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    Default Super Hero Squad Online's "Most Wanted" Characters! Redux

    My favorite thread from the old forums. This was started by PSINGRAPHD in January of 2012. On this thread we all post what heroes (content) we would LOVE to see in SHSO. Get posting those lists & pics!

    Page 1: Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Islanders, South American/Latino/Latin Americans, Australians, Repaints/Retreads, Black/African-Americans, 1930s/1940s, 1950-Marvel Age, Atlas Era Giants & Monsters, Robot/Android/Cyborg, Inhumans, Maggia, & Avengers.

    Page 2: Avengers (continued), Alphabet "A-E", Jewish, Irish/Irish-American, Alphabet "F-H", India, & Alphabet "I-J".

    Page 3: Patriot List, Earth Day, St. George's Day, Alphabet "K-L", & Bird Compendium.

    Page 4: Brotherhood Duel, Alphabet "M", Symbiotes, X-Men Duel, & Alphabet "N".

    Page 5: Alphabet "O", & Tony Stark Birthday IMs.

    Page 6: Gay/Bisexual, & Alphabet "P".

    Page 7: Alphabet "Q-R".

    Page 8: Kid Compendium,& Alphabet "S".

    Page 9: Alphabet "S" (continued), & ADA Awareness Day.

    Page 10: Alphabet "T", Day of the Cowboy, Audio Appreciation Month, & Alphabet "T" (continued).

    Page 11: Alphabet "U".

    Page 12: Alphabet "V", & Nov15 Solicitations.

    Page 13: Women's Equality, & Alphabet "W-X".

    Page 14: Cosmic Duel.

    Page 15: Cosmic Duel (continued), & Alphabet "Y".

    Page 16: Thunderbolts Duel, & Alphabet "Z".

    Page 17: Xavier & Jean Grey Institute Duel.

    Page 18: Galactus' Heralds, & Sidekicks.

    Page 19: Numbered Characters.

    Page 20: Abombination R3, & Agent Coulson R3.

    Page 21: Agent Venom R3, American Dream R3, & Angel R3.
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    I'm going to repost all my old lists. Here's my first one, Native Americans:

    1. Warpath : Double knife fighting, Flying, and an X-Force member? Too awesome not to be in this game.
    2. Forge: Not only should he be in the game, he should have part of a zone (preferably an X-Mansion zone) dedicated to a "Forge's Shop" where you can craft items (including crafting things from superfluous cards). One of his specials, or his HU, should be a blast from his mutant-power neutralizing gun. AND he is an X-Force member!
    3. Thunderbird: Would love to see him and a Genosha zone/mission.
    4. Danielle Moonstar: Remember when Gaz said they were focused on Marvel NOW!? What happened to that?! I though for sure we'd get Dani in her new Defender role. Anyway, a girl archer who also has a magic sword AND a magic staff seems a no-brainer and her PUs would be AMAZING.
    5. Shaman: Who doesn't want a guy who can levitate, pull almost anything from his medicine bag, can summon an eagle at will, and has a Mystic Staff? We NEED more Alpha Flight!
    6. Talisman: Another Alpha Flight member who is second only to Dr. Strange in her mystical arts ability. Here's a snippet from her wiki:
    She has the ability to tap into mystical forces and to manipulate them for a variety of effects, including levitation, astral projection, exorcism, matter manipulation, the ability to see prophetic visions, telepathy, teleportation over vast distances, opening inter-dimensional portals, animating the undead, generating wind blasts and lightning, summoning air spirits, calling forth spirit animals, creating magical shields of light, and generating blasts of magical energy.
    Who doesn't want that in the game?!
    7. Snowbird: Another Alpha Flight member. Snowbird can transform into any Canadian animal! Her PUs/HU would be soooooo fun!
    8. Silver Fox: OK, her combo, PUs, and HU would be pretty lame (she might/would be the worse hero in this game). But, I want a Weapon X arc with missions and new Weapon X heroes/villains.
    9. Echo: Wouldn't it be nice to see a deaf hero in the game? No voiceovers just ASL. Anyone who can copy moves (photographic reflexes- like Taskmaster) would be welcome to the game.

