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    Default Top 36 "Other" Avengers

    While waiting for Armored Daredevil...we ARE getting him today, right? Here is my list of what I call "The Other Avengers". These are heroes (anti-heroes) that either briefly had a stint with the "Real" Avengers OR they were/are part of an Avenger Subsect/Initiative OR they are part of the A-Next/Young Avengers thing that is happening. is my Top 36:

    I'm breaking up the pics to see if it reads better...

    1. Winter Soldier: I would be shocked if we don't get this version of Bucky. What I'd like to see is a mission based on the Fear Itself arc that includes the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes (Mikhlo, Igor, and Peotr).
    2. Taskmaster: I want him to have at LEAST a sword, shield, bow & arrows, and guns. Those four would make excellent PUs/Hu.
    3. Patriot: Although I'd prefer to have the first Patriot (Jeffrey Mace) or Eli's grandpa Isaiah...I'd gladly settle for this Young Avenger and his throwing stars.
    4. Hulkling: Half Skrull and half Kree (his dad is Captain Mar-vell), I'd want him to be able to grow wings to fly on the hotspots (why can't Reptil do this?) and 'Hulk' out for his PUs/HU. I wonder if we'll ever see him because of his sexuality.
    5. Shanna the She-Devil: I think the small number of pixels needed to make her costume is holding her back for a kids' game...but I'd love to see Ka-Zar's friend spear-fighting her way into SHSO.
    6. Thunderstrike: If you know the origins of Kevin Masterson's father (the original Thunderstike) you know that he is called Thunderstrike because that is the name of the Odin-enchanted mace that he wields. The story is weird because sometimes he impersonates Thor, sometimes he's merged WITH Thor, and sometimes he fights alongside with Thor...whatever...I want a mace-wielding hero in the game.
    7. Speedball: I know many of you would prefer to see Robbie Baldwin as Penance, but I like the idea of energy bubbles. But..I wouldn't complain if we got both.
    8. Stature: The daughter of the second Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Cassie Lang also went by the names of Giant-Girl and Stinger. The game needs a female who can grow like Goliath & Giant-Man. I wouldn't mind if Gaz went with the Janet (Wasp) version of Giant-Girl either.
    9. Sabreclaw: In the MC2 world this is Wolverine's son. I would love a team-up of Daken, Wild Thing, Sabreclaw and their dad.
    10. J2: Zane Marko, son of the original Juggernaut, is an A-Nexter who also has the powers granted by the Ruby of Cyttorak BUT he gets tired quicker and shrinks funny would that be as a cooling period after a massive HU?
    11. Komodo: Let's get a female with a lizard tail in the game. She should have passive-regeneration like Wolverine, too.
    12. Prodigy: Not the Spidey alter-ego, not the Ritchie Gillmore version of the Spidey, I'm talking about David Alleyne. Then again, I think I rather have him in X-Men garb. But, why not both?

    13. Wiccan: Would love to have this mage in the game, again his sexuality may leave him out. The game could use Scarlet Witch's son in a non-Grim Reaper or Demiurge form.
    14. Big Bertha: I know many people find the GLA a joke, but, I LOVE heroes that have very limited powers. Kingpin should not be the heftiest person in the game.
    15. Batwing: I always loved the Man-Bat episodes of the Batman cartoon of the 90's. I like the non-humanoid formed heroes.
    16. Miss America: Not the Golden Era's Madeline Joyce, this is America Chavez. This Latina is an overpowered, Wonder-Woman type heroine. Again, her sexuality might stop her from being introduced in SHSO (even if Mystique is in the game). Her parents were lesbians, also...but, Blade's mom was a prostitute and that didn't stop Gaz from adding him.
    17. Razorback: I think I'm the only one who likes Buford and was sad to see him as a Skrull.
    18. Iron Lad: I'm totally fascinated by the Kang the Conquerer/Iron Lad time travelling dynamic and all the 'sliding doors' scenarios it brings us.
    19. Mainframe: I hope having 2 Iron Man-type heroes in a row doesn't tick you off. But, Iron Lad and Mainframe would be easy for Gaz to create.
    20. Rocket Racer: Gaz has the two Surfers in the game, it would be easy to turn that into a rocket-powered skateboard.
    21. Bluestreak: When is Gaz going to add a female speedster?
    22. Marvel Boy: I would love Noh-Varr in his Marvel Boy or Protector outfit. Game could use some more Kree-love.
    23. Hazmat: Who doesn't like this radiation suit-wearing hero? Would love to see some radiation-type attacks.
    24. Skein: I'd want her to have her Gypsy Moth abilities to fly on the hotspots

    25. Gauntlet: Anyone else remember the video game Bionic Commando? That reminds me of Gauntlet.
    26. Mr. Immortal: The logistics of this hero would be great. He should have double the life (at least) of any of the other characters in the game and one third of the attack powers. OR, better yet, his PUs/HU should ALL be self-heal in increasing increments with NO damage to baddies. Think about it, a hero with only a weak combo!
    27. Diamondback: Would love to have her throw all-types of diamonds (gas, explosive, acid, smoke, etc.)
    28. Flatman: I'd like to see origami-style attacks and papercuts...I'd also like to see him roll up in a tube to knock down baddies.
    29. Mettle: He should talk like the Surfers. Would love to team up with Hazmat, or have a PU like Colossus/Wolverine's 'Fastball Special'.
    30. Gorilla-Girl: Out of all the primates/great apes in the Marvel Universe, the only one we have is Monkey King. Gaz needs to quit monkeying around. *rimshot*
    31. Trauma: Being able to manifest into his opponent's worst great would it be to see him transform into a CLOWN!
    32. Sunstreak: OK, she's almost the same as Firestar and Magma...but she wields a solar-lance!
    33. Lightspeed: I'm always shocked that the Power Pack never gained in popularity. I figured we'd have a few animated movies with them with talks of a live-action by now. It would be a cool effect in the game to have her rainbow-trailed as well as have her able to heal and interact with Quicksilver's pads.
    34. Wiz Kid: The game needs a technoformer. I hope he is the second wheelchaired in this game.
    35. Finesse: Wouldn't it be great to have Taskmaster's daughter in SHSO?
    36. Jennifer Kale: Having slightly more clothing than Shanna, this sorceress may never be seen in SHSO because of her sexuality, too.

