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    Default Predator's Vs. the Clone Wars

    How much do you think things would change in Star Wars If the following happened:

    Predator's will be using the following equipment:

    -Cloaking Device & Mask

    -Self-Destruct Device

    -Plasma Caster (1)
    -Med. Pack (1)
    -Wrist Blades (1)
    -Combi-Stick (1)
    -Net Launcher (1)
    -Shuriken (2)

    Scenario 1: Predator's replace Clone Troopers only.

    Scenario 2: Predator's replace B1 Battle droids only.

    Has does this change the Clone Wars?


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    1: Since a scenario. I doubt Predators would consider the machines worthy kills. If so, a massacre, otherwise after a few fights they splinter off Merc style.

    2: Lots of dead Clone Troopers this day.

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