Continued from the GoT thread from the old forums.

So, regarding the latest episode ("Oathkeeper"), I wasn't crazy about the fact that Margaery is supposedly surprised that Olenna was part of the plot to kill Joffrey, because I always assumed that Marge was also in on it. In fact, since she was actually closest to the cup while Joffrey cut open the pigeon pie, I figured that Olenna had passed the poison to Margaery at some point during the feast, then Marge herself put the poison in.

Evil Burn Gorman being evil and drinking from Mormont's skull was pretty great, though after all of last episode's rape controversy and the weeklong Internet firestorm, I really could have done without seeing more of that at Craster's.

Was very happy to see Michelle MacLaren's name at the beginning of the episode--visually, the episode looked great, especially the opening scene with Grey Worm and Missandei.