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  • Jason Aaron

    8 6.67%
  • Rick Remender

    5 4.17%
  • Charles Soule

    7 5.83%
  • Kelly Sue DeConnick

    3 2.50%
  • Al Ewing

    29 24.17%
  • Nick Spencer

    9 7.50%
  • Brian Wood

    2 1.67%
  • G. Willow Wilson

    3 2.50%
  • Mark Waid

    9 7.50%
  • James Robinson

    8 6.67%
  • Peter David

    4 3.33%
  • Dennis Hopeless

    1 0.83%
  • Kieron Gillen

    12 10.00%
  • Simon Spurrier

    2 1.67%
  • Other

    18 15.00%
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    Al Ewing would be my first choice, especially as a fresh new voice. That said, I'd be perectly happy with either Mark Waid, Peter David or James Robinson taking over (surprisingly enough, they are one right after the other in the poll).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinglepants View Post
    I'm not convinced A-Force is going to be the Avengers book, at least after Secret Wars. I'm a little surprised she has so little votes to be honest with you, she seems to have ghreat momentum and everybody seems to love her. It'll be very interesting to see how she deals with a team.
    There's a few reasons. First, she hasn't been at Marvel for very long, and she only had a couple books under her belt before going to Marvel. She doesn't have that much experience yet, so the question is whether she's ready for the main Avengers title. There's also the matter that she hasn't had a team book at all yet, only a solo title.

    And if I'm honest, I kinda think institutional sexism is a bit of a factor, though less than usual for these sorts of "Who should write it?" threads. Any time someone makes a thread asking who should be the next writer on any given book, unless it's a female-led title, 90% of people are going to go with a male writer. If the thread is asking who should write, say, a Wasp series, then KSD, G. Willow Wilson and Kathryn Immonen will all get plenty of votes. Ask who should write Iron Man, and the overwhelming majority of the votes will go to male writers. Very, very few people would name a female writer as their first choice on any title that's not female-led.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superiorcrisis View Post
    Wow. I didn't realize Ewing was this popular.

    I wish Slott was up there. Instead I voted for Waid, who would be fine. Like Slott, he seems to really appreciate Marvel's history.
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    Personally, I'd like to see Roger Stern or Kurt Busiek come back and write some truly monumental Avengers epics!! Although, for my money, Roy Thomas was and is the best simply due to the strength of his run from volume 1 issue 71 through the Kree-Skrull War (issues 88-97). Now THAT was THE AVENGERS!!

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