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    Default Top 9 Asian-Pacific Islander Characters

    1. Jubilee: She's in the game files already (not done, though), she SHOULD be in the game. Anyone who grew up watching the X-Men cartoon of the 90's can't believe she's missing (the fact that Professor X isn't in the game is a crime against humanity- but, he's not Asian)
    2. Sunfire: Two words- Fiery Plasma.
    3. Daken: Son of Wolverine, same powers different look. We need The Dark Avengers.
    4. Lady Deathstrike: I'm a Wolverine fan and I want a large Wolverine arc in the game. If Gaz ever gives us a 'story mode', Wolverine should be the first.
    5. Amadeus Cho: How cool would it be to have using his moped around the hotpots (this could segue into other vehicles like Hawkeye's flying bike)? Using Hercules' adamantine club in missions would also be a great segue to get those god-heroes. We could also get Kerberus as a pet, who doesn't want a coyote? All this and he's already in the code (not done).
    6. Silver Samurai: Would love to see a Japanese-based mission with pagodas, temples, and gardens. We already have ninjas, let's get a character from Wolvie's last movie (even if they broke canon).
    7. The Mandarin: Iron Man 3 almost ruined this villain for me. Would like to see Gaz due him justice as a true villain.
    8. Armor: How cool would it be to have that exoskeleton running around punching baddies? Answer: VERY.
    9. Surge: A great start to getting the disbanded "New X-Men". Would love to see more electrical effects in the game.

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    Default Top 10 or so South American/Latino/Latin American Characters

    1. Sunspot: I would want Gazillion to have him change to the all-black 'powered up' form for his HUs/PU. AND a voiceover saying "Careful Bobby, you're strong, not invulnerable!" would be a MUST.
    2. Darwin: It would be neat to see him interact with new underwater (where is that Atlantis?) or space missions. I would also like his body to change in the fire and ice missions within the game. That would take a buttload of programming, but he'd be unique. Maybe those could be his PUs and he'd just get a huge defensive boost.
    3. Power Man: No, not Luke Cage in his 70's garb (we do need that though), but he does work with Iron Fist (nice segue). This is Victor Alvarez. He could have a passive drain on surrounding baddies (tough to program) or it could be used for his PUs/HU. He could suck some of their lifepoints (chi) and hit them with some sort of power attack. Of course he better glow red like in the comics during these powered attacks.
    4. Nova: What?! Sam Alexander is Latino? Es verdad. Give Nova a blue helmet and change around his combo (new PUs/HU would be nice, too). The irony is that 'Nova' in Spanish means 'doesn't go'.
    5A. White Tiger- Hector Ayala: SHSO needs Marvel's 1st Hispanic hero. The three amulets would make easy PUs, and his body style is exactly like Black Panther's. They could use his voiceovers to teach a little Spanish, too.
    5B. White Tiger- Angela Del Toro: Hector's niece also has the power to camouflage.
    5C. White Tiger- Ava Ayala: With an obvious Kraven the Hunter tie-in (spoiler: he killed her father), you can tell the difference between her and her cousin Angela Del Toro because her costume completely covers her face.
    8. Feral: We'll probably never see Feral because she is EXACTLY like Tigra. Or, we will see Feral because she is EXACTLY like Tigra. All they would need is a new skin and voiceovers (and hopefully new PUs/HU).
    9. Rictor: The picture shown is his classic X-Men uniform. A Seismic hero would be extremely cool. The question is will we see him, Shatterstar, or Northstar because of their sexual orientation. I would love for Gazillion to answer that on a Feedback Friday.
    10. Cecilia Reyes:Another healer that can control a small force field, she would be easy to build.
    11. Slingshot: SHSO needs a female speedster. 'Nuff said.

    Now for a guilty pleasure, I present for your entertainment - a character from the first comic book given to me:

    12. El Aguila: "The Eagle" was an obvious Zorro rip-off, but, I would absolutely LOVE a fencing style sword fighter who can also discharge electricity. His costume is the perfect level of cheesey.

    I would also like to give Echo from my Native American post an honorable mention. She is also Hispanic. Her being deaf could augment (via teaching a little ASL) the purpose of having these 12 heroes teach a little Spanish/Portugeuse.

    And last but certainly not least, direct from The Super Hero Squad TV Show, I present Captain Brasil:

    From the episode "O Captain, My Captain" you can see her along with Wolverine (as Captain Canada), Captain Australia, Captain Britain, and Captain Lichtenstein (my favorite). ALL of these need to be in the game

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    Default Top 9 Australians

    Wow...that's a lot of bad guys. Marvel must hate Australia.