    There they are, my Top 36 of 'Also'-Avengers. Hope you all enjoyed them. Next week I'm starting Top 10 (or so) Alphabetical...starting, of course, withe letter "A".

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "A"

    1. Apocalypse: He's one of the main Marvel villains. I would love to have a mission against him and his horsemen.
    2. Ares: I want his axe, his spear, his mace, and his Stymphalian birds for his PUs/HU.
    3. Agent Zero: I know he's lost his mutant powers, but it would be nice to get Nord and all his weapons.
    4. A-Bomb: I'm an unabashed Hulk fan, I love the new animated Hulk series, I love A-Bomb.
    5. Anti-Venom: I'm NOT a Spidey fan, but I wouldn't mind Anti-Venom.
    6. Absorbing Man: I want him with the ball NOT the weird anchor-thing he's been sporting lately.
    7. Airwalker: I would love to have him as precursor to Galactus.
    8. Avalanche: I want a seismic villain screen shaker.
    9. Aurora: We need more Alpha Flight members.
    10. Azazel: Let's complete the family.
    11. El Aguila: By now you know my love of all the swordsmen.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "B"

    1. Black Bolt: Leader of the Inhumans and a sonic/sound based character. My nephew and I absolutely love him in Lego Marvels.
    2. Banshee: An X-Men and another soundster. Where's our screamers, Gaz?
    3. Bishop: ANOTHER X-Men we don't have.
    4. Blob: Besides Magneto and Mystique we have no other Brotherhood members. How fun would it be to have someone who couldn't fit in the doors?
    5. Baron Zemo: I know he sometimes has Adhesive X, but I want my glue-type villain to be Paste Pot Pete. i'd prefer Zemo to have a sword (go figure, right?) and his Moonstone.
    6. Brother Voodoo: The game could use another Sorcerer Supreme. I want the drums and smoke and him to be able to send his brother out to possess baddies.
    7. Baron Mordo: How great would it be to fight black magic-demons summoned by Mordo?
    8. Black Knight: Three cheers for swordsmen! I also want him flying around on a winged horse.
    9. Bastion: I love the Master Mold arcs. I love the Nimrod arcs. I love the Siege Perilous arcs. SHSO could use some more sentinel love.
    10. Baron Von Strucker: Last of my three Barons, Strucker has death Spores and the Satan's Claw. He also is a swordsman!
    11. Big Bertha: She would have to have an emote were she starts as the slender-bikini supermodel.
    12. Blazing Skull: Am I the only one that likes him more than Ghost Rider?

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "C" Characters

    1. Captain Britain: Most people recognize him with the Union Jack-style uniform but make sure you take a look at his Britannic uniform (red with the yellow lion on the chest). I'd definitely want his PUs/HU to have his Star Sceptre and Amulet of Right included. Here is where I say that my favorite episode is "O Captain, My Captain", so, I hope they throw in Captain Canada, Captain Australia, Captain Brazil, and (my favorite) Captain Lichtenstein.
    2. Captain Marvel: Call her Photon, Spectrum, Daystar, Pulsar, Sceptre, Lady of Light, Sun Goddess, or Monica Rambeau she was the leader of The Avengers. She can control and emit any frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum and I'd love to see her create a hologram (like Nick Fury) as one of her powers.
    3. Cannonball: This X-Men/Avenger has many very cool variants, and Gaz does love giving us repaints/retreads. The one I pictured is my favorite, but I wouldn't argue with someone who likes his 'rocketeer' look. His P2 should be a 'blast-field' Team shield boost and I'd want him to actually pinball inbetween baddies.
    4. Corsair: Father of Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan. Leader ofthe Starjammers. AND a master of all Shi'ar bladed weapons. I'd love to see a Starjammer theme with a D'Ken led Shi'ar mission. BUT, we are forever cheated of X-Men related anything.
    5. Carnage: I suspect that Gaz will provide us with another Spidey-themed month whenever the rights of Carnage, Anti-Venom, and Superior Spidey are available. Until then, I guess waiting for an April Fool's Day Spider-Ham will have to sate the Spidey fans. A Carnage mission should be the darkest mission in SHSO.
    6. Crystal: SHSO has no Inhuman love. As I've stated many times, Crystal's abilities to control earth, wind, water, and fire would easily translate to three PUs and the one HU. I would love to hear the Voice Interactions between her and Pietro and Johnny Storm.
    7. Crimson Dynamo: SHS had the Valentin Shatalov version in the episode "Tales of Suspense". There's as many versions of the C. Dynamo's armor as there is Iron Man's. I'm really shocked we haven't gotten any, yet.
    8. Cloak: I think it would be crucial that BOTH Cloak and Dagger would be played as ONE squaddie. It would be amazing to see the combos/PUs/HU they could have. I think this is one of the few Marvel properties that Paramount still holds the license to, but I'm not sure.
    9. Callisto: How great would it be to have to fight Morlocks whenever you stepped on a sewer lid? Or have to battle if you got caught in Villainville's sewer? Or have a Genosha mission? Or have a Muir Island mission? But alas, she's X-Men related. So Callisto, and the possiblity of her having tentacles while battling her probably will not see SHSO.
    10. Count Nefaria: Nefaria is a member of the Maggia. He's one of the most powerful villains in Marvel. His ionic powers would be very welcomed to the game.
    11. Crossbones: This guy has been beat up by almost every popular Marvel hero there is, but he and his crossbow and daggers keeps coming back. I would love to see a mission were you fight him and his Skeleton Crew.
    12. Ch'od: The second Starjammer on the list of "C"-characters (I'm biased so expect more Starjammers on future lists). Yes, he looks exactly like Abombination, but he has a furry, rat-like friend name Cr'reee (the third 'e' is ridiculous) that could make a great attack. Ch'od is also a swordsman, so he gets a few bonus points in my book.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "D" Characters

