With so many 90s properties getting another airing through the course of Secret Wars, it got me thinking. I think it's *pretty* much guaranteed that the one 90s Universe we wont be seeing getting an appearance will be Earth-9602: The Amalgam Universe.

It's kinda scary to tink about it, but it's almost been 20 years since the DC vs Marvel series, and the Amalgam books hit the stands. The relationship between Marvel and DC comics is qute different to how things were back then. It's much harder to see the likelihood of a Warners owned DC and a Disney owned Marvel doing this kind of thing with their characters.

But screw it. Let's throw caution to the wind, and play a little bit of What If... on this Tuesday afternoon.

If you could create another mashing together of properties from across the way (given the number of new characters created on both sides in the past 20 years) what would you make?

How would you handle it?

What two characters have you always wanted to merge? Maybe they weren't around last time. Or maybe you just thought two properties that were used last time didn't fit.

Now that Marvel own Miracleman, maybe merge him with character that he was always based on Captain 'Shazam' Marvel?

'Miraclemarvel' anybody?

How about Captain Britain meets Knight & Squire in 'Knight-Captain Britain'?

"Death's Head of the Endless"?

Go on. Give it a go!