    1. Rocket Raccoon: There's a lot of debate on his origin. There is no debating his accent and the need for him to be in the game. Can't wait to have him and his arsenal in SHSO. I guess we'll have to wait for a GOTG push.
    2. Pyro: First of SIX bad guys on my list. We need this fire slinger to start a nice Brotherhood run.
    3. Kraven the Hunter: OK, he's only an Aussie on Earth-1610. He still counts as much as koalas are bears. I'm a firm believer of having all the Sinister Six in this game, and Sergei's outfit screams to be included.
    4. Captain Australia: "O Captain, My Captain" was SHS's BEST episode. Gaz needs to get hip to this.
    5. Boomerang: An Aussie version of Bullseye. Who doesn't want more boomerangs in this game?
    6. Grizzly, Theodore Winchester: Whether you call them the Wild Pack or the Six Pack, we need them. I Hope Gaz ressurects this man-beast to pair with his friend Domino. Her killing him was an accident.
    7. Kangaroo, Frank Oliver: A boxer who can jump as high as Hulk? Yes, please. LOVE the He-Man hairdo, too.
    8. Gorgeous George: We need more bad guys with extending arms. More importantly, we need the Nasty boys and their leader Mr. Sinister.
    9. Boomslang: Not created by the guy who came up with "Smang it" (that guy really likes to smash and bang it), we need an intro to the Serpent Society. AND, he does boomerangs TOO!

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    Default Top 10 or so Wanted Repaints/Retreads

    1. X-Force Wolverine: For reals. It's not like I'm asking for sharks with laser beams on their friggin' heads. Can we get some X-Force love in this game?
    2. Mr. Fix It Hulk: Being an unapologetic Hulk fan, many of you might be surprised he's not my #1. Well #2 ain't too shabby. This is one character that couldn't be a repaint. He needs Tommy guns. Thing has a suit, why not Hulk? Besides, he was promised at the 2011 ComicCon.
    3. More Noir: Why should Spidey have all the love? Would love Noir Punisher, Daredevil, Deadpool, and Iron Man. Just pick one already, Gaz.
    4. Future Foundation: We know they are partially coded and it's not like we're asking for Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu & etc. Slap the new unis on Reed, Sue, and Ben. The rest you can make sidekicks...that would be sweet.
    5. Iceman: Iceman with hair is stupid. THERE, I said it. We know of "Classic Iceman" in the code.
    6. Marvell as a Kree: You know what's NOT marvelous? The fact that we don't have any Kree in this game.
    7. Original X-Men: A double dose of me wanting a bald Iceman plus a "how cool would it be?" question regarding a more human Beast. I'd even buy another Angel, Jean, and Scott in these uniforms.
    8. Ms. Marvel: I like her new outfit, and I can't be the only fan of her hair.
    9. Luke Cage: They make Luke Cage bald and give Iceman hair...what is it, Opposite Day? Give us his classic look.
    10. Fantastic Four She Hulk: She could pave the way for Medusa and Ms. Thing.
    11. Wonder Man: Out of all his outfits, they gave us the most boring. The Safari jacket is a winner.

    My DIShonorable mention is Quicksilver. Gaz really messed up that one.

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    Default Top 10 or so Black/African-American Characters

    1. Bishop: He's partially coded. He's awesome. We need him and his robot arm and guns.
    2. Misty Knight: She has a robot arm and guns but she is no homage to Bishop. It would be nice to get her after Iron Fist and maybe see a Brood Queen or Puppetmaster mission. Her afro alone demands inclusion.
    3. Monica Rambeau: Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, and NOW! Spectrum, she maybe the most underrated heroine in Marvel's history. Would love to battle Egghead or Plantman with her.
    4. Brother Voodoo: If you like Dr. Strange you'll love Brother Voodoo. He has also possessed the title Sorcerer Supreme and could have amazing smoke and mist PUs/HU. And the summoning of his brother Daniel Drumm would be an amazing attack.
    5. Cloak: I can only imagine how fun it would be playing as a tandem with Dagger. The combos, PUs, and HU would easily be one of the most favorited in the game. I think the sidekick coding will come in handy if they ever bring this pair to SHSO.
    6. Isaiah Bradley: One of the most controversial characters in Marvel who deserves to be in the game. I think a black Captain America would be hugely popular.
    7. Deathlok: A hero who has a song by Megadeth needs to be included.
    8. Night Thrasher: Cool armor. Cool Weapons. We need some New Warriors love.
    9. Doorman: Having almost no powers worth mentioning, I want Doorman because he is part of the GLA.
    10. Maggot: Who else wants to use two omniverous slugs as weapons?