    Since Gaz has been mixing it up with what day they upload content, I almost forgot to upload this. Here it is, my Top 10 +6 (there was too many for me to deny) of "D"-characters. My apologies to anyone who adores Diamondback, Dust (she came close), and either of the two Dusks (Peter Parker or the Black Marvel's Slingers- Cassie St. Commons)...but, these are better:

    1. Domino: Will we ever see an X-Force member outside of Cable? If/when we do I hope we see Neena. She could be the first female in the game with a staff, but she must have different types of guns, too.
    2. Drax the Destroyer: Drax is probably the most likely character on this list to come to the game, I'm convinced Gaz will give us a GOTG theme. He use to look like a green & purple 'The Vision' knock-off, especially with his cape. Now his tatooed, green skin is the more recognized version. He better be a knife fighter.
    3. Dazzler: I think we all want her to have rollerskates the whole time, but we would settle for her to skate on the Quicksilver hotspots. I would love her to have a strobe effect as one of her PUs or HU.
    4. Dr. Nemesis: I'm a sucker for this X-Forcer's classic white trenchcoat, fedora, and surgical mask look, but I'd happily accept his Marvel NOW!-half cyborg look. He needs his twin guns and his oscillotron gun would make an excellent seismic attack for his HU.
    5. Daken: Wolverine's son would be the easiest on this list for Gaz to program. His combo could easily be a clone of any of the Wolverine's. Just make him have different PUs & HU and I'd be happy.
    6. Dark Beast: I'd want him as a mission boss in a Morlock mission, first (he created the Morlocks). I changed my mind, Dark Beast would be the easiest for Gaz to program...he'd better be wearing a trenchcoat.
    7. Dr. Druid: If you've been faithfully following my lists, then you'd know I'm a huge booster of Dr. Druid. This hero was Marvel's original Monster Hunter and took Marvel from the Atlas Era (think: Giant Monsters) to the age of the superheroes. Having another sorcerer in the game would be great. Having him battle giant monsters would be better.
    8. Dagger: It would be crucial for her to be part of Gaz's first duo hero with Cloak. It would also be amazing. She'd bring her light daggers as well as having a Team Heal to the duo. I think Gaz could charge 1500 gold for this pair.
    9. Dani Moonstar: Call her Mirage or Psyche, this Fearless Defender has amazing possibilities for the game. She could be the first female archer in the game. She could fly around on her horse, Brightwind. She can manifest "worst fears" of her enemies (I think a scary clown PU would be perfect). She also fights with a sword and spear. She'd also be the first Native American in the game...just saying.
    10. Darkhawk: He's one of nephew's favorite action figures. Darkhawk does look 'cool' and it would be a must for him to have a grappling-claw for a right hand.
    11. Doc Samson: Doc Samson was on SHS. Who doesn't want a green haired muscle man with psychiatrist emotes? He better have the long hair and not the Beverly Hills 90210 sideburn look he's been sporting in the comics lately.
    12. Deathlok: He's been featured on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'd love to shoot his plasma rifle and swing some knives with this cybernetic freak.
    13. Dragon Man: Dragon Man would have to be larger than Sasquatch. This flying android could have great fire-breathing attacks, tail whips, wing attacks, and talon attacks.
    14. Doop: Not since the day I first saw Slimer from Ghostbusters have I wanted to play as a floating green booger. I think it would be great for him to pull various weapons out of his mouth for his PUs/HU, especially an axe and Mjoliner replicas.
    15. Devil Dinosaur: She would have to be bigger than Dragon Man who would have to be bigger than Sasquatch. I think adding a Savage Land mission or zone is crucial to the game. I also think that Devil Dinosaur must have Moon-Boy riding on her and he should be part of her PU attacks.
    16. Demolition Man: Classic Darevil's unifor. Wolverine's mask. Cable's size. A professional wrestler's moves. How fun would this character be?

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "E" Characters

    1. Elektro: Since it seems that Sony owns the rights to the name and Jamie Foxx version of Electro, I wonder if we'll ever see the classic Max Dillon look. I would love a boss battle were Elektro moves around on overhead high-voltage lines and you have to smash transformers to make him appear.
    2. Energizer: How great would it be to have kid-size heroes in SHSO? Katie would be great to be the first one with her energy balls. I would also love an 'Elsewhere' mission. I hope the Power Pack are not on the DNU list.
    3. Egghead: Wayne Knight voiced him in SHS. No one hates Hank Pym more than this guy. I want a mission with new types of robots to beat, and if Gaz wanted to have the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master in too, that would be sweet.
    4. Executioner: I know he's dead. I know his magic axe is now used by Blood axe. I still think Skurge would be great to have in the game, even if he was just a mini-boss in some new Enchantress missions or if Gaz wants to give us the Masters of Evil.
    5. Echo: It would be interesting to see how Gaz would handle the voiceovers for Maya Lopez. We have three blind Daredevils in the game, how about a deaf one, Gaz? I love the white handprint on the face and photographic reflexes she has, and I would love to see a Ronin emote.
    6. Exodus: An Omega-level villain, the problem is he is mostly X-Men related. And Gaz has shown us a severe lack of all things X-Men. If they give us Exodus, it should be either a Genosha or Avalon based background. He should have teleporting, telepathy, and telekinesis style attacks.
    7. Emplate: The fanged mouths in the palms of his hand could make his missions the scariest in the game. We need a spookier type mission.
    8. Elixir: Another Omega-level mutant. Elixir would be a definite Team Healer. He should also change color from gold to black during his attacks and have a long-recovery time.
    9. Empath: I just want all the Hellions and New Mutants. But, Gaz hates the X-Men or they all are on the DNU list.
    10. Eel: The Eel I want is the second version, Edward Lavell. I'm a big fan of the Serpent Squad and Serpent Society. I also find it humorous that most reptile-based characters are villains. Marvel takes cold-blooded literal. Anyways, Eel should have the electric suit.
    11. Eternity: Eternity should be seen in the backgrounds of some space missions as well as have a role like Uatu in the game. He should give out something. I wouldn't mind if they created a game in the arcade based around him.
    12. Ego the Living Planet: I want him to be the planet in a Galactus mission. I want him to be the voiceover for the mission. I want a little Ego revolving around my hero after I beat a crisis version of Galactus on Addy.

