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    Quote Originally Posted by DUSt View Post
    Hello, there! I hope I'm not 'stakes claiming', but I had seen a thread in the Spider-Man subforum of this topic and thought that said discussion could expand into the larger Marvel multiverse. In any case, are there any opinions or thoughts you hold that others or the majority of people do not?

    If I'm allowed to, I would like to start by saying I am rather fond Sam Alexander (and subsequently, his titular Nova series), I think Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man is wonderful, Civil War was a decent event (but not a good self-contained miniseries), the Utimate Spider-Man cartoon is fun but not great, I would like to see either ROM and Starshine or the Spaceknights to return, I prefer Doctor Doom as a benevolent dictator (like in Doom 2099) than an evil supervillain and I was disappointed by the lack of inclusion of Spoderman in Spider-Verse.

    What are your opinions?
    I too like Sam Alexander as Nova also. And like you I am mutant fanboy who likes characters that desrve a pusg like male characters of all color with color powers and belong on hero teams like X-Men and Avengers: Mimic, Sunfire, Sunspot, Genesis, Kid Gladiator, Neal Shaara aka Thunderbird who should have gotten a Hindu or Indian sounding super hero name. I also wish the blueskinned male Captain Marvel was part of the 616 universe.

    Seriously if Marvel can push female or female of color super heroes so hard why not male people of color super heroes.

    I dont vicariously look up to female super heroes dressed in edible thongs.
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    I liked axis as an event.
    Spider-Man and the x-men is one of my favorite ongoing series
    Secret Wars sounds exciting to me
    I like the new x-kids
    I see nothing wrong with more Quentin Quire focus
    Sam Alexander is great
    Rick remender can do almost nothing to ruin my appreciation of his writing
    The latest uncanny xmen arc wasn't that bad really
    Scarlet Witch is an interesting character that should stick around
    Deadpool is not overrated, especially with its latest run, and Daniel Way's run was more enjoyable than people give it credit for.
    While the uncanny x-force fear itself tie in was great, the art makes wolverine look like a ridiculous angry mouse sometimes.
    That's all I can think of for the moment...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Username taken View Post
    I'm enjoying Bendis GoTG more than the previous volumes.....yeah, I said it.
    Damn. That's messed up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Thomas View Post
    Marvel isn't out to destroy the X-Men.

    Avengers readers and X-Men readers used to be Marvel Readers, who supported both franchises. We need to move back to that.

    Some of you take this shit way too seriously.
    This man talks sense.

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    At this point in time I would be all for a ground up reboot of the Marvel U. Every story lately has fallen into that trap that originally killed the Wildstorm line over at DC in that every story has to top the last for some writers. One story you destroy a city. The next you have to outdo that so you destroy a country. Then that isn't enough so you destroy a world. Now you have to top that so destroy a galaxy. Well that has to be topped so lets start destroying whole universe. Hickman and Remander right now are stuck in this endless cycle of trying to oneup themselves and have reached the point that they have no where left to go. Just start over and try to not fall into the same cycle again at least for a few more decades.

    And if they ever did pull the trigger and reboot I would not be upset if the X-Men were split off into their own world where mutants are the only superbeings.

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    Robbie Reyes, cooler than Kamala and Spider-Gwen combined. Why no one bought the book I do not know.

    Bendis' Moon Knight was a great book.

    As was Avengers Arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarvelMaster616 View Post
    I love these threads. They spark such interesting discussions. Here are a few of mine.

    Tony Stark is better and more effective as Superior
    Beast is a complete hypocrite for condemning Cyclops for his inadvertent murder of Xavier, yet he willingly participates in the Illuminati
    Captain Marvel is better with longer hair and her old costume
    Nick Fury Jr. is superior to Nick Fury Sr.
    Wolverine does not belong or fit in with the Avengers
    The Avengers deserved to lose Avengers vs. X-men

    And finally...
    Peter Parker is not very likable and he's a very inept, irresponsible, selfish hero

    This is one that's actually fairly recent, but it's been brewing for a while now. Ever since Brand New Day, I find myself liking Peter Parker less and less. He's one of those characters that's just permanently regressive. It's not just because of his luck. He never seems to make any progress in his life or with his efforts as Spider-Man. His villains always seem to get stronger. His personal life never results in anything meaningful. Any time he ever accomplishes something, he seems doomed to mess it up. I can probably make some of the same criticisms towards Batman, but Batman has a clearly defined set of morals and he sticks to them. Peter just wings it. He's supposed to be so smart, but he never actually does anything to help the villains he fights or contain them. He never lets anyone else risk their necks for him, even when they want to. He tries to shoulder responsibility in a way that isn't responsible. It's downright self-deprecating.

    I know this is unpopular, but it is my opinion and I understand it's not shared by many.
    I think this is a fairly popular opinion at least as of recent.

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    Ok, here it goes.

