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    You could make a case that Magneto stays the way he is, if the blurb "An old foe must claim the mantle of his greatest enemy to save the lives of all he cares for!" is to be believed. (There's no guarantee that said descriptor is referring to Magneto, but I think he's the likeliest suspect, so to speak.)

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    It's really down to 3 characters. Magneto is probably the most likely, since the X-Men will be in a bad place after this event is over, him taking over Xavier's place is more likely to help people in the process. The other possibilities are Sabretooth taking the place of Wolverine. But, while we know he's staying inverted, I really can't see how him taking Wolverine's place would 'save the lives of all he cares for' but i guess you never know. And then there's Loki, who is on the moon... where Mjolnir is. We know it later gets picked up by someone else, but it's possible he picks it up for a short while. I have my doubts because, while I am sure he will TRY, his inversion really has not turned him into a good guy. He THINKS it has, and he doesn't want to hurt anyone or anything, but he's a total prick. (while un-inverted he kinda was riddled with guilt and kinda thought he was awful, but really wasn't so bad) But again, never know, being a prick to his friends may not matter to the enchantment on Mjolnir as long as he does the right thing in other ways. But we also know Odin gets involved somehow in his solo book, so it could be that Odin declares him heir due to Thor's poor behavior while inverted, or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    But Jean wasn't Pheonix, so Emma didn't do anything to her.
    Tell that to the Shi'ar Empire.

    And according to AvX, yes, she was the Phoenix.

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