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    Default Top 10 or so Characters from the 1930s and 1940s

    1. Namor: Yes, he has been around THAT long. In fact, most say that he was the first hero from Marvel. I'm tired of the red-tape that is holding him up. The game needs Namor...and to a lesser extent, underwater missions or maybe a zone.
    2. Ka-Zar: He's been doomed to just furniture since day one. The game needs this savage. Might as well throw in Zabu- his pet sabretooth, Savage Land zone/missions, and some dinosaurs to beat up on. I always wanted to punch a dinosaur. Thanks to Barney.
    3. Bucky: I'm sure with the new Captain America movie coming out we'll be getting Winter Soldier. But, when Bucky had two arms and didn't wear the Captain's uniform, there was Bucky. Let's get a more acrobatic character in this game.
    4. Marvel Boy: Sure he only appeared a couple of times in the 40's, but then he made a reappearance as a being from another planet. That's right, Marvel Boy comes from Uranus. *waits for laughter to die down* He has a cape and wears briefs. FANTASTIC.
    5. Patriot: Before Captain America. Before The Spirit of '76 (stay tuned for him). There was Patriot. I hear there's a whippersnapper using that moniker today, let's bring back the old guy.
    6. Miss America: My niece's favorite squaddie is "Girl Captain America"...she means American Dream. Miss America is her heritage. I heard there's a young (and curvy) Ms. Chavez using that title, today.
    7. Whizzer: Robert Frank, from St. Louis, Missouri (my hometown!), was the original speedster. He's still awesome.
    8. Jack Frost: Jack Frost looks right with hair, Iceman DOESN'T. Meet the original.
    9. Black Marvel: If you want to know where the Mayor of Superhero city got his design, look no further than the Black Marvel. And for you Spidey fans, his most current arc is that he created the new team The Slingers.
    Whether we get them as the heroes donning Spidey's old alter-egos or we get Spidey masquerading as Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy, and Ricochet, a great way to bring them to the game is through Black Marvel.
    10. Blazing Skull: Hmmmm, I wonder who he looks like...I absolutely love the crossed bones on his chest.
    11. Thunderer: Also known as the Black Avenger, meet the original sonic weapon.
    12. Red Raven: Marvel's first winged hero. Red Raven also brought the FIRST arc of the Inhumans into play. Since him, there has been many Redwing heroes.
    13. Blue Diamond: Just look at him. He should be in a game. He should be in THIS game.

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    Default Top 10 or so 1950 - Marvel Age

    1. Gorilla-Man: A body of a gorilla, the mind of a man, and the arsenal of Rambo. We need this Agent of Atlas.
    2. M-11 The Human Robot: I would love to craft this robot. His poers would be just like Destroyer's. Another Agent of Atlas.
    3. Rawhide Kid: Who doesn't want to be a cowboy?
    4. Jimmy Woo: Before there was Agent Coulson (who also needs to be in the game), there was Jimmy Woo.
    5. Dr. Druid: He used to be called Dr. Droom. Some say he signified the end of the Atlas Era and beginning of the Marvel Era. Would love to see this sorcerer PUs to be summoning the three Celtic war goddesses Morrigan, Macha, and Badb. He was THE monster hunter (tomorrow's list will be on my favorite Atlas Era monsters).
    6. Yellow Claw: If you ever wonder who was the inspiration for "Big Trouble in Little China"s bad guy Lo Pan, you're looking at him. He wears a suit of armor that has many weapons. I would love to team up with other Agents of Atlas members to fight in this mission.
    7. Chondu the Mystic: Chondu is represented by the two pics. The first is the winged, chicken-legged, octo-wormed armed monster. The second is his last form, just a head on a mechanical spider body. Both would be fantastic to battle.
    8. Shrunken Bones: This is why you shouldn't mess around with shrink rays/potions. He would be fantastic to fight.
    9. Abominable Snowman: I almost included Carl Hansen in tomorrow's monster list, but he was human. You can see he is Wendigo's and Sasquatch's heritage.

