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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandKaiser View Post
    No one's trying to act tough and no one's trying to impress people. I'm not trying to argue with you or be mean to you but you're furious for the stupidest reason ever. You're mad because DC teases stuff instead of outright saying what they are. It's one thing to be a little ticked off about it or disappointed but you're actually psychopathic about it. It's like DC Entertainment burned your house down or something. I mean Jesus dude don't take it personally but there's nothing wrong with teasing. If you know what they're referencing that should be enough. I mean I'd totally understand it if you said "man, I wish DC had just said Justice League instead of teasing it". Yes! We would all agree! But you have reached full on psycho babble that no one can understand. You're furious! Like I said, it's a bad look, and immature. I just don't understand where this intense anger is coming from because it's such a small thing. Do you strangle the grocer when they give you a free sample instead of the full meal? I mean come on man this is just silly.
    You don't know me or how I feel. I've tried to clearly express it and you just continue to insinuate "Your furious! Your immature! You need to get a Job! Your psychopathic about this!

    Why the insults? Why tell other people "Don't respond or speak to him?" Please just leave me alone.

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