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    So here’s the lineup so far and it is impressive...

    Next Dawn Titles

    Plotter: Deku
    Writer: Geoff Johns
    Artist: Gurihiru
    Main Character:
    (1) Superman (Clark Kent)
    (2) Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
    (4) Superboy (Jon Kent)
    (6) Lois Lane
    (7) Krypto the Superdog
    (3) Metallo (John Corben)
    (5) Mister Mxyzptlk
    (7) Toyman (Winslow Schott)
    (8) Brainiac
    (9) General Zod
    (10) Abra Kadabra
    (11) Kryptonite Man
    (12) Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)

    Plotter: Power Torch
    Writer: Amy Chu
    Artist: Jan Duursema
    Premise: Fear has stuck the UK. Murders have started in London, and Batwoman is to blame. Someone is killing in Kane's name. Batwoman is going global and taking a trip across the pond to find out who and why.
    Main Characters:
    (1) Batwoman (Kate Kane)
    (2) Jenny Sparks
    Supporting characters:
    (4) Hawkfire (Bette Kane)
    (5) Ragman (Rory Regan)
    (7) Poison Ivy
    (3) Knight (Batman of the UK)
    (6) Squire
    (8) Whisper A'Daire

    Plotter: Clark_Kent
    Writer: Dan Jurgens
    Art by: Dan Jurgens & Jay Oliva
    Premise: Join the DCEU on an alternate world, where we find out how things may have gone down if WB hadn't changed gears. Drawn from a mix of creator interviews, on-film evidence, and my own imagination, these are the continuing adventures of Superman, an aging Batman, and the Justice League in a world facing its very own New Dawn...or its very own Apokolips.
    What happened to the exiled Kryptonians from "Man of Steel"? Where did Joker and Harley go after escaping Belle Reve in "Suicide Squad"? How does Superman operate after "Justice League" in a world that knows Clark Kent was dead and buried? What did Luthor have planned with Deathstroke? And what darkness hid behind the invasion of Steppenwolf? It's all here in the brighter, more hopeful, interconnected DCEU.

    Plotter: Deku
    Writer: Ed Brubaker
    Artist: Michael Lark
    Main Character:
    (1) Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    (2) Robin (Damian Wayne)
    (4) Red Hood (Jason Todd)
    (8) Black Bat (Cassandra Cain)
    Supporting Characters:
    (9) Harley Quinn
    (10) Alfred Pennyworth
    (12) Commissioner Jim Gordon
    (3) The Riddler
    (5) Scarecrow
    (6) Joker
    (7) Penguin
    (11) Clayface (Basil Karlo)
    (13) Puzzler

    Plotter: Exciter
    Written by Robert Kirkman
    Art by Frank Cho
    Premise: He’s the fastest man alive... but there are some things even he can’t outrun!
    Alternate premise: GOTTA GO FAST!
    Main Character:
    (1) The Flash (Barry Allen)
    Supporting characters:
    (8) Booster Gold
    (9) King Faraday
    (10) Iris West
    (11) Henry Allen
    (12) Claw the Unconquered
    (13) the Haunted Tank
    (2) Vandal Savage
    (3) Gorilla Grodd
    (4) Black Racer
    (5) Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
    (6) Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)
    (7) Heatwave (Mick Rory)

    Plotter: Exciter
    Writer by Mark Millar
    Art by Joe Madureira
    Premise: The Green Lantern Corps serves and protects the galaxy from the worst scum of the universe!
    Main Character:
    (1) Hal Jordan
    Supporting Characters:
    (4)John Stewart
    (7) Guy Gardner
    (8) Kilowog
    (9) Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris).
    (10) Ganthet (and the Guardians of the Universe)
    (12) Martian Manhunter
    (2) Starro
    (3) Despero
    (5) Lobo
    (6) Mongul
    (11) Sinestro
    (13) Doomsday

