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    I thought a great Star Wars moment was Luke's these are not the slaves you're looking for. Shows how he is still barely a learner.
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    this was probably the first time in my life I preferred the digital copy over the paper...when I had to scroll over the big STAR WARS splash and then the intro...heard the was awesome

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    I loved it. Wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, felt like something that could just go terribly wrong. But... I'm definitely in for a few more issues at least! The voices of the characters were just perfect and I really enjoyed the art. I can't help but be more hyped for Gillen's Darth Vader next month now!!
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    There's a couple threads on this but I guess I'll pick the spoiler thread so I can just launch into it. LOL

    The art is really good and the characters all look on point, the tech is right. It really looks like Star Wars.

    I thought some of the dialogue seemed off to me: 3PO saying "May the Force be with you" I mean like do 'droids even believe any of that?

    Other than that, a "lost" adventure between Episode 4 and 5 that's now the canon in-between is interesting enough. It's obviously just one small section so not to much happened. I don't mind prequels and don't need a "threat of death" to be interested in how they get out of peril. I'm more into how something happens than just that it does. Maybe there's a point where "they might die" and even though I know they won't I'll still be interested in how they don't this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wally West View Post
    Loved it. Makes Dark Horse comics look like amateur fan fiction.
    Uh, no. Star Wars Legacy under Ostrander/Dursma is still the best Star Wars comics in fact the small bits off here had me thinking this was the fan-fiction.
    It was good but I'd only do 3 out of 5 stars and of that the "good" is going to the art. I will say that had a cinematic feel. I liked the opening and that the first panels were done in a widescreen style and then they go into normal comic format. The "voice" of the characters was decent but then that highlights where it's a little cutesy "I have a good feeling about this" We get it 3PO, you have to reference all the taglines.

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    I loved it! It felt so Star Wars, a feeling I've never had with the comics before. Cannot wait for more.

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