawk (lower pic). Beak saved the entire Marvel multiverse... if you want to know how, read more comics.
    94. Hawkshaw: SHSO could use a little Genosha. Hawkshaw is a member of the Press Gang, Genosha's super-police.
    95. Black Talon I:The first Black Talon was Pascal Horta, a painter who lost his hand in an auto-accident. Undergoing experimental surgery, he was given the hand of an African-American serial killer, "Strangler Burns", who was put to death. The serial killer blood in his new hand overcame Horta's peaceful nature and drove him to commit murders. This came out in 1941!
    96. Nightingale: A psychic/healer and member of the First Line.
    97. Chickenwings: Just another Morlock that Sabretooth killed. A hipster.
    98. Fifi the Duck: Doctor Bong's amphropomorphic chambermaid he created using his Evolvo-chamber. Would make a great NPC.
    99. Stepford Cuckoos Celeste, Esme, Irma "Mindee", Phoebe, & Sophie AKA Five-in-One are the cloned daughters of Emma Frost. Esme and Sophie died in the Phoenix-Warsong, and the remaining three go by Three-in-One. They have also been named part of the Weapons Plus program, they are Weapon XIV (14, the one after Fantomex).
    100. Blue Eagles: A totalitarian police force, modelled after the Squadron Supreme's Blue Eagle, in service of the Global Directorate.
    101. Victor Ten Eagles: Friend to the X-Men 2099 and member of the Lawless, a 2099 superhero team.
    102. Vulture: Doctor Isidoro Scarlotti is an Italian scientist, leader of the International League of Criminals. He was an enemy of the first Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro during the Cold War in the comics from 1954!
    103. Warhawk: Tom Nakadai is a member of the Harriers- A team of mercenaries hired to hunt down Jubilee, Psylocke, and Wolverine.
    104. Eagle: Lars Dinkelbach of Britain's S.T.O.R.M. is like SHIELD's Nick Fury.
    105. Sparrow: H.R. O'Damai is Underground Legion in the unpopular Blackwulf series.

    I hope this comes in handy! Get to work on some birds, Gaz!

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