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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeGuy View Post
    They use a literal black marker and press down on one of the edges, usually the bottom, to create a small spot. It's to mark it as overstock and that it can't be sold at full price or as-new. It's not a big mark, just enough that everyone understands it wasn't technically brand new.
    That’s it then �� just received the Batman loeb and sale omnibus, sold as second hand on amazon, but it was almost half price and came wrapped in cellophane, apart from a small rip where they marked it

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    We’re finally getting a second Martini Edition. About time!

    There will also be a Cooke Artist’s Edition, but most likely without his DC work.

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    Has anybody figured out what the best way to find new Image books on amazon would be? (Canada at least) continues to only show old stuff if you search by publisher and company

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