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    Quote Originally Posted by vitamin View Post
    Then they came for a z-lister by the name of Exodus and people rioted.
    He was the drop that spilled the cup.

    But it has some poetic justice that Xavier is dead as is the man that brought him back to life post-Messiah Complexx. Maybe Bendis is closing the ways to how Charlie could return back from the dead.
    I wonder if Bendis knows that Remender has him hanging around Axis as a scalpless psychic zombie ghost?
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    The Only Thing That Could Possibly Redeem The Outright Travesty Of The DAZZLER COSTUME Introduced In UX #24, Is If In This Newer Darker Persona She Is Finally Allowed Too Explore The More Dangerous Aspects Of Her LIGHT POWERS...As An ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY PHENOMENON With The UNLIMITED RANGE Of The Spectrum Starting From The Lowest Frequency Up Too The Highest Frequency, Which Would Include Nuclear And Up Too Cosmic Rays, If The More Dangerous Ranges Of Her LIGHT-Generating Abilities Are Not Explored In The Current Arc, Then All The MYSTIQUE Shizzack Was Just A Complete Waste Of Space, And Then They Can Do Whatever Else They Want With Other Forever Marginalized Characters, I Won't Care, Cause I Won't Be Buying Nor Reading, So We Will See If The Waste Of $ Is Really Worth It, I Already Hate The Truly Stoopid Idea Of The RED SKULL Having The BRAIN Of The Enigmatic CHARLES XAVIER, But The INVERSION & AXIS EVENTS May Justify This Travesty...I CAN ONLY HOPE. ): ps., I started buying Comics in the early 70s for about 30 cents, today I pay $3.99/$4.99 and sometimes more, but I've found the older comics more entertaining as of late and so I've started collecting them again, at the older prices I get about a dozen or more for $3.99 and above, now that's truly a bargain, thanks too all the great Comic Book stores here in NYC, Midtown, Chameleon, St. Marks etc.
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