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    Default Dynamite's Army of Darkness stuff. Question! Confused!

    So the new Army of Darkness that just started, by Steve Niles is in a different continuity than the original multitude of series that Dynamite has released. Correct? My question is, did they make this part of the continuity of the old series? I mean, the last series, I believe, was the on by Tim Seeley that ended with Army of Darkness 1992.1. Did something happen in that issue that rewrote history, thus the new series that's out now?

    Just a bit confused. And what about this Ash in Space story coming out in December? Which continuity is that in?

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    Okay, that's too late to answer the question of the OP, but hey, better late than never!

    I finally decided to jump into the Army of Darkness/Evil Dead 2 comic books! The only comics I had for the Evil Dead franchise was the Bolton's AOD and ED comic books adaptations and the first trade paperback of Dynamite's AOD series ("Ashes 2 Ashes"). So, it's time to fix that!

    My god, they really milked the franchises!!! To not go totally broke, I decided to do some research to know what buy first and what I should avoid. I bought the 3 omnibus from Dynamite (series 1-2) of the AOD comics and I pre-ordered the Evil Dead 2 Omnibus (but this one might get cancelled based on what I learned about Space Goat).

    I decided to stay away from the many weird crossovers (most TPB are out-of-print anyway and they aren't part of the main continuity). The only one that I wanted was the AOD/ Reanimator crossover which in part of the first omnibus anyway (but I still need the new one-shot "Army of Darkness vs Reanimator").

    Anyway, long story short, during my research, I built a timeline to understand how the comics worked, and I added the video games and the TV series to complete it.

    Here's the result (for now -- I'll update it over time)

    Hi-res version is here:

    Let me know what you think!
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