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    Well, I was going to post my updated list today soon so I guess I'll do it here.
    1. Agent Venom and Modern Kaine/Scarlet Spider share this spot
    2. Sam Alexander Nova
    3. Hybrid
    4. Anti-Venom (Don't let him rot in the code Gaz )
    5. Frogman
    6. Sunfire
    7. Doom 2099
    8. Dark Wolverine
    9. Cloak
    10. Dagger (I'd rather have them as separate characters who summon the other via Hero UP)

    1. Crossbones
    2. Carnage
    3. Electro
    4. Rhino
    5. Daken
    6. Raze (Logan and Mystique's son from the future)
    7. Pyro
    8. Flipside
    9. Kraven
    10. Sandman

    And for alts of characters in the game.
    Big Time Spider-Man/Stealth Suit
    Captain Canada Wolverine

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    Default Top 10 or so Atlas Era Giants & Monsters

    1. Groot: He was a conquering monster before he joined the GOTG. He'll probably be the only one on this list to make SHSO.
    2. Tim Boo Ba: One the best story lines of monsters in the history of story telling, I won't spoil it for those of you who have never read it. If you want to know: spoilers:
    He and his group of mercenaries were wiped out by a flood that turned out to be a drop of water from Earth-616. It turns out he was microscopic. He later tricked another monster, Googam, to use Mr. Fantastics growth ray to make him into a giant monster.
    end of spoilers
    3. Xemnu: This monster can shrink to a 10ft copy of himself when in trouble, he can also transform others into xemnu-like creatures or just occupy another's form.
    4. Grogg: If you ever see a flying dragon in Marvel...chances are it's either Fin Fang Foom or Grogg.
    5. Googam: He parks cars. He's been on Letterman. He can shrink stuff. He's Googam.
    6. Goom: Father of Googam. This monster has a neutron ray that can disintigrates matter, a spaceship, and time machine. He was captured by The Collector - who can be in this game, too.
    7. Gargantus: He may look like a giant neanderthal carrying a giant wooden club, but he's actually a robot. Tomorrow's list is on Top robots/androids not in the game...if I can whittle down this list of 183.
    8. Orrgo: This monster is actually quite the lady's man. Chicks dig him.
    9. Kraa: Kraa is often considered to be the first mutant caused from a nuclear bomb. He was an African tribesman.
    10. Monsteroso: There have been two main monsters with this name. One from the Microverse (similar story to that of Tim Boo Ba), but the main one was a child-like monster that crashed into Earth after jettisoned from his spacecraft.

    All of these monsters were giant (or became giant) in size, some could shrink to that around a human form so it would be unusual to make them playable. But, I would love to see more battles (missions) against these behemoths.

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    Default Top 25 Robot/Android/Cyborg/etc

    So, I had to whittle a list of what started as 183 characters, which quickly ratcheted up to 227 characters, down to 25. It took me longer then I would have liked (4 days longer). Here is my list of Top 25 Robot/Android/Cyborg/etc. that I'd like to see in the game (I left out Deathlok and Gargantus because they were in previous list):

    Wow!That's a buttload of pics!

    1. H.E.R.B.I.E.: I think this little guy should be playable, but I would accept him as a sidekick. He was a mainstay on the TV show. Extending arms, lasers, and claws would make for a terrific combo-PUs/Hu set.
    2. Mastermold: Where do you think all those Sentinels come from? They started a mission for him ("her" if you're a purist), but the X-Men stuff in this game is ALWAYS backburnered.
    3. Nimrod: The most advanced Sentinel. Makes you feel a little better about all the time your older sister/brother called you by this name, huh? It's also a great song by The Pixies.
    4. Bastion: One part Master Mold. One part Nimrod. Mix with the Siege Perilous.
    5. Human Torch & Tara: Before there was Sue Storm's younger brother, there was the android. And then there was the female version. That's why H.E.R.B.I.E. was a member of the Fantastic Four instead of Johnny.
    6. Dragon Man: He would be bigger than Sasquatch and before he was such a pacificist he was tough guy.
    7. Ghost Rider 2099: He has a chainsaw arm! A CHAINSAW ARM!
    8. Super-Adaptoid: I'd like one that possesses the attributes of the Avengers. My favorite version is when he has Captain America's shield.
    9. Machine Man: Marvel's Swiss Army knife.
    10. Flipside: Even though we have a million of Spidey-types, a robot with a webbed cape would be pretty cool.
    11. Air-Walker: OK, he use to be a human (or human-like), then whatever Galactus tranforms a human to be his herald, but I think the best stories were when he was an android.
    12. Jocasta: Ultron creates her...and she turns against him. Great story!
    13. Dread Nought: Would love to see the Maggia version in-game.
    14. Technovore: Who doesn't want this technological parasite?
    15. Tyrant: Does Galactus do anything right? This machine turned on him, too.
    16. Ultimo: A giant android controlled by the Mandarin? Yes, please.
    17. Kree Sentry: I always confused these with Sentinels when I was a kid. We need more Kree stuff.
    18. Red Ronin: Would love if there were giant-sized missions (missions were the characters are building sized) AND I would love to fight Godzilla with Red Ronin.
    19. Supremor: Another Kree android. kree's are awesome.
    20. Victor Mancha: His dad is Ultron!
    21. Bi-Beast: Would love to have each head have its own voice, too.
    22. Shiva: The game could use a Weapon X story-based mission.
    23. Galactus' Punisher: Seriously, can Galactus ever get something right?
    24. It! The Living Colossus: Another giant of the first, though.
    25. Quasimodo: Look at him! LOOK AT HIM!

