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Interesting. I guess it helps not paying too much attention to the actors names on TWD so when I'm a few seasons behind I don't actually know who Emily Kinney is playing (and will avoid googling it now for fear of spoilers - so in other words, don't tell me who her character is) until I have reached the episode. Here are a few ideas that I came up with:

Laura Haddock
Britt Robertson
Alona Tal
Claire Holt
Caity Lotz (Yes, even though she was on Arrow, if Chris Evans can play two superheroes then so can Caity Lotz)
Yvonne Strahovski /Katee Sackhoff (If CBS wanted to cast an older actress, although I'd prefer Sackoff (or Emily Blunt) as Captain Marvel)
Natalie Dormer
I agree with the Caity Lotz theory the actress definitely has time Arrow will bring her back here and there. Not only Chris Evans, but Brandon Routh and Justin Hartley have done two superheros each why can we not have a superheroine too. Caity does mostly her own stunts too and if they want to have the success they had with Arrow and The Flash it would be a smart move. So why not go for it.