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    Default Unpopular/Controversial Opinions

    Hello, there! I hope I'm not 'stakes claiming', but I had seen a thread in the Spider-Man subforum of this topic and thought that said discussion could expand into the larger Marvel multiverse. In any case, are there any opinions or thoughts you hold that others or the majority of people do not?

    If I'm allowed to, I would like to start by saying I am rather fond Sam Alexander (and subsequently, his titular Nova series), I think Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man is wonderful, Civil War was a good event (and a decent self-contained miniseries), the Utimate Spider-Man cartoon is fun but not great, I would like to see either ROM and Starshine or the Spaceknights to return, I prefer Doctor Doom as a benevolent dictator (like in Doom 2099) than an evil supervillain and I was disappointed by the lack of inclusion of Spoderman in Spider-Verse.

    What are your opinions?
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    Yeah, Civil War was a triumph - all the tie-ins.
    Gwen Stacy should never have had babies to Norman Osborn.
    Gwen Stacy was a manipulating girlfriend to Peter Parker
    Marvel was vanilla by 2004 and needed to change.
    Bill Jemas was a genius

    I have others.

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    Events suck
    A lot of writers have gotten lazy
    Gwen Stacy should never have been killed
    Hank and Jan should be together
    Mary Jane was not a good match for Peter Parker
    Spider status quo should go back to the Daily Bugle
    Most characters shouldn't have kids (FF being the exception)
    Good Marvel characters- Bring Them Back!!!

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    I think we have a thread like this on this board already but i'll bite

    If the characters aren't aging they shouldn't get married and/or have kids
    We need better comics

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackolover View Post
    Gwen Stacy should never have had babies to Norman Osborn
    I don't think that opinion is in any way unpopular or controversial. I'd say the the opposite opinion is almost if not entirely nonexistent.

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    Rogue belongs in the X-men.

    Cyclops is always right.

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    The Marvel universe hasn't been interesting since around 2002.
    "In any time, there will always be a need for heroes." - the Time Trapper, Legion of Superheroes #61(1994)

    "What can I say? I guess I outgrew maturity.." - Bob Chipman

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    I hate that all the new blood of Marvel just focuses on the same few popular characters.
    I hate how everyone just keeps going after the same popular characters over and over and never seem to get bored of them.
    I find it so strange that almost everyone thinks Civil War was about Secret Identities and that Spider-Man was a big part of the story. You can take him out of the story and nothing changes!
    I hate how people just mimic other's opinions.
    Nu52 Wonder Woman was great (before Finch)
    I get irritated by books like Captain Marvel and such because they have no plots and they don't go anywhere. Kamala Khan though I love.
    I hate how I'm supposed to love characters like Female Thor "Or else you're sexist" when I would rather have them push another female hero on her own.
    Why does every new female superhero getting a book need to be some bubbly white girl in a college mindset?! What is with that?
    I just don't give a crap about the main Avengers. I never see them as a family of heroes but more a bunch of jerk co-workers to one another.
    I hate that Fraction turned Hawkeye into a thick skulled moron.
    I dislike how people crap on characters until they get into a movie, and SUDDENLY they are all fans of said character. (Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy)
    I feel like Marvel is in Groundhog Day between Avenger films, where they constantly stick with the same popular characters cause the movies are so damn slow with getting to more exciting material.
    I hate that there is no book out there that I truly get excited about anymore.
    I really wish other fans would try more books out there.
    I get angry whenever someone says "They have too many characters, they should get rid of most of them" like everyone loves Wolverine, or whatever popular character they are following.
    I hate that everyone thinks the Spider-Man in the MCU is gonna be this great thing when it'll just be another smart mouth on the Avengers. Like, people think he's gonna unmask in the Civil War Movie! That makes no sense because he's not established!
    I think Miles Morales is a good character, but Bendis fumbled and didn't even bother to tell a good story with him. He doesn't even get any good villain arcs!
    I am dumbfounded how Bendis is still as popular as he is when he does things like an 8 issue arc of X-Men that is undone through time travel.
    I hate what has happened to the X-Men. It used to be such a diverse team, but now it's all tongue in cheek.
    In fact, I really hate that Marvel right now has to either be tongue in cheek silliness with Squirrel Girl fighting monkeys in space but force this really awkward "Girl Power" that feels half ass to writers going grim dark and killing constantly trying to make everything depressing as hell like Remender! It feels like that's all Marvel is these days!

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    I really didn't like the Hela is Leah thing. I also think they should have had Leah be named a more Norse name like Helreginn.

    I also wish they made Fenrir and the Midgard Snake as prominent Thor villains alongside Hela.

    I also hate the relationship that Hela has with Tyr its really creepy it does retcon the Hela is Leah thing.

    I hate the storyline with the new baby of Odin and Freyja because there is already enough siblings and it just seems pointless. Not to mention I kind of think at this age they really are beyond the raising children.

    I also hate how inconsistent Frigga/Freyja's design is.

    I also dislike how the have not put Angrboda in the comics even though she is the mother of Loki's three most infamous children.

    I also dislike how they are don't try to bring back Sigyn as a supporting character.

    I dislike the confrontation between Absorbing Man, Titania, and She-Thor because it trivializes the arguments against the concept and then derails TItania's character into not hitting a fellow woman even though she is famous for battling She-Hulk all the time.

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    I like the Avengers more than the X-Men.
    That being said, i like Hickman's books, but they really should not be called Avengers books, they don't "feel" like the classic Avengers that made me love the Marvel Universe.

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    Mighty Avengers is the best Avengers

    The Fantastic Four should break up until someone really has a good direction for them.

    X-Men should be banned from all Time Travel/Alt universe stories for like a decade, way too many future sons/daughters/alternate past (future) characters.

    The fringe titles not connected to any events are the best books marvel makes.

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    Daken is a fun, well-rounded character and the end of William's Daken series was one of the best comic book endings ever.

    Marvel should try another Morbius series, because I need more Morbius.

    I loved the Celestrials and held a small funeral for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DUSt View Post
    Hello, there! I hope I'm not 'stakes claiming'.....
    If I'm allowed to, I would like to start by saying I am rather fond Sam Alexander (and subsequently, his titular Nova series), ....etc....

    What are your opinions?

    My friend... Nova Sam Alexander is Great, I've enjoyed reading every issue.
    Endeavor to persevere.

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    The new Fantastic Four movie is going to be really good.

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    I've got a couple:
    Deadpool isn't really that funny.
    I've enjoyed most Marvel events that I've read. (Except Fear Itself).
    Wolverine shouldn't be on The Avengers.
    The current Avengers (Marvel NOW) are way to powerful.
    Nick Fury Sr should be able to co-exist with Nick Fury Jr.
    Hyperion is awesome.
    Captain Marvel needs more publicity.
    Sam Wilson (as Captain America), shouldn't use the shield.
    Cyclops isn't evil, but misunderstood.
    Norman Osborn is a better Avengers villain, than a Spider-man villain.
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