    I hope you enjoyed it! "F" is coming up next, duh...and it's almost done.

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    Default 10 or so Jewish Characters for Purim

    Shalom and Chag Sameach! While eating your goodies from mishloach manot, poppyseed hamentash is my favorite, enjoy my Top 10 or so Jewish heroes we need. Gut Yontiff & Happy Purim to your families!

    1. Polaris: Will we ever complete the family? I would love to see an emote referencing her time as Pestilence, one of the four horsemen of the Apocolypse. I think Gaz may not like green hair...
    2. Songbird/Screaming Mimi: I think most of us would love having Songbird or Screaming Mimi because both were in SHS. The game really needs a sonic hero, and Marvel has so many to choose from (Black Bolt, Banshee, Siryn to name a few). I would love to see different 'solid sound' constructs as well as a bullhorn/megaphone PU/HU.
    3. Sabra: She's the closest thing to Captain Israel, besides the cheesy hero with that moniker produced by the Stand With Us group (seriously, it's fun to be self-deprecating but Foreskin Man?!). I like Ruth's old costume with the flying cape, embellished with the Israeli Star of David, than the newer one (lower picture). Ruth should have wrist shooters similar to Black Widow's.
    4. Doc Samson: What is it with Marvel giving Jews green hair? He was on SHS, and I would love to see a psychiatrist's couch emote.
    5. Justice: This character has range. Whether he is Marvel Boy, GOTG's Vance Astro, or Major Victory...or the aforementioned Justice, he always has telekinetic powers.
    6. The Two-Gun Kid: Still waiting for Gaz to give a nod to Marvel's western past. I know cowboys aren't cool anymore, but this hero is. A double six-shooter ranged hero would be amazing. I'd prefer him on his horse, but I know Hawkeye has given him one of his twin-engine jet cycles.
    7. Joseph: You may start to notice that the rest of these are repaints/reskins , that's because they're just not enough Jewish heroes. Joseph is the clone of Magneto in an X-Men suit.
    8. Age of X Magneto: We have two Dooms, how about some Magneto love, Gaz? My favorite alternate Magneto costume is this all white one.
    9. Future Foundation Thing: I would love to see some new Thing-based attacks, but if Gaz just slapped the new uni on the old Thing, I would buy it. That, and he's in the code.
    10. Quicksilver: I HATE the costume of the one Gaz gave us. I HATE IT!
    11. House of M Scarlet Witch: I would love to see a full dress on one of the heroes...especially one of the female heroes.
    12. Shadowcat: I love the non-X-Men uniform she wears.
    13. Iceman: I've said it before and I'll repeat myself until Gaz gets it right, Iceman with hair is STUPID! "Classic Iceman" is in the code.

    Now to get me some hamentash.

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    Default Top 10 or so Irish/Irish-American Characters for St. Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Pull up a green beer, some corned beef and cabbage, and maybe a bowl of Lucky's time for my Top 10 or so Irish missing characters. Without further ado, Erin go bragh:

    1. Banshee: Sean Cassidy. The most likely member on this list, even though he is an X-Men member. How long before we get a screamer, Gaz?
    2. Shamrock: Molly Fitzgerald. So cool McDonald's named a shake after her. Like Domino, her power is mostly increasing the luck around her. They call it the "luck of the Irish". Shamrock's true power is the ability to summon the poltergeists of all the fallen Irish warriors. I could see a similar PU/HU to Valkyrie's attack that does that as well.
    3. Siryn: Theresa Cassidy. She also went by Banshee and now she is The Morrigan. She should have the ability to have a team shield boost by creating sonic shields.
    4. J. Jonah Jameson: Gaz uses the code NPC in their game files for whay are non-playable characters. We get to see his office during the Loki/Malekith attacks. I want to see J. Jonah give out mission briefings or have some type of newspaper collection hunt that awards content.
    5. Black Tom: Thomas Cassidy. Banshee's cousin carries a shillelagh and can now control plants. I really want a mission that goes through forests/woods, but an Irish mission through a golf course would be funny.
    6. Feron: Anyway we can get some more Excalibur team members, Gaz? Feron is the resident magician on Excalibur and can bind enemies like Dr. Strange's PU and create shields.
    7. Boulder: Emery Schaub. Taskmaster called him Butterball. He has similar powers to Juggernaut with a costume any of us could have in our closets. We need a fat hero.
    8. Bloodwraith: Sean Dolan. The only reason why I want him is that he is a main antagonist against the Black Knight. We wields the Ebony blade and has a winged horse named Valinor.
    9. Cu Sith: I know these hounds are mostly Scottish, but they share the Gaelic tongue. These hounds would be good to battle as mission spawns as well as being a sidekick.
    10. Plasma: Leila O'Toole. I mostly want her boss, The Living Pharaoh. But, either of Plasma's outfits would be fun as she shoots plasma out of her hands and eyes. I want to see more mini-bosses in the game.
    11. Sea Witch: Bridget O'Hare. This Young God got her powers from the Celestials and can control water. We need a water based hero.
    12. Conquest: Bridget Malone. She carries the Kestral Key of Krakkan given to her by The Octessence. She is a member of the Exemplars, a group containing its most famous member, Juggernaut.

    Now, where's my Guinness...

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "F" Characters

    After a nice break from the alphabet with my Purim and St. Paddy's Day posts, it's time to get back in swing of things with my Top 10 +6 "F" list. This list has almost as many "F"s as your mom's high school transcript. Enjoy!