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    Default Top 30 Inhumans

    OHHHHHHHHH...the Inhumanity!!!!

    1. Black Bolt: No Banshee. No Songbird. No Black Bolt. Where are the screamers?! The game needs to have Blackagar Boltagon. Gene Simmons would agree.
    2. Medusa: Whether we get her in her Inhuman costume or her Fantastic Four one, this redhead needs to be in the game. She would be a great introduction to Terrigan Mist and I want her to say "I whip my hair back & forth!".
    3. Gorgon: A seismic hero with the legs of a bull. I really want him in the game. AND I want him to snort like a bull.
    4. Karnak: A martial artist who has a hover platform. His name alone could reference Johnny Carson for his emotes.
    5. Lockjaw: I don't want him as a sidekick (but he should be). How fun would it be to play as giant dog? A fire hydrant emote would be a MUST.
    6. The Unspoken: Before there was Lord Voldermort, there was The Unspoken. The game has fractals, how about us getting some Xerogen crystals? Makes sense that he'd be the first inhuman mission.
    7. Gordon Nobili: Another possible mission- I would love to fight some Maggia. In fact, my next list will be on the Maggia.
    8. Thane: I would love for Gaz to complete the Thanos missions and fight him with his son, Thane. And no, I do not have "daddy issues".
    9. Eelak the Agile: The first member of the Crimson Cadre (the X-Force of he Inhumans) to make my list.
    10. Kamala Khan: With this games popularity in many Muslim countries you'd figure this would be an easy one for Gaz to add. The new Ms. Marvel is the first Muslim hero to headline a comic.
    11. Blizzard: Almost forgot he was an Inhuman. Donnie Gill would be a great villain in the game- he's a 'bad'-Iceman. Would love a mission were you had to fight him, Backlash, and Beetle.
    12. General Ator: The Leader of the Crimson Cadre. I know they're only in less than 10 comics...but they need to be in more.
    13. Stonethrower/Metallic Titan: Els Udota/Prax Ord are the two Centaurian members of the Light Brigade, she's an archer he has skin like Colossus. Some of my favorite comics are those that have the Light Brigade rescuing Human Torch.
    14. Crystal: Fire, air, earth, and water control. Sounds like three PUs and one HU to me. And with all the guys she's dated and married, she'd have as many voice interactions as Deadpool.
    15. Triton: Is he as worthless as Aquaman? The game needs an underwater mission/zone.
    16. Tusk: We've seen missions with clones before (Doom, Wendigo, Impossible Man, etc), why not this Dark Rider?
    17. Glaboo: I just love saying "Glaboo smash!". It's second only to "Hulk smash!". Would love if this Crimson Cadre member be able to shape-shift his mud-body.
    18. Kal Blackbane: AKA Midknight Blade, this Kymellian swordsman is part of the Light Brigade and would be great in the game. I think it would be funny if he had a voice interaction with Beta Ray Bill saying "Why the long face?".
    19. Devlor: What happens when rumors cause Marvel to create a new get Devlor...and the other members of the Fantastic Force.
    20. Ahura: His parents are Black Bolt & Medusa. He has an "evil eye" that would make a great HU. Sounds good to me.
    21. Leonus: This man-lion wasn't always bad.
    22. Talon: How about a mystical cat that can shoot his claws? Pretty sweet.
    23. Tonaja: You got to love a character that went to University in Wisconsin. Let her scaly-green wings fly, Gaz.
    24. Timberius: So, he's not as cool as Groot, but we need a plant-based attacker. We also need all the plant-based puns for emotes.
    25. Ren Kimura: I actually liked the Infinity event. I think having a character with a ballet-based combo would be great.
    26. Dal Damoc: Another mystical arts master, not only does he look like Gandolf but his name is Wayfnder.
    27. Dinu: Well, he's tamer looking than Leather Boy, but taske off that mask and you get death. Game could use Vladimir of the Royal Guard.
    28. Hooud: Probably should have included his fellow Dire Wraith, too...but I like the name Creeping Death better than Sun. Did I mention he can shape-shift?
    29. Gauntlet: Another one of Apocalypse's Dark Riders, here's his powers listed on wiki- Cybernetically enhanced with various high-tech weapons, such as a flamethrower, high-powered rifle and missiles. Pretty bad-ass.
    30. Stallior: He's a friggin' Centaur! He wields a ball and chain!

