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    With the current sales climate/crisis most of the newly released books seriously risk to be canceled in a few months, so if you are the type that satisfied only by long runs «that matters» and that sort of stuff, maybe you shouldn't invest in them.

    But if you just like to read a good story I would suggest:

    Foolkiller (already ended, one of the best new books coming out of Marvel)
    Kingpin (don't know how much it will last, but it started very good)
    Ant Man was very fun and now it's concluded so you can read it in paperback and get the whole story.
    Idem for Spider Woman, just concluded a very good run by Hopeless (made of two volumes).

    If you want to try Inhumans you could buy the recently released introductive one-shot Inhumans Prime and from there some of their new series that will be released the next weeks: Royals and New Warriors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedzington View Post
    Which current ongoing titles can be read with the least amount of backstory necessary? I know that all titles are supposed to be able to be read by a new reader without needing much backstory, but some require more research than others to get the full feel for it.

    So which titles are the most "brand new" whether it be a new character or one that just requires less googling of their history?

    The character doesn't have to be brand-new but maybe they only popped up recently in the past couple years or so..
    Any title can be read. Just pick it up and read it. That is what I did when I started to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nnelg View Post
    Any title can be read. Just pick it up and read it. That is what I did when I started to read.
    Yeah, I lean towards that (since it's the old school method) with the only caveat that you should probably start at the beginning of a story arc these days.

    Quote Originally Posted by dan12456 View Post
    With Inhumans I jumped on with Inhuman by Soule for the first time and wasn't confused at all. He explained everything I needed to know despite me having literally no prior knowledge. Not sure how the new stuff will be for a jumping on point.
    Given the question is about current comics, I'll say this. While I can give a lot of backstory to read for the Inhumans, Soule's run works fine jumping on at Inhuman. It probably works fine jumping on at Uncanny Inhumans too. None of us can speak for Royals since it hasn't started, but it's a new status quo that's completely removed from the old. Al Ewing is a fan of continuity, so I suspect references and Easter Eggs, but I think they'll make a newcomer more interested in learning about the old things rather than confusing them.* I would say, if you start with Inhumans Prime, you'll be fine going forward.

    * I'll give an example. Ultimates is a much more continuity-heavy book and some of that continuity is extremely obscure (e.g., The New Universe). However, when Galactus fought Lord Chaos and Master Order, I figured out they were cosmic entities he was punching in the face. The details didn't matter. Same with Blue Marvel and Anti-Man. I understood the context without having to read the context.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WinterSoldier76 View Post
    All New All Different Wolverine
    It's just All-New Wolverine. No All Different.

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