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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Evans View Post
    Did they ever reveal who the parents of DV8 were?

    Besides Sublime.

    Because supposedly all the members of DV8 and Gen13 had parents who were in Team 7.
    Best as I can recall, they only revealed a few of them.

    - Sublime
    - Threshold
    - Bliss

    Past that, I'm practically certain that Hector Morales was eventually revealed to be clone of some kind. If that was actually I.O. disinformation? No telling.

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    I gotta disagree with the OP. The only pre-DC WildStorm books I truly enjoy are the ones written by Ellis and Alan Moore.
    The cliche 90s X-men copies didn't do it for me.
    Later stuff like Authority, Planetary, Wildcats 3.0, Sleeper, Promethea, Ex Machina etc are the reason I miss the imprint so much.

    I will agree that DC is currently mishandling the WS IPs (as they have done for more than a decade), but I think the sale to DC produced the company's best content BY FAR.
    The Wild Storm was the one saving grace of recent years, but it looks like that version of the universe is dead due to Ellis dropping off his comic work after the controversy surrounding his behavior towards women.

    I do hope DC's new focus on digital will lead them to create a Wildstorm section in the DC Universe app. I think a lot of the content I mentioned is still so relevant and fresh compared to what is being put out today, that it could lead to a revival of the imprint, in its own separate universe once again.
    I could even see some Wildstorm OGNs finding success in the current market. Imagine a new Authority OGN set in the present with a hot creative team and freedom to ignore crap like World's End? A new version of Wildcats 3.0?
    Wildstorm should be the place for new takes on the old superhero formula that wouldn't fit the more conservative and "iconic" DCU.

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