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    "Well if it isn't my favorite Spider-Verse character...Jessica Drew!"

    "..I'm not Jessica Drew."

    "I mean, Jessica Carpenter!"

    "Bob, that's not Jessica Carpenter."



    "Mattie Franklin?"


    "Alternate universe Aunt May with spider powers?"





    ....I got it! You're Madame W---"

    I'm Spider-Girl, jackass!

    "OH! Of course! Spider-Girl! The one and only Anya Corazon!"

    "Oh for the love of..."


    "She tripped me, Karl! Don't tell me you didn't see Spider-Brat do that!"

    "Oh I saw it. It was great."


    "Oh god, why did you go to Ares next?!"

    "Why not? Ares is our buddy!"

    "I've gotten 14 concussions from him!"

    "So Ares, bro, what have you been up to?"

    "You two...always you two. Well, if you were curious to know, I was training and preparing...for war!"

    "Dude, is there ever a day where you're, you know, NOT god of warring? You don't have to live your gimmick 24/7."

    "Coming from you of all people, I believe that's like the Mjolnir calling the Stormbreaker enchanted."

    "Heh. Hey, Ares made a funny!"

    "...Wait what did he say about my mother?!"
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