(Please be aware of the Holocaust imagery used in the first paragraph. I posted this on my Tumblr, Talesfromthepip, but I thought I'd post it here, to. Feel free to offer me any feedback that comes to mind. I hope you enjoy it, X-Men fans, and I hope it stays true to the character!)

Mutants Must Rise:
To the Young Homo Sapien Superior:

I recall Auschwitz. I recall waking up, morning after morning after morning, with the scent of what my mother said was “charcoal” burning my nostrils. I recall distant, wordless shrieks, missing friends, and hunger; but not the hunger the forsaken experience today. Not the burning pangs that fuel your righteous fury and desire for equity, a hunger that denies you even that. I recall seeing my bottom rib fall low, and the doctor who tried not to weep as his perpetually clawed hands failed to even budge it. And I recall the guard turning away from our hunger, from the echoing screams he caused, from the horror he could free us from! I will never forget those things. As much as I long to rid myself of the reoccurring scent of “charcoal,” I will not. For though Hitler and Nazi Germany’s corpses have been immolated by the Allied Nations of Humankind, their instincts linger.

Do you not believe me, young mutant? Remember that the Homo Sapiens worship conquerors. Alexander of Macedon is known as “Alexander the Great” throughout the western world. Even children know of Genghis Khan, yet, in human schools, the philosophers of peace go unheard. Could such vulgar admiration simply be the product of their distance from the horrors Alexander and Genghis wrought? No! Even now, human children are constantly bathed in tales of blood and bullets; they are weaned on stories of soldier-kings that free nations through murder. Of course, their tales neglect the farmer who cannot hear his children’s cries over the roar of an assault rifle. That is a reality children are to discover for themselves, when the tales of their youth drive them to reenact the monstrous scene yet again.

Naturally, humankind’s love of conquerors leads them to conquer both nations and those outnumbered peoples who are strong enough to serve as trophy kills. So it happened with the peoples of Africa, so it happened with the Jews of Europe, so it is happening with mutantkind. Hear me, my child! Our inherent strength makes us handsome trophies for conquerors the world over.
That is why you already live in fear. That is why you hide your true power and majesty away from those you claim to trust. That is why thousands of your brethren have been put to death for “perverting the genome.” That is why the “renegade” Sentinel massacres continue unabated. Though the hatred surrounding mutantkind has not yet had time to ferment into a formal ideology and spur the creation of death camps, do not doubt that it will! It has before, time and time again. Remember that anti-semitism was not born in Linz!
Friend, is the hatred humanity feels for us not more powerful, more virulent, and more unearned than even their most baseless xenophobia? Look to your life, look to the fate of so many of your brethren, and know the truth! A war for our future is coming, and we must win it!

It is, therefore, the solemn duty of mutantkind to conquer humanity before they conquer us. Their greater hatred will fuel a conquest swifter, more brutal, and more complete than any glorified pogrom before it. If we are to have any hope of our protecting ourselves from this conquest, we must rise together! We must stand up to humanity’s hatred and use the gifts they despise and envy us for to subjugate them! Only that will allow us to live the lives of sacred peace and promise that we were destined for.

Make no mistake; humanity’s subjugation will involve brutalities. Such is the way of revolution; such has been the way of revolution since time immemorial. However, we mutants are not brutes. How could we be? The terrors of violence and persecution have been woven into the very fibers of our mind. We have all seen true evil; indeed, we have all been its victims. As such, though our revolution will be brutal, it will never be needlessly so. Our mutant mercy will not allow it. Even now, our mercy prevents many of us from slaughtering those that constantly assault us and threaten our very existence.

Though humans will rightfully lose authority over the Earth the day our revolution is complete, we need not reduce them to slaves. In the just world we create, humans will all get their chance to work alongside us for the betterment of us all. We will even afford them the privilege of speaking in our houses of government. Mutants, after all, have nothing to fear from human rhetoric and representation. It is their ability to conquer that we must annihilate, not their ability to speak on behalf of their species. Should the humans follow in our footsteps and attempt their own revolution, we will take whatever steps are necessary to quash their armies. Yet, in our infinite mercy, we will also work to satiate the underlying desires and hungers that fuel their rage.

Now that you understand the need for revolution, you may begin to wonder where and how it will begin. That question, proud mutant, can only be answered by one such as you. I cannot presume to truly understand the struggles faced by each and every mutant community. Given that fact, it falls upon you and those nearest you to begin your fight. But fear not, for my elite Brotherhood of Mutants and I will offer you all of our resources and lay down our lives for your revolution. And as the mutant spring inches closer and closer with every battle, humanity’s will to preserve their unending winter will falter and support for your revolution will come flooding in from around the world. I promise you that, anointed one.

Rise up now, dear mutant, for you will not get a second chance.

- Magneto, the former Max Eisenhardt.