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    Default Cover titles removed

    While looking through websites for golden age comics to add to my collection, I have noticed several instances where the top portions of the covers have been cut off at the title. Was this a common practice back then and if so why? How would one grade these? Would they be considered coverless or just severely damaged? New to this area of comics so thanks for any info.

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    I'm not sure if it's still a common practice, but back in the day newsstands used to remove the covers from all comics/magazines before returning overstock to the publisher. I'm guessing what you're talking about is something along the same lines...?

    As far as grading/value goes, I have no idea. I've seen quite a few coverless issues for sale on eBay, but the asking prices vary. I would guess the value would still be relative to the issue (i.e. a mutilated copy of Action Comics #1 might still get you more $$$ than a NM copy of Incredible Hulk #181).
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    They are known as remainder copies and this was common practice well into the 60's.
    As already stated above the vendor only needed to return the top portion of the cover to get credit for unsold books.
    Technically the book would probably be graded as Fair but if you are looking for costly books to Read and Fill your runs rather than as an investment they can be a great bargain.
    Personally I have no problem with remainder copies, to me they are part of the comics history as are "Arrival Date Stamps" on the cover and "Subscription Creases".

    Here are some examples of "remainder copies" I have.
    7 and 8


    X-MEN 2

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    If one reads whats written on the bottom of the first page of these old books, they were not to be sold,in such condition. That stopped few such stripped books, from either getting put into 3 for 15 cents,and sold at nearly every small little store there was, but the old Ben Franklin stores would sell cartloads of them. My cousin would get a box full free every month or so, then I'd get them. Remember having four copies of ff 25 side by side with the title cut off the covers.This practice must have begin from day one back in 1933, lasting up into the 1980s even. It may still be done to news stand returned books.

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    I believe they still do something similar to prose novels. If something doesn't sell, they can't return it or recycle it, so they rip the cover off and toss in the trash. In the first few pages, there's often a disclaimer stating that if you got the book without a cover, then it meant it was never officially "sold", so the writer never got money for it.

    I had a friend who worked at Chapters, who said they did this with things that wouldn't sell even at clearance.

    Frankly I find it offensive. Donate it to a second-hand/charity store, or sell it to a consignment shop for pennies on the dollar.

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