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Thread: Fairy Tail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robotech Master View Post
    White Witch seems to lamp shade that she legitimately fucked up in-universe when it came to considering which powers were the most efficient and convenient for her goals.
    Yes, that was pretty solid lamp shade-hanging.

    And to be fair, I'd forgotten all about Mest too.

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    "Oh right, I could've just had you do everything in under a minute, huh? Doh!"

    Finally caught up with a bunch of chapters! I sure missed a lot while I was out I liked Erza vs Luxus, Happy's quick thinking, and Irene pulling a Carol to rejoin the story.

    Suddenly I'm reminded that Gray has type advantage against Mira, and still came out looking totally uncool

    Edit: It's pretty good type advantage, too. One good shot let him take out Mard Geer after the latter tanked Dragon Force sword horn. I think he could win a serious fight with Mira if it came down to it in-story. (And if she didn't Macro him, I guess.)
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