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    Question Whatever happend to our MVP?

    Just recently I got to thinking about what happened to MVP. (The clones, not the original.)

    MVP was the grandson of Abraham Erskine and was using a diet and work out designed by his grandfather to be the absolute best in physical performance without being superhuman. He was later killed at camp Hammond but was cloned three times by the initiative and given modified versions of Spider-mans Civil War Stark tech suit. Two died later on and the surving one was last seen around Fear itself. So I'll ask. Why does no one remember this guy?


    You would think with all the spider stuff going on that Otto would've tried taking the clone or that the surviving clone would be with Shield and working with the Avengers to some capacity but has not.

    Web warriors is portraying the new Iron-spider as Amadeus Cho despite MVP having existed since the initiative.

    And despite technically being a spider-man has not been solicited for being apart of Spider-verse. And there likely are spider-men in that without spider powers so wouldn't he count?

    So where is he? Wouldn't Marvel Studios want him around considering he really isn't apart of Spider-mans world? He wears StarkTech and is the grandson to Erskine with origins in Shield and the Avengers? Wouldn't that be a useful character for the Marvel cinematic universe so they can have a spider-man without facing off with Sony? So what happened to this guy? It's not like its BloodSpider but it seems he should be still around.

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    Funny thing is that Blood Spider did show up along with his fellow Avengers knockoffs Jagged Bow and Death Shield in the last arc of Venom, working for Lord Ogre. And yes, it is a major disappointment that nothing's been done with Patrick, the last surviving MVP clone/Initiative Scarlet Spider since that Fear Itself tie-in mini, especially since Dan Slott was the one who created MVP and his clones in the first place. You'd think he'd at least bring Patrick in to wrap up that particular loose end from his Avengers: The Initiative run.
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