    1. Forge: He's made many of my lists... I want a Forge's Shop in an X-Men zone where you can have him change your duplicate items into stuff you want. I want him to have his mutant neutralizing gun as his HU. I want him to have his mystic ability just like Valkyrie's, but conjuring up Native American warriors. Is that TOO much, Gaz?
    2. Fantomex: Where are our X-Force heroes? Fantomex should have an amazing emote that makes him separate into Cluster, Weapon XIII, and Fantomex. I want him to have double handguns with E.V.A.-based PUs/HU. Eff the DNU list.
    3. Fandral the Dashing: My favorite of The Warriors Three, Fandral is a top notch swordman. The game could really use a fencing-style swordman. Fandral could be him. I'd like to see his horse, Firehooves, too.
    4. Feral: I hope when* we get her she is not a repaint of Tigra. *As far as I know Feral is not in the code or on any Gaz list, but I like to pretend her name is on a big whiteboard with checkmarks representing votes next to her name in the Gaz office in San Mateo.
    5. Franklin Richards: I'm a big believer in child-size heroes for SHSO. I'd prefer him in his Fantastic "4 1/2" T-Shirt, but wouldn't mind the Future Foundation uni (if we get a big Future Foundation Theme) or his Ultimate X-Men uni. The problem is, Franklin is considered the top Omega-level mutant on Earth, so I'd like Gaz to have a little fun with with his telekinetic/telepathic powers making them very childlike/whimsical. I'd like to see his cowboy outfit as an emote/PU.
    6. The Forgotten One: AKA Gilgamesh, he would've made the "G" list, too. My favorite of his three main unis is the Greek-looking toga skirt. I want him to have club and/or spear attacks. Surely, Thanos can't be the only Eternal we get. And quit calling me 'Shirley'.
    7. Flag-Smasher: I want an ULTIMATUM mission SOOOOOO badly. Flag-Smasher is mostly known for his spiked mace (a must) but he also has a flame-throwing pistol and a tear-gas gun.
    8. Flatman: I think SHSO could use anothe GLA member. Dr. Ventura could have great attacks based on origami, paper cuts, and rolling up into a log. I also think it would be funny for him to have PU that has him turn sideways turning him invisible.
    9. Firebird: How many fire-based female heroes does Marvel have? Too many to count. But, Bonita could bring us more CatPeople and Rangers.
    10. Flux: I'm an unapologetic Hulk fan and want more Hulk stuff. I mostly want Flux as a miniboss in a General Ryker mission. When do we get to beat up on tanks in this game?
    11. Flipside: I know we have the Venom mission. I just think a Flipside mission would be more fun as well as bring a 2099 mission to SHSO.
    12. Firelord: I want all of Galactus' heralds because that's how I roll. Pyreus and his cosmic staff were on SHS and would be welcome in SHSO.
    13. Foolkiller: He's on the list because of that hat and his gun. Oh, and he was in a few Man-Thing comics.
    14. Frog-Man: I love bumbling superheroes. I would LOVE using Eugene in a White Rabbit & Walrus mission.
    15. Forbush Man: Irving is my frontrunner for April Fool's Day 2015.
    16. Fafnir: He's the dragon under Foolkiller. I'm obsessed with Marvel giants and monsters. I fear that Gaz will keep giving us human-size villains so they can 'double dip' by making them playable. I want to take down BIG villains.

    Sorry about the mom joke. MORE sorry to anyone who wanted Fancy Dan on this list.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "G" Characters

    Only good thing about a Mr. Fixit box is that I'll be saving my gold to buy badges for heroes I do have. That, and more time to look at my Top 10 +2 list of "G" characters. Here's my G-Unit:

    1. Galactus: I don't know what needs to be said about Galactus that would convince anyone that he needs to be in the game...I think the game would greatly improve with giant size bosses to fight, the Fin Fang Foom missions are GREAT, and there is none bigger than Galan. The problem I see is that Gaz is getting to 'double-dip' in having villains the same size as the heroes, i.e. they get to make them playable and sell them. This may cause the monsters/giants to not be included, or it may be just laziness in thinking on the logistics of how the boss battle could happen because of visual perspective.
    2. Groot: I'd be shocked if we didn't get the 5 GOTG members that will be in the fall movie. I think the only question will be is if we get him 'naked' or in the standard GOTG blue uniform. Hell, I'd even let Vin Diesel voice for him.
    3. Gorilla-Man: Out of the three Marvel 'Gorilla-Man's, I'm talking about the Agent of Atlas, Ken Hale. The Agents of Atlas have been around since the 50's and have never gotten their due in new media. Who wouldn't want to play as a gun-toting ape?
    4. GoGo Tomago: There's going to be a Big Hero 6 movie this fall. If you don't know who they are, you SHOULD. Leiko can turn into an energy ball after saying her name. Would love to see her 'pinballing' against baddies.
    5. Gorgon: Out of the two Marvel Gorgon's, I'm talking about the Inhuman (though Tomi Shishido would be welcome to SHSO, too). Having a squaddie with bull legs and hooves with varying seismic attacks would be great. Having ANY Inhuman would be great... I'd also want a bull charge and bull-snorting emotes.
    6. Gargoyle: Out of the two Marvel Gargoyle's (geesh, Marvel isn't too imaginative with the letter "g" names), I'm talking about Isaac Christians. Gargoyles are just cool.
    7. Gamora: The 2nd GOTG member on this list, I would have preferred Mantis as the female GOTG member, but I digress...Gamora should have sword and dagger attacks and I would love to hear the voice interactions between her and Thanos.
    8. Gladiator: Out of the two Marvel Gladiator's (I should have copy/pasted this sentence...), I'm talking about Kallark of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. He has laser-heat vision, frost breath, and the ability to fly at lightspeeds. Some say he is Marvel's Superman.
    9. Ghost: SHSO could use some Thunderbolt love and some H.A.M.M.E.R. integration. Would love to see a character in the game who can stay invisible longer.
    10. Grey Gargoyle: I want a mission with him where he turns himself completely into stone making him move MUCH slower but taking less damage while giving out more. I also want the boss room to be filled with baddie statues that come to life to attack you during the battle (much like the barrels during the regular Loki mission). It would be cool if he turned your hero into stone for brief periods, too.
    11. Grim Reaper: Would love to see all of the members of the Lethal Legion in the game starting with Wonder Man's brother, Eric Williams. I also think he'd be a great way to integrate Maggia storyline/missions into SHSO. I've said it before, I want the Grim Reaper to helicopter around with his scythe and he should have some magical abilities, too.
    12. Gauntlet: One of two Marvel Gauntlet's (I'm not making this stuff up or doing it intentionally, I SWEAR!!!), I'm talking about Joe Green and not the Inhuman on Apocolypse's Dark Riders. How many great Gauntlet arm attacks could there be?

