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    Default Inhumans, Mutants, Eternals: Differences and Similarities

    A lot of people have a difficult time understanding the differences between these three fictional species, and this ignorance has led to fear and hate (towards one species in particular). Excluding cultural and team affiliations, I've created a list of things they share and things that differentiate them so some people can understand them better as species.

    Add whatever you'd like to contribute. If you want to add anything about deviants and Atlanteans (Homo mermanus), please do.

    - All come from the same ancestor
    - Are all species (homo immortalis, homo superior, inhomo supremis)
    - All are from Earth, not extraterrestrial, but are spacefaring (not including universal inhumans and Titanian eternals)
    - Ultimate Comics mutants, inhumans, and eternals were all "created"
    - Have created isolated communities away from humanity in some way during their history
    - Congregate amongst themselves usually
    - Some sort of superhuman abilities

    - Raison d'Ítre
    - Eternals are immortal
    - A set number of eternals were made
    - Inhumans are duplicates of alien species, and therefore have the appearance of an existing or extinct species in the galaxy
    - Mutants have developed their superhuman abilities overtime, the other two species were "manufactured"
    - (Ultimate comics mutants were made, like inhumans and eternals)
    - Inhumans have to activate their inhuman gene with a specific catalyst
    - Mutants' mutation catalysts are inside them
    - Eternals have a human appearance, mutants and inhumans may or may not

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    This could be an interesting thread. I think most of your main ideas or premise are sound/accurate. I'll quibble slightly.

    Inhumans do/can activate their genes' expression with the Terrigen mists or alternate, but all Inhumans are born Inhuman and some do have specific alterations already present, even from birth. Black Bolt as a literal newborn, destroyed part of Attilan in his baby screams. And of course there are sub-races of Inhumans, such as the Winged race and to a smaller degree the Centaur like Inhumans (possibly a family thing, but the former is a set genotype of Inhuman)

    It has been retconned, or introduced that many Inhuman forms/types are specific examples of the KREE inserting, manipulating the Inhuman DNA to accompany human/type DNA. I'm not sure if I would say these Inhumans are 'duplicates' of Alien races, but definitely share the major characteristics.

    Eternals being closely related to Deviants, rather than Inhumans for example, means they do have 'types' with non-human appearances. But yeah, generally Eternals all look human more or less, where Deviants, seldom do. I'm sure there were stories of specific children of these types, but don't remember specifically what appearances etc, they possessed.

    It used to be considered that on average Inhumans were longer lived than normal humans, but not immortal. Maybe over 100 years while looking as young as they look more or less. I don't think this is referred to much these days.

    *** inserts the Oberonfificant theory *** I strongly believe that Atlanteans and most other water dwelling humanoid races are also a stabilized sub gene type of Inhuman with possible genetic connections to a Deviant type (Deviants are strongly connected to Eternals, also an old '70s and somewhat later villain, Maelstrom, is half Inhuman and half Deviant and the implications are that it happened often or sometimes over the course of history)

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