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    Default Top 12 Maggia

    OK,'s time to make you and offer you can't is my Top 12 of wanted Maggia members. And by "wanted", I mean wanted for SHSO. Clearly, they're wanted by the law, too.

    Would love to see all of these mobsters in missions, Gaz could even make a Maggia storyline with a few missions and many of these thugs. They could make them playable would be fun, too. An honorable mention goes to Gordon "Gordo" Nobili, he's on my Inhuman list.

    1. Silvermane: Silvio Manfredi is now a cyborg, but he still sometimes wields his Thompson .50 caliber machine gun.
    2. Grim Reaper: Wonder Man's brother would be AWESOME! Especially if he could helicopter around with his blade. His abilities to teleport and raise the dead would make great attacks, too.
    3. Jigsaw: One of Punisher's main foes, Billy "The Beaut" Russo often wears an exoskeleton.
    4. Man Mountain Marko: Would love for him to be a sub-boss on a Silvermane mission.
    5. Hammerhead: Another Thompson machine gun toting hood, I'd love to see some headbutting with his adamantium skull. Plus he looks like a Dick Tracy character.
    6. Whiplash: Before Anton Vanko, there was Mark Scarlotti. There's room for both.
    7. Trapster: Also known as Paste-Pot Pete because he use to carry his glue in a pot, I'd love to see a mission of him shooting different types of adhesives at us.
    8. Count Nefaria: OK, I know he's a little over-powered...but, the game would be better with his optic blasts. It would be cool to have a boss level that takes longer than all the others.
    9. Eel: Whether they give us Leopold Stryke or Edward Lavell, I'd love an electrical based villain or sub-boss.
    10. Rapier: I'm just a sucker for heroes/villains with swords.
    11. Masked Marauder: Would love to have him in a mission with his creations Tri-Man and Bomb-Droid.

    And finally...

    12. Plant Man: Just because he's in my favorite SHS episode "O Captain, My Captain".

    Hope you enjoyed this list, and leave the gun take the cannoli.

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    Default Top 36 Avengers

    Man, there's a lot of Avengers...almost TOO many. So, this list doesn't include most of the spin-offs or off-shoots from the main Avengers (and a few West Coasters). I decided those, including A-Nexters, Initiative, GLA, Dark, etc., will be in a Top 36 next week. if one of the members listed below doesn't follow this canon, forgive me. I digress, here we go:

    1. Namor: Whoever owns the rights to him and is not sharing needs to be shunned. I really want an underwater mission.
    2. Hercules: He was on the show. He was in another SHS video game. How great would a Mt. Olympus mission be? A well planned game would have it scheduled during the Olympics...but, I don't want to wait two more years.
    3. Mockingbird: Anyone else want a female with mad battle stave skills? Game could use a little Bobbi.
    4. Captain Britain: I prefer the Union Jack-style costume, but the Britannic red with the yellow lion is nice, too. Either way I'd want him to have the Amulet of Right and Star Sceptre to be his PUs or HU. The game needs more captains, Gaz.
    5. Superior Spider-Man: I know the game already has a billion of them. I know Superior is possibly the worst of them. But the kids love him. He would be nice segue to some of the new Sinister 6 villains (Boomerang, the Beetle, Living Brain, Overdrive, Shocker, and Speed Demon), too.
    6. Power Woman: AKA Jewel or Knightress, Jessica Jones is coming to Netflix (along with Iron Fist, her husband- Luke Cage, and Daredevil) in a live-action how 'bout adding her to SHSO?
    7. Black Knight: Would love to have him fly arround on Strider. And his three swords, the Ebony Blade, the Neural Sword, & The Sword of Light along with his Shield of Night would make easy Pus and Hu. I'm a sucker for heroes with swords.
    8. Darkhawk: He's one of my nephew's favorite action figures and I'm a good uncle. So, he makes my list.
    9. Captain Marvel: AKA Photon, Pulsar, and Spectrum- Monica Rambeau was the leader of the Avengers for quite a while. I'm kinda surprised she isn't in the game, already. I'm also surprised she isn't more popular in the comics world.
    10. Shang Chi: I know I didn't include him on my list of Asians, but I think the game could use a hero with nunchaku and shurikens.
    11. White Tiger: I know Ava Ayala was in mainly in Avengers Academy...but my niece likes her. Again the list is tainted 'cause I'm a good uncle.
    12. Ares: Joey, you like movies about gladiators? I know he is mainly a Dark or mighty Avenger...but he had a brief stint as a 'real' Avenger. I'd love it if the mixed his weaponry from guns to his axe, from a javelin to an ass' jawbone.

    one-third your eyes.

