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    Those doctors should be accompanied with grocery staff and restockers and suppliers here.

    When this is over, those guys should get a huge fund, and that version of that scene in Armageddon where they go, "Oh and we don't pay taxes ever" and a permanent fixture of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    NYC is the epicenter of COVID-19 in USA.
    There have been a few on that theme.

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    Imagine Spider-Man fighting Serial Killers in the Entity's Realm

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    The six posts on an interview with Tom Brevoort have been to a new thread.

    They are off-topic for the off-topic thread.

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    Timely Comics artist Hy Fleishman has passed away at 92.

    Some interesting things about him.
    - He had gone to his first and only convention last year, where he was pleasantly surprised that his 1950s work was still remembered.
    - He worked as a penciller, inker and colorist in a variety of genres (horror, science fiction, western, romance.)
    - He left the comics industry to work in the restaurant business, opening several in Connecticut.
    - He is mourned by his fiancee.

    Daily Cartoonist has some of his covers.

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