    Now to watch some spring training...

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "H" Characters Part I

    Unabridged- what us older people call TL/DR. Enjoy.

    1. Hercules: Hercules has appeared in SHS and a SHS console video game. He has been spotted in the code. I would love to use him in a Chaos King mission while wielding his adamantine mace.
    2. Hulkling: Half Skrull and half Kree. Teddy can shapeshift. If this Young Avenger comes to the game despite his sexuality, I would love to see him fly and have passive health regen. In no particular order...a winged attack, a claw attack, a Mr. Fantastic style stretchy-arm attack, and an armor growing/shield attack should be his PUs/HU.
    3. Hellcat: Marvel has a LOT of female catlike heroines. Patsy has been in the Marvel pantheon since the mid-40s. She got her uniform from The Cat, Greer Nelson (who is now known as Tigra), in the 70's. She's been kicking butt since.
    4. Howard the Duck: Who doesn't want to practice Quack-Fu? I'd love to have a Dr. Bong or Hellcow mission...but Howard has battled/befriended Man-Thing, too. I also think it would be amazing to get an Iron Duck alternate version.
    5. Hawkeye: SHSO NEEDS a female archer. Kate Bishop would be an obvious choice. She's not a one-weapon girl, though...Kate also wields a sword and battle staves. I'm looking forward to getting some Young Avengers.
    6. Hepzibah: Although this ex-Starjammer (now an X-Men) looks like another Marvel female feline, her race is actually closer to the skunk. She does have skunk-like abilities and can release various scents, including mind altering/controlling ones. She never goes anywhere without her Shi'ar energy guns. When are we going to see some Starjammers in SHSO?
    7. The Hood: SHSO needs a crime syndicate other than Kingpin. My three favorite are the Maggia, the Serpent Society, and The Hood's. Parker Robbins currently has his invisibility cloak/hood and his flying boots to go along with several AIM & HYDRA weapons. Parker can also transform into the Nisanti demon that is inside him. He has in the past possessed the Infinity gems and Norn stones, so the types of attacks he could have surpass any other Marvel character by far. I'm working on a Top 10 or so Hood crime syndicate list.
    8. Honey Lemon: Disney is bringing us a Big Hero 6 animated movie this fall. The members of Big Hero 6 are the closest thing to anime that Marvel has. I suspect a series on DXD will soon follow. Honey Lemon's main power is the ability to pull anything she wants out of her purse. This would make for some fantastic PUs/HU and emotes.
    9. H.E.R.B.I.E.: If it is applicable, this robot will be on every list I make. BEFORE there was the Human Torch, HERBIE was the 4th member of the Fantastic Four. He's in SHS, and I know many of you think he should be a sidekick, I still contend that he'd be a fine playable hero with laser attacks and his extending arms. He's in the Smithsonian he should be SHSO.
    10. Hyperion: Regardless of the Marvel Universe, whether it's 616, 712, 31916, or any number you could imagine, there is a version of Hyperion in it. Alongside the Imperial Guard Kallark (Gladiator), Hyperion is considered Marvel's 'Superman', heck- he's a journalist, too! I think the Marvel NOW!-Hyperion as an Avenger would make a nice addition to the game. Be thankful I didn't start his description with "One of three Marvel characters named Hyperion".
    11. Hogun the Grim: This mace-wielding Asgardian would fit right in SHSO. I dream of playing a mission with Thor and Warriors Three. Especially against Mangog.
    12. Hiroim: I'm a HUGE Hulk fan. HUGE! If you haven't read the World War Hulk/Planet Hulk books or seen the animated-movie, you're missing out. Planet Hulk would be my 2nd "Most Wanted" zone...hmmm...another list idea. Back to Hiroim. This shamed Shadow Priest became a member of the Warbound to defeat the Red King. His sword and a Red King mission would make me squeal.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "H" Characters Part II

    13. Hellion: Is it greedy to want Julian Keller in both his Red 'Hellion' X-Men uniform and his current detached hands version? Think of all the cool attacks those detached hands could do. I'd love a detached pimp hand/bitch slap, but it's a kids' game AND those phrases aren't PC. So, Gaz can call it the Hellion (or Heckion) Backhand or Slap.
    14. Hornet: Thought you can go through one of these lists avoiding a Spidey? Well, this time you can! Though, this Identity Crisis Spidey suit would be acceptable, I'd prefer the Eddie McDonough Slinger. One of three Marvel characters named Hornet <audience groan>, Eddie was given his suit by The Black Marvel (The Mayor in SHS suit's is based on The Black Marvel). His wrist bands shoot darts and lasers.
    15. Hazmat: With Marvel NOW!'s "Avengers Undercover" recently released we may see Jennifer. I love the various radiation attacks by the Hulks, a hero with dedicated radiation attacks would be cool. Let's get Reptil some of his academy friends in the game.
    16. Hardball: One of my favorite PUs in the game is when Avenger Hulk gets his 'stone hands' on. A character who always has those and can project shields and can shoot off energy balls would be fantastic.
    17. Husk: Paige is Cannonball's little sister. Her ability to shed her skin while morphing into different materials would make AMAZING PUs/HU. I would love to see a hero who gets a different boost for each PU/HU. Imagine... Husk's P1 turning her into fire and giving her a speed boost, a P2 turning her into diamond giving her a shield boost, a P3 turning her into stone giving her a damage boost, and an HU turning her into adamantium giving her a shield & damage boost.
    18. Hulk 2099: My least favorite Hulk. John Eisenhart should have a bite attack and claw attacks. And why don't the Hulks have a passive regen in this game?
    19. Hobgoblin: There has been over 10 Hobgoblins. Even Deadpool wore the outfit. This would be an easy repaint/retread for Gaz.
    20. Humbug: Before you say "Bah!" and rip his head off Shang-Chi style, I'd like to see the old orange suit Buck Mitty mission with new bugs and the Hero for Hire Buck Mitty with the exoskeleton.

