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    Reading Robot Fighter #1 now, anyone want to discuss that?

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    Interesting, I didn't know there's a new Harbinger ongoing* (I got way behind on my comics over the pandemic and am really out of the loop regarding Valiant). I have mixed feelings about it. The early reactions here and at ComicBookRoundup are very positive, and I'm curious to see where they take the characters and concepts. On the other hand, Joshua Dysart's Harbinger and Imperium runs are among the most powerful comics I've ever read, and they relied very heavily on his particular vision and gifts. None of the non-Dysart work in the psiot-verse has been very exciting to me when I've sampled it, and I'm not too interested in the ongoing adventures of Peter and company if the work isn't first-rate.

    I also don't remember where those characters were left the last time Valiant dipped into them.

    So I'm curious but a little hesitant.

    *[EDIT: Actually, is it an ongoing? Maybe I just assumed that.]
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