Batman (DC Comics) is all about vigilantism fantasies in our modern age of urbanization and urban-related crime catalyzed by various forms of human traffic hysteria.

Here is a Batman story about traffic control:


The Dark Knight prowls the streets of Gotham City at night. Meanwhile, his terrible nemeses are plotting a nefarious initiative to create mass hysteria.

The Joker (the maniacal trickster) and Harley Quinn (Joker's terrifying female doctor-turned-accomplice) plan to send a pirate radio broacast that will air a false news story about Gotham's mayor being stricken with AIDS after a contact with an infected prostitute.

Scarecrow (the masked villain who wields fear toxins) seeks to poison Gotham's water reservoir with dangerous amounts of LSD.

The Riddler (Batman's bane who sets death traps) seeks to plant Gotham's cop cars with a sleeping gas in their AC/heating ventilation ducts.

Two-Face (the most dangerous vigilante in Gotham) sends false reports about the true identity of Batman.

These criminally insane terrorists are using mass psychology to create general unrest and hysteria in Gotham City.

To counter this tapestry of evil, Batman, Gotham's valiant Dark Knight, distributes nervous system calming benzodiazepines at an emergency city gathering at the aquarium which Commissioner Gordon has hosted.