    13. Amadeus Cho: He's named in the, there were plans. I want him to have Hercules' club and motor on his moped on the Quicksilver hotspots.
    14. Hawkeye- Kate Bishop: Marvel NOW! has her as a regular Avenger, so...THERE! The game needs a female archer, and her having a sword and battle staves makes her too cool not to be included.
    15. Sunfire: I want to see another male fire-based hero. No offense to Johnny-fans.
    16. U.S. Agent: How easy would he be able to code? Just give him his eagle shield or his star shield.
    17. Cannonball: I would love to not only see his blast-fields...but, I want him to roll up in a ball and bounce between baddies like a pinball (a move similar to Quicksilver's HU).
    18. Power Man: I've mentioned Victor Alvarez on other lists, and now that we know we're getting Iron Fist. We might as well get his partner who happens to be an Avenger. I'd love it if his PUs/HU was a progression of him getting redder and stronger.
    19. Moondragon: If she is the first bald-telepath that we get, I'll be upset...but, she should be in the game.
    20. Doctor Druid: As I mentioned before, this magician has been around since 1961! 1961! Let's get back to Marvel's roots and add this monster killer.
    21. Captain Britain: I prefer to call her Lionheart (though I love my captains)...I think Kelsey has the best female superhero outfit EVER. I would love to have her and her Sword of Might in the game.
    22. Crystal: Medusa's little sister can manipulate fire, wind, water and earth. I think I mentioned that they would make up the 4 PUs/HU before...
    23. Silver Claw: Lupe made my Latino list, too. From her wiki:
    Thus far, Lupe has demonstrated the following animal aspects: jaguar, anaconda, cockatoo, monkey, sloth, puma, cheetah, and crocodile
    I'm not suggesting a were-sloth is needed for this game, but the other animals would be cool.
    24. 3-D Man: Wouldn't it be fun if some of the NPC (non-playable characters- the people walking in the zones) were actual Skrulls and the only way you could find them is with 3-D Man? And when you found one that you could enter a secret mission (and invite friends, too)? Feel free to take this idea, Gaz.

    so many Avengers... two-thirds done!

    25. Machine Man: Rob Zombie's brother, Spider One, likes X-51 so much his band Powerman 5000 has a song about him. the game could use Marvel's Swiss Army knife.
    26. Forgotten One: Do yourself a favor and look at this Eternal's different outfits through the ages. He is also known as Gilgamesh.
    27. Starfox: Thanos' brother is always getting in trouble with the ladies. But, Moondragon has helped him become a gentleman.
    28. Hellcat: Sadly, Patsy's heroine name will probably keep her out of this game. It would be sadder if they changed her name to 'Heckcat'. She's the best feline heroine...sorry, Tigra fans.
    29. Mantis: Will her ex-prostitution and 'celestial messiah' storylines exclude her from the game? I hope not.
    30. Demolition Man: If you think he got his outfit from Daredevil and Wolverine, you're right. How great would it be to have an UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation) mission in the game?
    31. Jack of Hearts: Is he still dead? Who cares! His outfit is AWESOME!
    32. Justice: Vance also was one of the heroes named Marvel Boy. It would be nice to have a telekinetic male in the game.
    33. Quake: This seismic heroine was voiced by Lacey Chabert...not too shabby.
    34. Jocasta: She already made my list of androids/cyborgs/robots, and we know we're getting a playable Ultron...why not get Jocasta, too?
    35. Swordsman: I know he's dead. I know the reincarnation of him as a Cotati to impregnate Mantis with the celestial Messiah is the most blasphemic storyline Marvel has ever done (even over Azazel's doings). BUT, he's a swordsman!
    36. Two-Gun Kid: When are we getting a cowboy-based hero?

    Well there you go...36 Avengers. Hope you weren't a TL/DRer and enjoyed it.

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