    Sorry for my wordiness. I'm feeling epic today.

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    Default Top 10 or so Characters from India

    Namaste! For those who don't know, today is the start of the biggest Holiday/festival week in India. There's Rama Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Vaisakhi, Ambedkar Jayanti, and Mesadi/Vaisakhadi. To mark this occasion I sifted through the 1.5 billion peoples of India to bring you the Top 10+6 Marvel Indian Characters:

    1. Omega Sentinel: Karima Shapandar. She was the main Prime Sentinel (human who has been taken over by Bastion-made nanites in order to destroy mutants). Her body was destroyed by Magneto, her brain/memories were 'rebuilt' by Prof. X, and her body was rebuilt by Beast. She has all the power of a Sentinel including lasers and projectiles/missiles. Sounds good to me.
    2. Thunderbird: Neal Shaara. One of two Marvel characters named Thunderbird, ironically the other is an 'American Indian'/Native American. As well as flight, Neal can shoot plasma blasts, flashes, or balls.
    3. Cerebra: Shakti Haddad. A telepath, Shakti can also use her telepathy to paralyze or stun her enemies. She also is a master of Indian martial arts.
    4. Indra: Paras Gavaskar. Paras can create either an armadillo-like armor or a Hindu-warrior with his powers. He also can generate psionic swords and daggers (like Psylocke). Those four would make nice PUs/HU.
    5. Spider-Man India: Pavitr Prabhakar. The books are artistically beautiful. He is a clone of Spider-Man and with many Southeast-Asian players, he'd be immensely popular.
    6. Black Box: Garabed Bashur. I want a Black Box mission with lots of clones of Makeshift, Rive, and Black Box. I want to fight him teaming up with Cable, Deadpool, and Deadpool Corpsman.
    7. Ghost Rider: Shoba Mirza. Who doesn't want a four-armed, multiple-sword wielding, flaming-elephant riding Ghost Rider? Imagine flaming elephant stomping and rushing PUs/HU and in-zone flaming elephants running around from the Quicksilver hotspots.
    8. Zero/One: Dr. Parul Kurinji. She exposed herself to a techno-virus and is now a machine/human hybrid. Parul can morph her arms into machine weaponry.
    9. Rakshasa: Nalin Oberoi. Spider-Man India's version of Green Goblin, Nalin is a crimelord who finds an amulet that transforms him into a rakhasa (evil Indian demon).
    10. Black Fog: Name is unknown. Black Fog is a serial killer from India. He uses powerful blades while generating a thick black fog. The more he uses his powers the brighter he glows. Would love to see him as a sub-boss in a Zero/One mission. I'd love to see ANY sub-boss.
    11. Vesper: Raani Jatwinder. Another technopath, Marvel likes to stereotype Indians as tech-support, Raani could bring Genetix to SHSO.
    12. Vindaloo: Venkat Katregadda. Vindaloo is an Acolyte and can shoot napalm out of his hands, unlike the Indian dish of the same name which makes you shoot napalm out of your anus.
    13. Haven: Rahda Dastoor. If your looking for a mutant that is controlled by a sentient fetus, wants to bring on a Mahapralaya (Great Destruction), and can warp reality...then this is the character for you. AND you need professional pyschiatric help.
    14. Timeslip: Rina Patel. This New Warrior (I think the only New Warriors we have is Scarlet Spider & Firestar) is another teleporter. She can also slow down and speed up time.
    15. Monsoon: Aloba Dastoor. Haven's brother has the same powers as Storm.
    16. Star Thief: Ditmal Pirval. One of two Marvel Characters named Star Thief, Ditmal is known as the weakest cosmic character in Marvel.


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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "I" Characters

