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    Default REVIEW: Captain Marvel, #13

    Warren Ellis joins Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez in "Captain Marvel" #13 as Carol Danvers pilots her ship, Harrison, through a space envelope.

    Full review here.

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    I have to question one part of this review...
    Loughridge takes our primary colors-clad heroine and balances the rest of this comic with sublime, basic colors in a very strong bid for my favorite colorist work of 2015. Much like George Lucas did in "Star Wars" almost forty years ago, Loughridge makes the story simple through color: the Haffensye are bathed in greens, Captain Marvel's story is in warmer shades anchored by red and the battleground is cool blues. The effects he uses are story-driven and Lopez's art is open enough to be inviting to gradients and shading rather than expecting Loughridge to do half the work.
    Loughridge's work has improved (for me) on this issue, however I wouldn't give him any rewards. I had serious trouble reading All New X-Factor due to the overwhelming use of pale yellows and nauseating greens. Characters' skin tones, hair colors and costume colors all blended in with the background due to the overwhelming effect of a nearly monochromatic palette. When this volume of Captain Marvel came out, I found myself recognizing the work based solely on the almost completely monochromatic palette. This issue was somewhat better, but looking back over this run, you can see where Carol's costume has lost nearly all of its colorful distinction and her skin tones almost completely blend away into her hair and background colors. For a character with such a bold costume, one would never realize it if the covers were removed.

    I love Carol, but it is a struggle to enjoy this book due to the colors. Especially after the amazing Jordie Bellaire on the previous run. (Sorry, hadn't realized I used the word "covers" instead of "colors." The covers have been quite excellent in fact.)
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    Okay, I'm going to have to reread this issue. I wasn't terribly impressed when I first read it, but literally everyone has raved about it, and I've liked the rest of the series, so I think I must have been in an off mood or something...

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