    Plotter: Power Torch
    Writer: Nancy A. Collins
    Artist: Francesco Francavilla
    Premise: A house is built suddenly, in Dayton, Ohio. Young teens go in to investigate, and no one comes out. It has been two weeks since then, and no one is brave enough to go in, no one except Black Alice. Horror comes to DC in this mysterious title that takes our heroes for a murderous and terrifying spin!
    Main Characters:
    (1) Black Alice
    (2) Looker (as a Vampire)
    Supporting Characters:
    (3) Doctor Occult
    (4) Deadman (Boston Brand)
    (5) The Spectre
    (6) Kyle Abbot

    Plotter: Sкєʟʟує
    Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
    Artist: Amanda Conner
    Premise: An anthology series featuring DC's western bounty hunter Jonah Hex!
    Main Character:
    (1) Jonah Hex
    Supporting Characters:
    (2) Tallulah Black
    (3) Bat Lash
    (4) Nighthawk
    (5) Cinnamon
    (6) El Diablo
    (7) Super-Chief
    (8) Jenny Freedom
    (9) Barbary Ghost
    (10) Scalphunter
    (1) Quentin Turnbull
    (2) Gray Ghost

    Plotter: Clark_Kent
    Writer: Grant Morrison
    Artist: Kenneth Rockafort
    Premise: Millennia ago, an all-powerful being known as DOMINUS ruled the Multiverse with five objects of power. Narrowly defeated by the Royal Family of the planet Calatan, the five objects were scattered through the Multiverse, hidden for all time...until now.
    Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, has discovered the location of one such object. Believing the reunification of the five will finally grant him the death he longs for, he recruits a team of heroes and villains to track them down across the Multiverse, no matter the cost.
    Main Characters:
    (1) Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman
    (2) Steel
    (3) The Eradicator
    (4) Azrael (Jean Paul)
    (5) Reverse Flash
    (6) Mr. Majestic
    (7) Vibe
    (8) Superboy (Kon-El)
    (9) Dominus
    (10) Maxima
    (11) Helspont
    (12) Protex (and the Hyperclan)

    Plotter: Lee Stone
    Writer: Jeff Parker
    Artist: Steve Rude
    Premise: A non-team team of space adventurers exploring the new frontier. Yes, it's a team... But, it's not. We'll call them... The Star Hunters.
    Main characters:
    (1) Adam Strange
    (2) Starfire
    (4) Tigorr
    (5) Harbinger
    (6) Jemm (Son of Saturn)
    (7) Bloodwynd
    (3) Blackfire
    (8)Kanjar Ro
    (9) Steppenwolf
    (10) Byth
    (11) The Weird
    (12) Mr. Nebula
    (13) Pandora

    Plotter: Lee Stone
    Writer: Brian Bendis
    Artist: Alex Maleev
    Premise: A group of vigilantes working outside the law fighting corruption and organized crime in New York.
    Main characters:
    (1) Green Arrow
    (2) Black Canary
    (3) Black Lightning
    (4) Huntress
    (5) Katana
    (6) Bronze Tiger
    (7) Nemesis
    (8) Ra's al Ghul
    (9) Talia al Ghul
    (10) Solomon Grundy
    (11) Cheshire
    (12) Deadshot
    (13) Cluemaster

    Plotter: CaptCleghorn
    Premise: A mix between the O'Neil, Ditko, and Conspiracy Theorist Questions.
    Main Character:
    (1) Vic Sage
    Supporting characters:
    (2) Aristotle Rodor
    (3) Vicki Vale
    (4) Brother Eye (from OMAC)
    (5) Baron Winters (from Night Force)
    (6) Lee Travis
    (7) Merry Pemberton
    (8) Mento (Steve Dayton)
    (9) The Floronic Man (Jason Woodrue)
    (10) Siren (Lorelei Circe (Batman 1966 TV Series))
    (11) Sportsmaster (Lawrence "Crusher" Crock )
    (12) Bandit (“1” of We3)
    (13) Billy Challas (Ronin)

    RED X
    Limited Series
    Plotter: H-E-D
    Writer: Marjorie Liu
    Artist: Riley Rossmo
    Premise: Nightwing takes the name Red X to go undercover as a supervillain in the mysterious organization known as Meridian.
    Main Character:
    (1) Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Red X)
    Supporting characters:
    (2) Cassie Sandsmark
    (3) Jade
    (6) Obsidian
    (7) Emily Sung
    (4) Lena Thorul
    (5) Alan Scott
    (8) Deadman (Marcus Moore)
    (9) Green Dragon (Professor Chang)
    (10) Leonard Lewis
    (11) Uehara Daizo
    (12) Armando Guitez
    (13) Kim Süskind

