It serves a similar purpose to the writers thread

Again, I think people like Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko (credited as either writer, artist, or both) deserve their own threads (or one thread exclusive for them together with Stan Lee) for the massive role they had on comics, both on influence and in the number of characters they created and franchises they started, by either being creator or co-creator

This is a good place to discuss favorite runs for each artist, what made each run good, and better or more enjoyable than other runs under his or her belt, favorite issue(s) or arc(s) in each run, character or type of characters the writer did his/her best work on, best or favorite writer to work with the artist, and runner ups. If the artist also did the writing and/or co-plotting for the issues then this is the place to talk about it

You can state favorite runs by different artists in one post, but I hope you limit it to three artists at most, makes the post easier to follow and fully sit through

Of course the choice of the co-author to discuss is up to you, there is no day or week specified for certain creator/co-creator


I'll start by this discussion with Carmine Infantino, known for his work on the Flash, he co-created Barry Allen, the Flash of Earth-1 (or as it was known before the Crisis on Infinite Earths take effect and merging the different Earths)
As to who of the writers did he best work with, it's hard to pin down one for me