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    Post General omnibus & hardcover discussion vol. II

    The previous general omnibus and hardcover discussion thread never really had a beginning, so alas here is a new beginning...

    The purpose of this thread is to talk about hardcover collected editions from all independent publishers. Post about your latest purchases, upcoming releases, your collection, questions on what to buy and what not to buy.

    If you wan to talk DC or Marvel collected hardcover editions please take a look at:
    DC: http://community.comicbookresources....ditions-Part-3
    Marvel: http://community.comicbookresources....ected-Editions

    Upcoming releases
    With so many titles coming out every week and release dates changing all the time it's almost impossible to keep this page up to date. So check this link to see what hardcovers are out this week. Once there you can click on next week and the week after etc.

    What oversized hardcovers have been published?
    Massive thanks to Kalitarix for putting this list together.

    Want to see some pics of books already published? Let the following links guide you directly to the right place within this thread.

    Grand Duke here
    Sharaz-De here
    Siegfried vol. 2 here

    Dark Horse
    Best of Milligan & McCarthy here
    Big Damn Sin City here
    Blacksad: Amarillo here
    BPRD vol. 1 here
    Colossal Conan here & here & here
    EC Archives - Tales From The Crypt vol. 4 here
    Fear Agent Library Edition vol. 1 here & here
    Fear Agent Library Edition vol. 2 here
    Fifth Beatle (slipcase edition) here
    Hellboy The First 20 Years here
    Mass Effect here
    Mesmo Delivery here
    Pictures That Tick vol. 2 Ltd. Edition here
    Sin City Library Edition vol. 1 box-set here
    Sky: The Art Of Final Fantasy here
    Smoke & Ashes (slipcase edition) here
    True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys here
    Veil here
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