    Plotter: Global Honored
    Writer: Neil Gaiman
    Artist: Pia Guerra
    Synopsis: Have you read the news? Vertigo is dead! What happened to the dream that was? The greatest mystery of all must be solved, and the world must be told what it had, what it lost, what it forgot about itself and just maybe....we can find a way to dream again.
    Main Characters:
    (1) John Constantine
    (2) Death (of the Endless)
    (3) Jimmy Olsen (of the Daily Planet)
    (4) Dream (of the Endless)
    (5) Skinner Sweet
    (6) Isabelle “Dizzy” Cordova (100 Bullets)
    (7) Prince Charming (of the Fables Community)
    (8) Spider Jerusalem
    (9) Flex Mentallo
    (10) Freedom Beast
    (11) Natalya Zamyatin

    Plotter: Lorec
    Writer: Gail Simone
    Artist: Ed Benes
    Premise: Having lost his more than 90% of his fortune, Lex Luthor decides to change the direction of LexCorp. Recruiting some of the greatest villains of all time, he plans to rebuild his wealth and his image in the greatest con of all time.
    Main character:
    (1) Lex Luthor
    Supporting characters:
    (2) Catwoman
    (3) Renee Montoya
    (4) Tim Drake
    (5) Deathstroke
    (6) Black Manta
    (7) Morgan Edge
    (8) The Calculator
    (9) Black Mask
    (10) Brick
    (11) Lynx
    (12) Stephanie Brown - Hero
    (13) Hugo Strange - Villain

    Plotter: H-E-D
    Writer: Kieron Gillen
    Artist: Stephanie Hans
    Premise: Diana faces a gauntlet of mythological terrors and gods, as ancient enemies of the Greco-Roman pantheon return for revenge.
    Main Character:
    (1) Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira)
    Supporting characters:
    (2) Etta Candy
    (3) Ferdinand
    (4) Zealot (Zannah of Khera)
    (5) Shim'Tar (Artemis of Bana-Mighdall)
    (10) Wonder Woman (Maria Mendoza)
    (13) Kasia
    (6) Osira
    (7) the Morrigan
    (8) Wuotan (Odin)
    (9) Astarte
    (11) Cybernary
    (12) Nemesis (Greco-Roman Goddess)

    Leftovers still open. Rewards ideas welcome. Other general suggestions for the relaunch welcome. Issue #1 solicitations due by the end of the month!
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    For Legends, I'll take Nix Outan for my 13th & final slot.
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    Speaking of solicitations, could we get a rundown on the rules. I believe we used to have a line and that each line had an editor and we would send our solicits to the line editor and that person would send those to the New Dawn editor, which was Shaggy at the time. Are we still doing something like that?

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    Another question that I think warrants public discussion: are we going to start with a Zero Month, issues #0, or just normal #1 issues?

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    I think we’ll do away with the lines for now. When we had lines there were a massive amount of titles (some plotters doing like 6 books at once). I think with a 16 title launch and each plotter initially limited to 2 titles (to avoid burnout or making it seem like a chore), dividing into lines would be unnecessary. If we blow up, we can revisit lines in the future.

    Our good friend nx01a has graciously agreed to assist in editorial duties. He’ll be collecting and posting the solicitations at the beginning of each month, so send solicitations to him.

    Everyone has their full rosters so I think there’s enough time left in July to begin this month. You can start with #1 or if you’d prefer you can do a #0 issue.

    A new “Next Dawn” bullpen thread is in the works. It’ll have all the official rules and pertinent info. Just have to assemble and organize and finalize everything!
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    Yup, that's me. I'll do my best to keep my inbox as empty as possible.
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    The official NEXT DAWN bullpen thread is up!

    Bear with me as I improve it! But let's migrate the Next Dawn discussion over there!
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