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    Um, no. When do sales numbers ever stand still? A new creative team, especially one with a big name talent like Finch on art, always gets a sales boost from retailers. There's no real way to see how many new fans are continuing, how old many fans jump back on board, how many fans try it for the first time due to the new creative team, how many copies sit on shelves unsold, etc etc. Way too many variables, and too little info, especially given that it's only one issue. Were there any incentive variant covers?
    Oh, I'd agree that there are too many variables for us to know for sure. But at least a couple of posters on the forum (not you) have advanced the argument, in the last month or two, that if the Finches' numbers go down it would be because Azzarello's fans didn't give the new team a chance. I wanted to point out that by the logic of those posters, it would seem that perhaps Azzarello's fans may have given the new team a chance. There were those poised to blame Azz if the numbers went down, so it seemed only fair that someone, at least, should give him a share of the credit now that the numbers went up. Even if it might conceivably be a little bit of a stretch.

    I have a thought about your clay Hippolyta example of "bad hand-off," but my thought is related (in an indirect, non-obvious and speculative way) to the the spoiler for tomorrow that's circulating, so I'd better not talk about it until tomorrow.
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