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I keep hearing this, but I don't see what was especially immature about him. Sure the actor to play Flash looks baby-faced/young, that can't be helped. But in his actual portrayal I didn't see what he did or said or how he acted to come across as immature besides looking like someone who should be in college studying. Okay, lying about his position wasn't great, but that's on the writers rather than the actor. He came across like a normal, typical 20-something guy. Sure, typical 20-somethings aren't know for being the most mature lot, but he didn't come across as especially immature for that age range either. Least in my opinion.
Meh, it wasn't so much that he was 'baby' faced, but the nervous 'dweeby' and lacking in self confidence ( even feigned) that was turn off for me. He just came across as a little boy, rather than a young man. That being said the nervous behavior appears to be gone in the trailer. Yeah he's still a nerd (that won't go away). But at least I didn't cringe watching him on the trailer.

As for the trailer...it's okay, there seems to be a lot going on for one episode. I get the impression that Barry will be a weirdo ala Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbacht) who solves crimes in un-orthodox ways. It seems as if the show was designed for the audience who liked Smallville. Not my thing but I will watch the first episode and will tune in if it offers substantive stories like Arrow.