This thread is both to inform about and honour interesting comic book characters and superheroes that have sadly fallen to the ravages of time, narrow-minded editorial or because they didn't sell, even if they were sound in writing/depiction.

The idea came from this article about Agent Carter

Given that this is a new thread, I will make the first step

Louise Grant
also known as
Blonde Phantom

An initial thought to get into the right mindset: It is actually fairly difficult to make a female character look both bad@ss AND gorgeous and yet still keep the balance between the two, particularly given the means (both technical and financial) of the time and the commercial niche (it was cheap pulp fiction with pictures, not any recognized form of higher art at the time)

Now feast your eyes upon this


I kid you not, had I been a 8-14 year old boy in that era, I would have devoured this comic, looking at Louise Grant like a cool big sister I sadly don't have. (To give a frame of reference, I was born in 1986 and I an elder and a younger brother, no sisters)

PS: most of the characters appearing here will likely by ladies given the inspiration for the thread, however men are welcome too I also started the thread in Marvel Comics, because the inspiration for it and the first depicted character are both from Marvel. Don't be afraid to write about DC characters. If the mods don't agree, we can still open a sister thread over in the DC corner.
PPS: I deliberately made only links and only spoke the barest of the character to encourage readers to add with comments, thoughts and discussion. So post away