    1. Indra: Hopefully you recently read about Paras in the salute to India Top 10. The first three pictures are of him. His purple 'armadillo' armor, Paras without armor, and Paras with his retractable Hindu-warrior armor. He can generate psionic swords and daggers like Psylocke.
    2. Ikaris: A cosmic Eternal, Ikaris can shoot cosmic energy from his hands or eyes, he can fly, he can teleport, he can create shields, he has heat energy, he can produce concussive blasts, he can create illusions, he has passive health regeneration. He'd be awesome.
    3. Icarus: Joshua "Jay" Guthrie is the younger brother of Cannonball & Husk. He has self-heal & flight (an Angel clone) BUT he also has sonic abilities. The game really needs a sonic/voice hero.
    4. Interloper: You might be saying, "I'm a truck driver from Wales. Is there a hero for me?" Look no further than this 8-foot tall Eternal. Like most other Eternals, he shoots beams from his eyes and hands, has health regeneration, super strength & speed.
    5. Inertia: Edith "Eddy" Freiberg is an American Redeemer (middle pic), Squadron Supreme (pictured on left), and Supreme Power (pictured on right) member who can absorb energy and reverse it.
    6. Iron Lad: This Young Avenger the most interesting new character that Marvel has done. Sure, in this version his powers/costume are an easy Iron Man clone (although a smaller, teen version of Iron Man is cool) but it will be interesting to see this youngster transform into the future Kang the Conquerer.
    7. Inhuman Torch: This version is from the House of M's Fearsome Four. He is Dr. Doom's adopted son, Kristoff Vernard. He's best friends with Nathanial Richards (who is Iron Lad- see #6 above), and MAYBE the son of Nathanial Richards! *This version is from the House of M Fearsome Four.
    8. Iron Cross: Helmut Gruler is the German version of the Crimson Dynamo or Titanium Man. His armor can shoot out poison gas and squid ink.
    9. Ironclad: Mike Steel (another punny Marvel name) is a U-Foe who can change his body into metal like Colossus. But, Mike can change the densities more and can even float.
    10. Isolationist: Josef Huber has every mutant power of those around him. But, it exhausts himself to use them OR it makes him sick to do so. This would be an interesting mission if Gaz could make Huber copy the moves of the squaddies playing it.
    11. Iron Monger: Think Obadiah Stane from the first Iron Man movie. He was Howard Stark's business partner and created his exoskeletons to defeat Iron Man. I'm still shocked we haven't seen an Iron Monger or Whiplash in this game.
    12. Inferno: Samantha McGee is an Exemplar who has possession of the Blazing Brazier of Balthakk. Balthakk is a magical demon who participated in the Wager of the Octessence (the most famous out come is Juggernaut). Sammy can fly and shoot bolts of fire.
    13. Ink: Eric Gitter. Eric gets his 'mutant power' from the tattooes placed on him by the true mutant, Leon Nunez. He has a biohazard tat that causes illness, a Caduceus tat that heals, a Colossus flesh tat that gives him strength & armor, a winged tat that can allow him to fly, an explosion tat that allows him to blow stuff up, a double lighting bolt tat that allows him to read minds, and a Phoenix eye tat that gives him limited-Phoenix powers. Any combination of 4 would make excellent PUs/HU.
    14. Iridia: My niece likes butterflys and wanted her picture included. Iridia is an Inhuman that was old and ugly until transformed by the Terragin mists into a lovely butterfly-like hero. Her only power so far is flight. But, my niece is only 4 and cute as a button, so Iridia is #14.
    15. Icemaster: Not making this up, Icemaster was created to promote Hostess pies. Icemaster has the same powers of Iceman and froze most of NYC. The Human Torch defeated him not by using his flames ability to melt ice, but by throwing Hostess pies at him. SHSO could use an ice-villain other than Ymir.
    16. It! The Living Colossus: One of the most popular monsters in Marvel's history. It! started as a Russian statue, was animated by an alien race called the Kigors, stomped most of Moscow, Russian army came, the Kigors left, statue brought to Los Angeles, Kigors came back, special effect guy Bob O'Bryan stopped It!, Kigors transferred mind control of It! to Bob, Hulk destroyed It!, Bob rebuilt It! as a robot. SHSO needs giant robots and monsters.

    Until next time, True Believers.

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    Default Alphabet Top 10 or so "J" Characters

    Happy 3rd Birthday, SHSO! Today is my Top 10+6 of "J" characters. Grab a slice of cake and get to work on these:

    1. Jubilee: I hope we get the regular firework shooting X-Men version before we get Wondra or her vampire form. Yes, I want all three. I'd even want Abcissa if Gaz wanted to go a Mojo theme. I'M GREEDY!
    2. Jimmy Woo: There's a lot of Coulson-fandom out there, and there should be. Clark Gregg, and all the willing producers, have done an amazing job of keeping the continuity of the character. But, before there was Coulson, there was Jimmy Woo. I'd love to see an "Agents of Atlas" theme or a "Godzilla" theme.
    3. Jessica Jones-Cage: AKA Jewel (right), Knightress (left). She's been married to Scott Lang and Luke Cage. She has a detective agency (when depowered). She's been a Hero for Hire. She has a live-action series in development. SHSO could use some more females.
    4. J. Jonah Jameson: To prevent the game from being TOO formulaic, I think there will come a day when a story mode will have to be instituted. That SHOULD mean non-playable characters giving out missions.
    5. Jocasta: Ultron made her to be his wife, when does that EVER work? Jocasta is made of titanium and can shoot lasers out of her eyes and generate shields.
    6. Jack of Hearts: His name is Jonathan "Jack" Hart, coincidence? He has one of my favorite cheesey costumes out of any superhero. Along with his concussive blasts, heat blasts, and flight, I want a funny voice interaction between him and Gambit.
    7. Josiah X: Genetic son of the 'Black Captain America', Josiah wears a chainmail shirt and has the plain-colored, double "v" triangular shield.
    8. J2: Juggernaut's son, Zane Yama-Marko, has all of his powers...but...when Zane uses them too long, he reverts back to normal size. That would be a fantastic visual (cooldown) after a huge HU.
    9. Jackal: A Miles Warren cloning mission or a Spider-Island mission would be fantastic in SHSO.
    10. Joseph: Speaking of about a Magneto clone? Where's a long-haired male in SHSO?
    11. Jackpot: One of Marvel's more bizarre story-lines is the story of the two Jackpots. Selling a secret identity, falsifying a 'crush' to detract a true lesbian crush with the original Jackpot, the use of MGH, the murder of her husband in front of her and her kid, changing her name to the person she sold her identity to. Just bizarre. But who wants normal stories? Jackpot has the super-soldier abilities that the mutant growth hormone (MGH) gives you.
    12. Justice: Vance Astrovik is the best paradox story in Marvel. He once was called Marvel Boy and spent some time in jail for killing his father. He also is on again/off again with Firestar. Vance is a telekinetic who can also fly.
    13. Jolt: Hallie Takahama got her powers from experimentation by Arnim Zola. She has electrical control, obviously. SHSO could use a pure electrical hero or villain.
    14. Jack Flag: Jack Harrison got his super-soldier ability via a chemical spill while robbing Mr. Hyde. He now is a member of GoTG.
    15. Jolen: This Inhuman can control plant life. SHSO needs a plant mission, plant heroes, plant spawns, plant ANYTHING. Maybe just Plant-Man and the Captains from "O Captain, My Captain" <wink>.
    16. Jack O'Lantern: I'd take any of the 6 villains that wore this costume. It would make a perfect Halloween mission. And with the mechanics already done with Green Goblin, it would be easy for Gaz to do. I'd like to see a moonlit spooky-foggy village with a swamp and cemetery and an abandoned church boss level. Or an abandoned themepark.

    Now to get my pig on...

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