    ...I think Storm is incredibly overrated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitewolf View Post
    I just started the 2005 run, but I know Peter David's X-Factor is set in Mutant Town so that might be a good place to start if you haven't read it already. I'm only 6 issues in though so I don't know, but so far it's being featured fairly heavily.
    That's awesome. I'm actually starting X-Factor with Louise Simonson's run so it'll be a while before I get to David's, and it's nice to have that to look forward to. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by unfriendly View Post
    Mutant Town is an amazing underexplored concept, and I'd love to see a comic that goes deep into the everyday lives of poor, non-human-passing, non-cool-powers-having mutants.
    Agreed. I've been saying for years that Marvel should do another Mutant Town-focused series.

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    Some more

    Edge of Spider-verse #2 is the most overrated comic in the last 5 years
    Luke Cage should get a divorce and lose the kid
    I like Nick Fury Jr
    I don't think Mark Waid's Daredevil is all that great
    We need better comics

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    B-List and C-List characters are much better than A-List characters.
    Seeing Wolverine, Cyclops, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Deadpool and Inhumans everywhere really turns me off.
    I used to like Rocket Raccoon before Bendis wrote him and not to mention, the overexposure thanks to the movie.
    Jubilee is much better than Shadowcat and I wish that she get her powers back.
    Angela should have remained in Image comics
    Bendis should stick to writing street-level characters.
    Even though Kamala Khan is quite a likeable character, I still prefer Dust over her when it comes to Muslim characters.
    For teenage mutant teams, I find that Generation X in the 90s is much better than New Mutants in the 80s.
    When it comes to teenage characters in Marvel NOW, I prefer Yost's New Warriors over Gillen's Young Avengers.
    The Inhumans after Infinity really ruin every comic I read for appearing everywhere, 'Collect the Inhuman' plot and overshadowing the mutants.
    I don't find Squirrel Girl funny
    The 90s is underrated.
    Monica Rambeau is a better legacy character for Captain Marvel than Carol Danvers.
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    Stan Lee remains one of the best comics writers ever, but his silver/ bronze age successors (Roy Thomas, Dennis O'Neil, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart) were wildly inconsistent at best. They lacked the craft of later writers like Claremont and Stern, and they weren't as clever as Lee.

    The Spider-Man marriage was a mistake. The idea that Mary Jane always knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man just doesn't fit earlier depictions of the charactes. It was a mistake to make Mary Jane famous. And Peter's parents should not have been SHIELD agents.

    It's okay that Avengers has overtaken X-Men as Marvel's top franchise.

    There should be one main Avengers team and one main X-men team.

    There should be also be one Spider-Man book. These don't have to be 22 page monthlies.

    Bendis is Marvel's most important writer since Stan Lee. There are some qualifiers, as this is solely about the contributions to Marvel.
    Thomas Mets

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImprobableQuestion View Post
    Comic Books are fun.
    Decades ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiderOrange View Post
    I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks this. He's never done or said anything funny to me. I don't get the draw.
    Joe Kelly

    Quote Originally Posted by Pharozonk View Post
    The Marvel universe hasn't been interesting since around 2002.
    100% in agreement

    Quote Originally Posted by Kusanagi View Post
    The fringe titles not connected to any events are the best books marvel makes.
    100% in agreement

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Thomas View Post
    Avengers readers and X-Men readers used to be Marvel Readers, who supported both franchises.
    I recognize myself as having been a Marvel reader. I will never be that again. Now I am a fringe reader. It was tough in the beginning 11 years ago like losing old friends but I am better off being a fringe reader than a Marvel reader.

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    Bendis' X-Men run has been terrible. All the tropes and pratfalls of his earlier Avengers run have been exponentially increased in Uncanny and All-New.

    Bendis' Guardians are terrible.

    Jubilee should get her powers back.

    Scarlet Witch should never be allowed back into the Avengers

    Beast should be on trial

    Yost's New Warriors was a great series that should have been continued

    Inhumans aren't great and the newer ones (with the exception of Kamala) are derivative.

    Cyclops as a Revolutionary would have been interesting to see if Bendis had done anything with that premise.

    Aaron's new x-kids are trash.

    Generation Hope kids are trash.

    I like Carol, but the current Captain Marvel run isn't going anywhere.

    Mutant Town was an interesting concept that was sacrificed for House of M

    Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are more interesting if not Magneto's kids.

    Genosha should have been reborn during Excalibur with Magneto and Xavier.

    Richard Rider should be Nova; Sam could stay as a black Nova

    Monica Rambeau should be an A-lister.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Of Orphans View Post
    Here we go

    - Jessica Jones ruined Luke Cage
    - Cyclops has finally become interesting
    - Deadpool's a pathetic joke of a character now
    - Remender is a great writer
    - Spider-Gwen is massively overrated
    - New Thor is just a gimmick and hides behind girl power to deflect criticism of that
    - Winter Soldier's been mishandled since Brubaker left
    - Kate Bishop eventually ruined Hawkeye's book
    - Teen heroes and their teen problems are cliche and, like omg, stereotypical teen drama drivel
    - Movie synergy in comics will slowly become worse and more shameless
    - Rebranding Carol Danvers pretty much doomed the character
    - Marvel needs to work harder to push their B-list characters instead of just favouring their cash cows
    Teen heroes really are a joke. I even felt this way as a teen reading them. I always thought "stfu and let the adults handle it"
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